dm @pacomartinfdez and @Lerongil for more info.

(i wonder, surely these are remote jobs now?)

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Reminder that debt is sold for pennies on the dollar. John Oliver bought $15 million worth of debt for $60,000, then cancelled it.

Any single billionaire could cancel a huge hunk of student loan debt for pocket change.

They choose not to.

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So Portland, OR is under occupation by federal security forces, and our national, state and local leaders are completely silent. They snatching random people standing around and up and putting them through the federal criminal justice system. This is not normal.

IP34 - a licensed and regulated system for psilocybin therapy, will be on the ballot in Nov in Oregon!

And here I'm writing bash scripts to delete plist files and restart launchd services...

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About once a month my emoji keyboard on Mac stops loading.

Searched 10,000 forums and found nothing, so began restarting any relevant sounding services but nope, so started killing relevant sounding plist files and see what happens... nada.

Only thing that works is to reboot.

Soup with grilled chicken that was marinated in LGM + some other stuff.

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For more than a year, I've been researching subjective moderation systems as part of my Master's thesis. What I ended up with is TrustNet, a system for representing, and interacting with, computational trust.

Paid for @glitch, now all my bots are belong to you all the time.

Fair pay for robots ✊🏼🤖

➡️ @intenttoship

➡️ pushing @IPFS @StackOverflow questions to on IRC

➡️ pushing @libp2p @StackOverflow questions to on IRC
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@potch @glitch Uh, how did I, a @glitch fan since before it actually worked, not know I could pay to have my glitches stay alive?! I love paying for good shit!

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Really excited to launch the first in the @IPFS Case Study Series - this one digs into the details of how @AudiusProject + IPFS come together to change the music and audio streaming landscape! (thanks to @RebeccaRachmany for the great piece!)

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Good references, papers, implementations, apps for best practices around 'invite codes' in distributed systems?

Well, my @rightscon talk on local/offline applications with @IPFS got rejected:

"Intimate Architectures: Designing for True User Agency and the Future of the Web"

It was a "poster talk" - hoped acceptance would make me finally write these thoughts down 😅

✅ I just checked and protected my voter registration with @resistbot. You should too, it takes two minutes:

1️⃣ Tap
2️⃣ Press Send & follow the prompts; or
📲 Text CHECK to 50409

I want to *pin* threads to the sidebar in Slack.

iOS suggestions/autocomplete/swipe:

* Manually type proper noun like "Eric" -> iOS autocompletes to "aerie"

* Swipe common word like "retrieve" -> iOS autocompletes to proper noun "Genevieve"

This is madness.

If you're seeing massive drops in your Chrome store users, you're not alone. No response from Google yet.
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@dotproto Hi! We're seeing some distressing changes in reported users of our extension. Seems like a bug - went from 30k to zero one week, now back up to 7k the next week. Usually these numbers are reliable. Known issue?

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