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Brexit is a mess because no one is addressing its underlying causes, that have almost nothing to do with Europe. @fotoole adds this insightful piece to something I wrote last week

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Die EU in der Krise - was kommt nun? Internationaler Erfahrungsaustausch zu Migration, Fremdenfeindlichkeit, Armut, Eurozone und Klima. Mit Yanis Varoufakis und Gästen aus 8 Ländern, am 24. Januar in Berlin. Tickets hier: @deineuropa

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I do. All the time! The West is utterly responsible for the waves of refugees that are coming to the... West. And it is doubly culpable for the fact that, once they are at our shores, we turn them back or incarcerate them in dystopian camps.

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Wir unterstützen die Schüler*innen Proteste . Auch wir setzen uns für effektiven Klimaschutz ein:

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Our thoughts are with all Polish citizens who want to commemorate Mayor and go out on the streets in silent protest marches against hate of which he became a victim. We must not let hate take over.

Joint statement by @DiEM_25 & @partiarazem

There is intense pride from everyone involved in this campaign that common sense is beginning to prevail.

Read @a_brexit and others’ appeal in the @guardian - let’s give democracy the time it deserves. ?

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773 Mio. E-Mail Adressen und 21 Mio. Passwörter wurden geleakt. Überprüfe hier, ob du betroffen bist:  Unabhängig davon empfehlen wir deine Passwörter regelmäßig zu ändern.

Du bist Koordinator*in eines deutschen DSCs?
Am 20.01.2019 findet unser nächster Koordinatoren Zoom statt.
Falls du noch keine Einladung erhalten hast, schick uns eine Mail an

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When Julian Assange decided to uncover mass secrets of global war crimes, espionage & dirty corporate deals, he knew he could spend his life in prison, victim of made-up lies about his persona, his well-being torn apart. All that has come true—@DiEM_25: 

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We will shake the European elections. It will be epic. It will be fun. We will make history. Join @DiEM_25 today. Wherever you are! The battle for democracy in Europe is a global issue. The “nationalist” international cannot expand.

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has failed. Her is dead and buried.

It's time to & to give the citizens a chance to of their future.

Please sign the petition to ask Parliament to take a stance

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The registration for the DiEM25 Academy in cologne is currently closed. We had 100 registrations in less than a week. We are trying to get a bigger room and will reopen the registration soon

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if you want to know why @yanisvaroufakis and me are running precisely in Germany for the European elections May 2019, watch this video!

Nächste Woche ist der in Berlin.
Wir nutzen die Gelegenheit und Veranstalten am 24.01.19 eine Podiumsdiskussion mit allen wichtigen Mitgliedern des EuropeanSprings.

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Der als Krisenlöser. Meine Empfehlung ans britische Parlament, das heute mit breiter Mehrheit Theresa May's Brexit-Deal ablehnen wird.

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One day fear knocked on the door, courage got up and opened it to see no one standing outside. Martin Luther King
Drawing for @ArciNazionale

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We need your help!

For our Germany political party, @deineuropa, to be eligible for the European Parliament election, we need to collect 5000 signatures.

Here's how you can help @EU_Spring

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The @mera25_gr island tour begins, with as the first stop!

Here's @edmantweet with his latest video update

Live in ? Get in touch with our Greek political party @mera25_gr and make a difference today! For more info visit 

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