"There are holy places, where you can find solace, comfort, and wisdom."
"No church will offer my kind sanctuary."
"I speak of libraries."

My most recent commission (for someone right here on masto)! Quite happy w/ it and was real fun to do #mastoart #commissions #scifi

finally doing this inbox zero thing. i now have zero inboxes. please send me email at Nowhere

Technology is changing the way that kids engage with the world... but it's not as bad as you think.

Get the download from Common Sense Media executive editor and mama @SierraSense on IRL. t.co/iWBfWCpak5 tweeted by @mozilla

Linus Torvalds introspection(!) + Show more

Bad news for the European branches of the decentralized web. Not only did and the pass EU Parliament, the Commission introduced new anti-terrorist proposals that would need you to be available 24/7 to police your network for "terrorist content".

It's time to make your voice heard in Brussels. Start with subscribing and following edri.org/ -- the reps for digital rights groups in the EU.

I just want to remind everyone that it wasn't the justified callouts and dunking that got wilw to leave Mastodon. It was the collateral damage. It was people causing the admins of mastodon.cloud so much stress through abuse of the report system that they had to /ask/ wilw to leave /for their sake/.

If you participated in that wave of reporting: congratulations, you abused another human being in order to get your way, regardless of whether what you wanted was a good thing.

mastodon is a fascinating social experiment showing that when our online communication is unfettered by algorithms enforcing corporate incentives and when given the tools to better organize and moderate our communities, we inevitably gravitate towards horny on main

Somehow feeling like I'm in a midlife crisis. Or maybe I'm just really bored with my current employer. Also, I'd like to have a bit more energy and time for fun when I'm making a wishlist anyway :)

My new favorite picture theme is "cats trying to summon beings from a horrifying realm"

Even after a rather good night of sleep, I'm feeling extremely meh. Maybe I should go for a run, the sun seems to be up

This is literally the least helpful thing you could have possibly designed your voice assistant to do

The "only" female
The "only" person without a college degree
The "only" parent on the team

Being the "only" can feel pretty awful, writes Mozilla's Diversity & Inclusion leader @larissashapiro. Here's what makes a truly inclusive workplace & why we care: t.co/i7gvbuPpwU tweeted by @mozilla

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