Our cat is 14 years old, that’s like 77 years old grumpy old man. He has never seen an ocean throughout his whole life, so I took him to Redondo Beach for a walk this late afternoon. He’s stunning to see the edge of the world with so many water, and enormous litter box of course.

Coding, sewing and woodworking are basically same thing.

Okay, this place (near Opal Creek) is still closed, because N Escapes Rd is closed at the south near park entrance. But, that’s okay, I already marked the date and made the reservation, can’t wait to go !

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I’m going back this very place and say hi again!
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@Jury This is my favorite spot in Big Basin, likely gone forever as well. 😰


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Big Basin SP will reopen in 3 weeks, 7/22 should be marked as national holiday. If not, I will make it my own holiday!
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Big News: Big Basin Redwoods State Park is reopening to the public on July 22. You can make a reservation on this site starting July 1.





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Quick summary of Serkin’s 1928 Goldberg Variations recording, at the age of 25:

this’s the most sloppy version I’ve ever heard. it's like being forced to write a summer break assessment that i have to hand in. "okay, okay… i'll do it, okay?! whatever~"

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This advertisement tells us that Fuji Rock Festival is a music festival for Ojisan. If you think you are young, you don't need to go.
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The FUJIROCKER in you🤘🔥

Just realized iOS built-in calculator has shift key in landscape mode, that you can switch to do arctan(), etc.

東京・日本橋、青空復活へ 首都高の橋桁撤去公開



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