We have the human right to a fair living. And unpaid labor is a huge obstacle for wellbeing.

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But you'd been producing data for Facebook and Twitter for years now. And for free.

Those companies are worth millions and users have bot gotten a single paycheck.

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If you're not paying for it you're NOT the product, you're the producer.

The mobile app will be published on F-Droid soon! It works great on both iOS and Android 🎉

I really enjoy the simplicity of the video editing program . Thanks to all the contributors out there!! shotcut.org/

Congratulations to the folks at

NewPipe's new release does wonders for user experience. An instant recommended over the default YouTube app!

If you want to share a video or an article use tools like invidious, nitter, bibliogram, or the way back machine to share sites with reduced tracking.

If you think they might not like an invidious link versus a youtube maybe download the video and share it as a video instead of a link.

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Talk to them about tweaking those privacy settings, they might allready agree that private settings are good thing and just never got around to changing them.

Maybe they didn't know what settings they want until they think it through. And most people just don't think about it, we can change that.

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here's a hot take:

When it comes to privacy I like to meet people where they are at.

Friends and family use facebook to chat? OK, that's fine, do your part and share links without tracking or share screenshots instead of full websites.

I think if someone uses a bad platform we should encourage them to become private within it, and not to be afraid of it.

Facebook or WhatsApp are not the best, but we can encourage our friends to make the best of it.

Previously I did essays that I would hopefully bridge together and reorder if necessary, now I'm writing chronologically and progress now feels really fixed

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We simply cannot say this enough:

1. Turn off your location services.
2. Turn off your phone completely when you don’t need it on.

WE are allowing THEM to create a virtual police state. tracking is simply a building block of systemic real-time civilian surveillance.

At the heart of this technology is money, not altruism. These companies are not non-profits. Their profit ≠ your freedom.


You control your through your choices.

🎉🎈 Mastodon.Social has just welcomed its 500.000th user 🎂

At this 🌟special🌟 I would like to thank everyone in the for the numerous interesting posts, the wonderful time and the untiring voluntary contributions that make it all possible.❤️


When bad things happen over the internet, anonymity regularly gets the blame. But in reality, it often protects victims of crime.

Being untraceable on the internet takes effort. For that, @torproject is one of the most important tools.

t.co/ZeC2xgIzkB tweeted by @mozilla

Some exciting things happen, even during a global crisis:

Huge amounts of people are now using messaging and video services to stay connected.

April will have a new release of . 20.04 will spawn new versions of the @elementary OS, the @purism and 's to name a few.

This new version will bring privacy-respecting operating systems to more and more users around the world!

People are helping each other learn new ways to stay safe online.

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