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Today, half of American families would not be able to cope financially if they had an emergency costing $400! (No, it was not Putin or FB that elected obnoxious Trump. He exploited the pain caused by a vicious class war against the poor under Bush-Obama)

Folgt unserer Kampagne für einen Green New Deal für Europa hier auf Twitter: @GNDforEurope_DE | 

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I am proud, deeply proud, to count Francesca Martinez amongst my personal friends and comrades. Well said Francesca!

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Whilst politicians & masters of war kill thousands overseas to protect commercial interests, our "well-educated" elite couldn't be bothered. But workers have shown true internationalist spirit by transcending national politics to defend lives. Read on

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With everyone now talking about a , it's important to remember what it actually means.

It must include these 10 Pillars or it is not a Green New Deal at all:

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"We have to ask ourselves the question: why have we had, at a time of magnificent technological developments, such a diminution of the prospects of so many different sectors of society? That is a failure of the economic and financial architecture of the ." - @yanisvaroufakis

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"The worst experience when I was in the was the fact that finance ministers were making decisions on things they had no idea about, because those decisions were already made behind closed doors. So what's the solution? Livestream those meeting!" @yanisvaroufakis

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"Xenophobic is the bitter harvest of 10 years - at least - of for the many, while our financiers are treated to an interesting variety of . The only way of addressing it is by means of a ." - @yanisvaroufakis

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Today, British Home Secretary signed for Assange's extradition to the US. Assange has undergone psychological torture for at last 7 years for his activism and by allowing his extradition, we consent to a horrifying future for humanity.

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Spot on as usual from @yanisvaroufakis - it's the ongoing failure of the establishment to realise that its austerity and neoliberalism that is driving this crazy-train to nowhere. TY for offering some hope.

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Absolutely.Well put.Yhere's a reason for eurosceptism and @DiEM_25 only political.organisation facing up to this

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"Error is to think that the enemy is euroskepticism on its own. The reason why we have xenophobia & neo-fascism is because of the inane, undemocratic, irrational policies of an Establishment committed to business-as-usual. We need to get together to change it" - @yanisvaroufakis

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Θα με βρείτε στο ψηφοδέλτιο του ΜΕΡΑ25 στην Α' Αθηνών

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The fate of @wikileaks' is in the hands of a cynical Establishment.

They don't want him to pay for the allegations of rape or collusion with the Russians, but his real crime: revealing the crimes of our governments.

@DiEM_25 remains at his side.

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Here's Slavoj , philosopher and @DiEM_25 Advisory Panel member, on and why you should care. Must watch!

Sign the petition against Assange's extradition to the US 


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Jučer je u Beogradu održan protest 'Sloboda za Asanža' u organizaciji @DiEM_25

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Quite. That NO meant: "We want to stay in the euro. But do not accept a deal that condemns Greece to desertification under the threat of Grexit" My parallel payment system was meant to give us more fiscal space, while Draghi kept our banks closed

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Here's our challenge to all those who would co-opt the idea of a Green New Deal.

If your climate policy does not meet our standards of justice, empowerment, job creation, democracy and scale, it's not a GND at all.

@davidrkadler and me for @jacobinmag.

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