Short tempered and irritated with everything today. Not a good brain day.

If someone from Mastodon was in your dream for no reason and you dont follow them and they dont follow you, what do you do??

it's hard to "be kind, you never know what people are going through" when you suspect "what they are going through is they don't like you actually"

btw, i stream now. sometimes. subscribe to!

3d printing, milling, coding, music, whatever the fuck

subscribe because i'm not a nazi

seedbox stopped seeding. cat pictures now seeding again.

good morning.

5GB of cat pictures. New torrent plz seed. 1603 images all deduped and high res.


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Okay, here's the new song. I'd call it gothic pop, except that would get my goth card revoked.

It's named "We'll Stay Right Here".

5 minutes, 16 seconds. Vocals start at 2:14.

what's the activitypub/distributed version of soundcloud

it must exist

the way these people talk about trump now i wonder if jesus was a fuckin idiot too

If Trump buys Greenland, he's going to name it after himself.

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