I like working with smart people and then figuring out how to make things less smart enough hopefully to get them out there

Tip #6
#Syncthing is an open source continuous file synchronization program. That means you can synchronize folders or files between two or more computers or mobile devices. If you for example start a document on your computer and want to continue editing it on your phone, syncthing allows you to do this seamlessly after initial setup.
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Tune in Monday when I'll be talking about Free & Open Source Software with none other than Sean O'Brien from Yale Privacy Lab!

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Free & open source software () is EVERYWHERE. Where did it come from & how does it work? Is it free as in beer or free as in speech? Does openness make it more or less secure? If you want to try it, where do you start? Sean O'Brien (@diggity) from @yaleprivacylab explains it all!



I'm resigning from @fsf@status.fsf.org High Priority Projects committee and my position as chair, due to the surprise reinstatement of RMS to the FSF board. My talks last weekend for were before I (or anyone?) had knowledge of this. I must act in solidarity with women and marginalized voices.

Why didn’t @fsf immediately start removing links to gnu.org?

Because RMS was on a secret board called the voting members and was planned to return the entire time.


Learn about @3NWeb with Mikalai Birukou and Sean O’Brien @seanodiggity @PrivacySafeTech @diggity at #LibrePlanet 2021: u.fsf.org/3am Get registered: u.fsf.org/lp21-sp

TODAY 3:40PM EDT: I'm looking forward to this talk by Mikalai of 3NWeb and will be joining him for an *awesome demo* that includes the @PINE64 phone. Watch at @fsf libreplanet.org/2021

TODAY 1:50PM EDT: I'm delivering the update from the High Priority Projects committee.

Watch at @fsf@status.fsf.org libreplanet.org/2021

Smashing Security podcast #186: This one’s for all the Karens! - A high-rolling Hushpuppi gets extradited to the United States, Carole details her problems with cl... more: grahamcluley.com/smashing-secu #businessemailcompromise #smashingsecurity #law&order #clipboard #podcast #privacy #ios

Data retention - the fight continues: By calling for data retention, politicians put our freedom and security at risk. Instead, we need freedom laws.


When a government overreaches, do tech companies have an obligation to fight privacy violations on your behalf?


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