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So this account is gonna be my alt going forward (my new main is @ellied) so if you wanna see more of my posts, go follow me over there.
I'll probably be using this account just to post about interesting things I'm working on, so if that's all you want to see from me, this is a good place to follow me I guess.

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When I was a kid learning programming I was repeatedly told the computer will only do what I tell it to do.

*Looks at Windows 10 with multiple Electron apps installed* :blobthinkingeyes:

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now that all my accounts have Month of Halloween display names, it's definitely time to take some witchier selfies for my profile pics.

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I hate subscription based software so much. We overpay way more than we should already.

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Charon ferrying lost souls across the river Styx (1718)

in order to complete your account registration, please compute a hash with 3 leading zeroes

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