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In Unicorn Riot investigations this year, our reporters have found thousands of messages showing internal planning of far right and fascist groups like Patriot Front, gathering of arms, and more (original story thread below). Support our work here > unicornriot.ninja/support-our- twitter.com/UR_Ninja/status/97

Can always tell which rooms devrel are staying in - there's laundry drying in the window.

Wow, @Columbia1938@twitter.com scores worse than @Walmart@twitter.com.

@adidas@twitter.com is #1, sooo far ahead of @Nike@twitter.com on human rights policies.
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New @KnowTheChain report finds 23/43 apparel & footwear companies assessed have no policy to stop agencies from confiscating ’ passports. Learn more: bit.ly/2Q78Z4q |

Got a browser extension syncing 12k URLs from @Pocket@twitter.com to my @firefox@twitter.com bookmarks.

Using it for a few experiments:

* Already-saved indicator

* Experiment with increasing my read-rate

* Data set for interest filters in other contexts

Released a new version of Dormancy for Firefox:

* New default for retiring tabs is 10 minutes (up from 5)

* Whitelist URLs to never retire

* German locale

* Don't retire tabs with active audio

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Wrote a post about what I learned whilst experimenting with tab unloading in Firefox.


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Brings a new perspective to the size of China's massive bike graveyards

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Facebook users freely post about killing immigrants, minorities, and public figures in spite of the company’s terms of service that clearly prohibit threats of violence and hate speech.

Readable Streams just flipped on in Firefox release and beta channels, will ship in next release!

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Readable Streams are on by default in @FirefoxNightly!

Toy example on @glitch: readablestreams.glitch.me/

MDN docs: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

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Your phone, your computer and every other device you own that can connect to the internet could get hacked by the UK government. Today we are at the Supreme Court to fight for your privacy. Please support our fundraising appeal at crowdjustice.com/case/hackable

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Din Tai Fung will open its first restaurant in Europe in 's Covert Garden on 5 December, seeing the creation of around 100 new jobs. Plans to open the 2nd outlet at Centre Point Tower are in place to ride on the "bao wave". standard.co.uk/go/london/resta

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The best thing you'll hear today. Dariush Dolat-Shahi, "Electronic music, Tar and Setar" (1985). Minimalist Iranian electronic music w/traditional instruments, tapes loops, & nature sounds [MP3]: ubu.com/sound/dolat-shahi.html

Did 1000 times in Turkey:

* Look up in @DuckDuckGo@twitter.com
* Long-press the @Wikipedia@twitter.com link
* Share to @Pocket@twitter.com, open there

Censorship fail.

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