"You can now turn off your wifi and successfully run the installation command again and it "just works™️" 🎂"

NPM over IPFS on a local network, no internet...

I'm loving watching this experimentation by @achingbrain@twitter.com and @teabass@twitter.com.


Another rainy San Francisco day... this is not the California I was promised.

I was actually reading it because I *did* want to sign-up for an Edge newsletter... but then realized it was telemetry (which I'm fine with too) and ALSO my browser history. Hard nope.

The new @MSEdgeDev@twitter.com for Mac OS X download page has a creepy watcher tacked on to the newsletter/telemetry box, and it's opt-out 😐

Our feedback is already free work - surveillance is poor thanks.

Looking forward to seeing this fixed, my MS friends ❤️

Matters.news, censorship-resistant Chinese news site built on @IPFSbot@twitter.com, as a desktop PWA via Chrome on Mac OS X.

Someday this will work in @firefox@twitter.com. I hope. Please.


This team from Busan made Kingsmen-style shooting umbrella and suitcase.

How many human hours are now spent building those popups and clicking the [x] to close them and accept the tracking?

Was the intended outcome achieved?
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Every website on EU internet:

We'll be sharing, learning and building things together with IPFS... I'm looking forward to talking with people about privacy, performance, content-moderation, and forging a path towards distributed network support in web browsers.
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If you want to come to the first ever Camp 🏕 you need to apply now, like, RIGHT NOW - this is the last week before applications close. camp.ipfs.io/

IIRC there was a browser extension for showing whether a URL was blocked by China's firewall... but I cannot find it.

Anyone have a link?

SF only banned facial recognition use *by police* in this city.

Every time you enter a Whole Foods, you're still training Amazon's facial recognition tools for law enforcement to use anywhere else.


Last month @mozilla@twitter.com announced Iodide, a web notebook for interactive visualizations of scientific data.

This week, @jimpick@twitter.com ported Iodide to run statically on IPFS so that this scientific knowledge is more difficult to censor.


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