IPFS Mobile Design final report by @halfmanhq. High-level app patterns from research on existing apps, builders, and user interviews across a few continents.

Summary: blog.ipfs.io/2020-06-25-ipfs-m

Full report: protocol-labs.gitbook.io/ipfs-

Video presentation: youtu.be/K2MF4fvcl70

* Session almost totally lost

* Containers gone entirely

* No record of previously installed extensions

Some aspects of this might worth doing, each in isolation. But not the whole thing at once.

No way back is the worst part. (Unless you backed up and you're technical.)

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I'm shocked at how destructive the Firefox "Refresh" feature is.

Wanted to give it a try, so I backed up my profile (of course) and then ran the refresh... near total destruction. Unrecognizable session.

There should be serious warnings, and a revert option.

Listening to a Brit narrate this guide to Yellowstone is excellent for one very particular reason.


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DC police are now doing this every night when they think the cameras are gone.

Trashing food and medical supplies, hitting people in the face, using mace.

The police brutality. Has. Not. Stopped.

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"The design principle that attention is scarce and must be preserved is very different from a principle of 'the more information the better.'"

Herbert Simon

[sent daily as a rhythmic reminder]

The preface to Formosa Betrayed has already blown my mind.

If only every release note and bulleted list could be this enjoyable. @dzesika is about to become your new favorite. Trust us.


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ICYMI Portland Teachers are going without pay while Portland Police are collecting ample overtime + 40 hours of "bereavement leave" + a 3% pay increase.

So apparently r/scarytoilets is active enough to have moderation.

What a job that must be.

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Has anyone made a shared calendar of Kennedy Space Center launch events?

We've got our soup kit pretty well down, even though living semi-mobile.

However, now we're in a place where the nearest Asian grocery of any kind is hours away. Need to find a delivery option...

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Saw a 🦊 on our run.

Also, @Strava you lied to me. You said “I’ll upload your activity when you’re back online”, but you didn’t. It’s gone. Our trust is broken. Again.

Please share my user-centered fitness wearables design principles with your team:


N O D E vol 2 is out and has an IPFS primer. Also articles on decentralized VPNs, Secure Scuttlebutt, Cabal and various hardware hacking bits too.


The decentralized web needs a decentralized filesystem!

Join me at , 30 days of people coming together to build and play, starting July 6th.

Hosted by @protocollabs and a host of others. $125,000+ and 25k FIL in prizes 🏅🏅🏅


I'm particularly interested in the content filtering work. Content filtering/blocking in dweb in a standardized way is key to these technologies succeeding and doing a *better* job than centralized platforms.

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Some storage web apps, some browser extension ideas, some user research on storage workflows, loads of interesting projects.
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New wave of Filecoin RFPs are out, i’m pretty excited about seeing proposals for HSM support.

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