Had a pumpkin empanada at the farmers market, and then a pumpkin beard papa. I'm on a roll. What other pumpkin stuff can I eat.

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I heard 's ‘free expression’ speech, in which he referenced my father. I'd like to help Facebook better understand the challenges faced from disinformation campaigns launched by politicians. These campaigns created an atmosphere for his assassination.

On my b-day! Thanks @internetarchive@twitter.com 😍
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It's our biggest bas@internetarchive@twitter.comyou're invited: join us 10/23 from 5-10 PM for WORLD NIGHT MARKET, to celebrate IA's biggest breakthrus and projects! Get your Passport to knowledge, plus food trucks, demos, DJs, dancing--fun! eventbrite.com/e/world-night-m

We need P2P PWAs.
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Google is removing free and open source apps from the Play Store if they have any link pointing to a donation page. This happened to my app @manyver_se too.

The @GrayAreaorg@twitter.com artist showcase was loaded with fascinating stuff.

Not much in the Mozilla repo that I could find (at least by title).


Hey UX/R friends, do you know of any public design research on the language of "bookmark", "pin", "save" or similar actions?

A shot across the bow.

We need to get organized and make sure Yahoo Answers gets archived before they get there.

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So OF COURSE Yahoo! is going to stop allowing use of Yahoo! Groups in exactly one week, and OF COURSE Yahoo! is going to delete/wipe ALL content in ALL Yahoo! Groups in 3 months. And OF COURSE the front page says NOTHING…

Mark your calendars!
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Mission accomplished! Resolution proclaiming September 28 of every year "International Day for Universal Access to Information" adopted today by UN General Assembly. Congratulations to: @LibMissionUN @APAI_WG @UNESCO @MRA_Nigeria @CEMESPLiberia @africafoicentre and many others! twitter.com/EdetOjo/status/118

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Today for @planetlabs@twitter.com Hack, I'm messing around with sharing images on PiPFS – my @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com portable console for the ! IPFS is an alternative, P2P internet that's useful for storing verifiably uncompromised data ✨ hackster.io/glowascii/pipfs-po

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Interested in the overlap between and ? On tomorrow's IPFS Local Offline Collaboration special interest group call, attendees of @OfflineCamp@twitter.com Oregon will share their insights from the event. All are welcome tomorrow at 10 PDT / 1 EDT! github.com/ipfs/local-offline-

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LeBron James finally takes question about China, responds by licking the boot: deadsp.in/UOW9DqS

Empty streets in Tokyo because of Typhoon Hagibis, so some people took advantage of it and threw their thang down in Shibuya Crossing.


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Human suffering should never be an ingredient in the food we buy. @WholeFoods@twitter.com, it's time to end the human rights abuses happening behind your food. We won't stand for it.

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Kudos to this Nashville school refusing to provide ICE with student records but how many schools have? This reveals yet another problem with maximal data collection pushed by & the groups funded by Gates, Zuckerberg etc. ⁦@Parents4Privacy⁩ wcpo.com/news/national/nashvil

I wrote *2018* about @saltandstraw@twitter.com and other "co-conspirators" with Sondland.

Nice to see major coverage and attention finally, but is kind of crap that they only cared about their Trump ties *after* Sondland was in the hot seat.

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Honored and proud tha@saltandstraw@twitter.comnder and owner of @saltandstraw - serves on the @OJRCenter Board of Directors!! And, that we get to work with her a…

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Harbath is Facebook’s head of global elections policy. She literally worked for Rudy Giuliani. I can't make this up.

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