Nothing dashes the ego of an intellectual more than the realization that their successes are largely attributed to luck.

Sorry, tech-bros and biohackers, if you live for a long time, it's also going to come down to luck. You're going to spend a very long time trying really hard to make things happen, that in the end you will have no right to take credit for if you succeed.

Won't stop you though, will it? Because it's not about how you succeed, it's about how you look doing it, isn't it?

At my kids’ dentist today, a dragon with human teeth:

Software disenchantment

Everything is going to hell and nobody seems to care

Fantasy OpenSource, a game where you pick a roster of committers on GitHub and put them on your own fantasy repository, and you compete against other players to see who gets the most lines of code committed without breaking the CI tests.


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