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Sean "Diggity" O'Brien

I am now selfhosting @nextcloud at home. Have to say it feels good being in control of my data.

Shout out to and for making it easy to securely deploy with letsencrypt.


Confession: I always read FLOSS in my head as "Free and lossless open source software"

@cwebber we'll be doing a relatively high-profile event @privacylab in September or October (I'll announce it when it's a done deal). Do you know the current playing field of FOSS-y options?

I know there's some custom setup for LibrePlanet, and we're comparing Jitsi Meet+YouTube, OBS Studio, and Flumotion.

Videos will also be uploaded to MediaGoblin at , CC BY-SA.

Thank you mastodon for being open source. For not having annoying tracking, or advertising. Thank you Ostatus and GNUsocial for providing an open protocol and bootstrapping a network around it. Thank you other software in the federation for doing what you do. And the people behind it all: thank you for being you.

I realize it's almost 1AM already.
I realize I have to work tomorrow.
I realize my bosses anger still awaits me.
I realize I still have to make my #DailySketchChallenge

loving @Mastodon so far. Nice to see with such a slick interface, and taking off so quickly. What a long, strange trip "federated social networking" has been!