TIL there are unicode penis hieroglyphics 𓂸𓂹 𓂺

I'm giving away free two-factor auth codes, here's one: 580293

Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise need to just fuck and get it over with.

is the opposite of butthurt ‘mouthlove’?

Trump calls women 'nasty' because that's what his mom called him when she caught him chubbin' off. There has to be some serious shame going on to make a person that fucked up.

You know that resort in the Dominican Republic where all those people are dying or getting sick? Well I got drunk there once and pissed outside on the beach. Why is nobody interviewing me about MY experience?

Come meet Joseph Menn, myself, Window Snyder and Omega (and possibly others) at Internet Archive in San Fran on the 18th of June, courtesy of EFF.


… We got a panel and some -mingling- to do.

You want to mingle don't you?

Find these and eat them if you want to know what an entire bed of flowers tastes like.

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Very eager to jump into this one!
I grew up in Lubbock, and spent a lot of time on local BBSes. Often I'd read cDc textfiles when I was waiting on my move allotment for TradeWars 2002 to increment. I was a bit too young to fully understand what I was reading, but I was completely fascinated.

The 20-year time capsule is now open:

CULT OF THE DEAD COW has released a video tonight on YouTube, primarily composed of footage taken in the Suite of the Elite at DEF CON 1999, documenting the hours leading up to the BO2K launch presentation.


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