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Hi there Fediverse 👋,

This is the Mastodon account for the Vala Programming Language - "A Familiar Way To Develop Applications"

Over the years, has been used across the ecosystem to create apps, as the main programming language for creating apps in and more.

Now with this Mastodon account, you can see what we're up to and where this language will go next!

The fact that Google Docs allows you to search but not replace with regular expressions is frustrating :/

I just tried to replace double line breaks and I accidentally filled my document with \n characters

I hate dev twitter, I open up twitter dot com and this is the first post I see. Why the fuck do i even open that site anymore? Sheer curiosity???

Know that this month and every month, we are committed to inclusivity in our communities and in the things we make. Be proud of who you are. Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

After so many laptop BSOD crashes, here it is, my first 100% custom Sonic the Hedgehog model, made from scratch in Blender. I went with a stylized look for the textures and render.

#MastoArt #Art #Fanart #Lowpoly #Blender3d #3d #Sonic #SonictheHedgehog

If I had a penny for every Linux youtuber that advocates for gun rights I'd have two pennies. It's not much but it's weird it happened twice.

Weird and distasteful.

It's heart-breaking to start reading an author, enjoy their work, and later discover they're transphobic, ableist or homophobic

The next version of Workbench will support preview of templates and signals.

For both XML and Blueprint syntaxes.

Great for making custom widgets.


Usuarios de Flatpak, cuidado con los permisos, muchas aplicaciones al instalarse se dan permisos que no son necesarios, como el acceder a todos los archivos del sistema, acceder a la red, a la cámara, etc, sin ser realmente necesarios. Yo ya hace unas semanas que controlo el asunto con Flatseal y ahora me acabo de encontrar este video del canal de youtube Karla's Project, en el que lo explica muy bien:

TIL newton’s pendulum has way more „moves“ than I originally thought it has (never owned one myself and just always saw one in films etc.)


gangnam style ft. newton’s pendulum by xmphysics

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