Check out this video of Eben Moglen speaking about at Yale Law School!

Shout out to @privacylab for organizing this event!

Eben Moglen: "Better than Rage Against the Machine..."

@privacylab Really interesting but I kinda *need* to know more about this ...

"...France, for example, has asked Google to obscure all imagery of its prisons after a French gangster successfully conducted a Hollywood-inspired jailbreak involving drones, smoke bombs, and a stolen helicopter(!)..."

our @diggity on podcast: "Using video cameras and signals from our smart devices, marketers are tailoring their billboards and digital signage based on our appearance and even our identity." cc @yaelwrites


new "wizard" is FANTASTIC. Great job @Gargron (and team)!

@diggity Hey didn't realize we had two active in the area! Sweet! long time contributor, we should connect some time and plan some privacy events.

I also host the Hombrew Website Club and organize IndieWebCamp-NYC and IndieWebCamp-NewHaven. You should get involved.

So @emacsen and I recorded our first episode of @librelounge with a guest last night. I'm not going to spoiler which guest but it's a heck of a first guest! I'm excited for the upcoming episode.

@Gorio @61 @philippemargery @diggity @Purism Most modern #Jabber (#XMPP) clients support OMEMO: end-to-end encryption. I've been using it as my main chat network for 6 months now with e2e, works perfectly!

Yes it's disturbing. Celebrity stalkers can't be an excuse for mass surveillance or I know my home city, or any of the festivals I go to, aren't safe from ubiquitous tracking.

With consumer acceptance of Ring and fearmongering about "barbarians at the gates" this will become reality soon. Amazon can sell this as "package arrival & protection" mechanism, esp. if they can sell it to USPS, UPS, FedEx as speeding up delivery & removing need for signatures.

"As 2018 comes to a close, people around the world have to face the stark truth of surveillance capitalism... In 2019, @Purism 's Librem 5 smartphone will be proof that no one has to live with spies in their pockets."

Check out this interview with our friends Sean O'Brien (@diggity) and Laurin Weissinger of @privacylab!

These gentleman bring hands-on hardware hacking to Yale Law School. And sometimes, they even use in the classroom.

Learn more about their unique work here:

Sean O'Brien (@diggity) and Laurin Weissinger of @privacylab were interviewed by @eff.

They use, inspect, and hack on and software in the classroom at Yale Law School.

Read this article to learn more about their work and how we have been involved:

"Securing The Institutions We Rely On: A Grassroots Case Study"

@cwebber There are far fewer well-funded culture projects in general than there are software projects. Adding free to the equation doesn't reverse that fundamental balance.

For reasons I won't go into here, my daughter's Digital Technologies teacher asked for "a screenshot of her operating system." We sent him that, but since it doesn't explain much, we also included a link to the PureOS website. I'm expecting confusion to reign ...

I’ll be on WION (Indian TV) in ten minutes to comment on Facebook’s patent for identifying and targeting families using facial recognition.

(In a nutshell: it’s their business model. Of course they’re going to. There’s nothing surprising about this whatsoever. What I’m surprised about is that we keep getting surprised about a company doing exactly what its financial statements state it does to make money.)

@Gorio @philippemargery @diggity @Purism @maxeddy

One last observation, as it occurred to me that some vendors may seek to exploit consumers very legitimate concerns about mass surveillance: if you are dealing with a loss of trust between people and government
an appropriate response cannot be primarily technological. It must necessarily be social and political.


Conversations will offer to set you up with Daniel's own server ( by default, or you can use your own.

This is no different than setting up a new email address though and people manage to do that every time.

Obviously, it's also as good an excuse as any for supporting the great job the #FSF do.

@philippemargery @Purism @maxeddy

@diggity @Purism That's awesome. I really need to finish getting my synapse server + bridges up.

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