Dutch (about useless and unreadable privacy policies on websites; let's stop with those, say per input field what it's needed for):

Natuurlijk is het lezen van 150 privacy policies een totale ramp. Laten we ermee ophouden - Ius Mentis

Het ging uiteraard om Amerikaanse sites; de policies stonden vol met juridisch jargon en braaftaal, met alles drie slagen om de arm en het taalgebruik zo moeilijk dat alleen Emmanuel Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” pittiger te lezen was.

One surefire sign I'm getting old is that I care less and less about applications and services every day, and catch myself thinking about multi-year development happenings. Like how long languages remain popular, when something needs rewriting vs replacing, which projects died because they tackled the wrong problem first, or how we tell real community evolution apart from flash-in-the-pan fads.

Popular jQuery JavaScript library impacted by prototype pollution flaw | ZDNet

Prototype pollution flaws are "the next big thing" in JavaScript security research.


Apparently it's not even fixed yet snyk.io/vuln/SNYK-PYTHON-URLLI so I'll have to do the update dance again another time in the near future

Just updated about all of my Python projects that depend on urllib3. You should too, it has an interesting vulnerability. All of my stuff updated and restarted automatically after committing and pushing the changes. Yay automation 🤓

Kind of back here I suppose. Now please hold my beer while I hose this laptop

The web browser Brave is marketed as a privacy-friendly ad-free alternative, but that's pretty disingenuous.

Brave exists not to protect privacy, but to make money from selling ads.

Brave is a commercial company funded by venture capital. Its business model is selling advertising and cryptocurrency investment.

One of Brave's owners is Peter Thiel's Founders Fund. Thiel is also the head of Palantir (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palantir) and on the board of Facebook.

I do not recommend using Brave.


This is important:

Hacker Eva Galperin Has a Plan to Eradicate Stalkerware

"Full access to someone’s phone is essentially full access to someone’s mind"


Have Aliens Found Us? A Harvard Astronomer on the Mysterious Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua

Avi Loeb discusses why we need to consider the possibility that the object was sent by aliens, the dangers of unscientific speculation, and what belief in an advanced extraterrestrial civilization has in common with faith in God.


i changed my system locale from en_US to en_GB and now it's acting weird. please help
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