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To put into perspective what is happening, here is 6 month of history of the processing required to run mastodon.social:

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So, my went pretty well! The students were _super_ excited about it, and got to do a lot of things.

They established peering with each other, announced networks, did some route hijacks, some filtering, and used some communities.

Here's a screenshot of the interactive part of the tutorial, from one of the attendees.

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“If Internet is meant for everyone, so is Tor.”
— “Tor is for everyone”, an article by the non-profit Nos Oignons.

our @diggity on GDPR: "Warning screens and verbose agreements often become software malpractice: they not only mask the poison coursing through the system, they sedate the user into a click-through coma." boingboing.net/2018/05/25/gdpr

@guizzy @lain I'm really pretty tired of this "Pleroma/GNU Social/SomethingElse is Nazi software/space" bullshit.

I had a StatusNet account until Evan killed identi.ca years ago; a shit-ton of great people I talk with here every day have accounts on Pleroma or GNU Social. Some are their developers.

benefited handsomely from there being a large community of dedicated people in Fediverse before Mastodon was a thing. Let's acknowledge that and stop being so condescending.

That's not a hit on Diaspora, which moved forward with their protocol because a lot of work had gone into it, but there's a lot of FUD that's gone around that "well Diaspora couldn't use ActivityPub because it's not Facebook-like". I have yet to see anything in Diaspora or anything else facebook-like that couldn't be handled by the AP protocol.

Nothing about ActivityPub is specifically "twitter-like". In fact the protocol itself, if anything, is way more facebook-like than twitter-like (and largely derives from the facebook-like pump.io). It just so happens that the largest implementors are Twitter-like. But that's not reflective of any protocol restriction. news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

We also designed the thing *so Diaspora could adopt it*, even though that didn't happen.

"He also said that all 2 billion users should assume that malicious individuals could have scraped their profile data... And, of course, Facebook has been reading your Messenger chats." bgr.com/2018/04/05/facebook-me

I am now selfhosting @nextcloud at home. Have to say it feels good being in control of my data.

Shout out to ubos.net and duckdns.org for making it easy to securely deploy with letsencrypt.


Confession: I always read FLOSS in my head as "Free and lossless open source software"

@cwebber we'll be doing a relatively high-profile event @privacylab in September or October (I'll announce it when it's a done deal). Do you know the current playing field of FOSS-y options?

I know there's some custom setup for LibrePlanet, and we're comparing Jitsi Meet+YouTube, OBS Studio, and Flumotion.

Videos will also be uploaded to MediaGoblin at , CC BY-SA.

Thank you mastodon for being open source. For not having annoying tracking, or advertising. Thank you Ostatus and GNUsocial for providing an open protocol and bootstrapping a network around it. Thank you other software in the federation for doing what you do. And the people behind it all: thank you for being you.

I realize it's almost 1AM already.
I realize I have to work tomorrow.
I realize my bosses anger still awaits me.
I realize I still have to make my #DailySketchChallenge

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