i can't believe knzk.me went bust that's a bummer

i need a different ios client, amaroq has been kind of bursting at the seams lately

seems gifs are the in thing now. not for me imo

i feel bad for not posting here. sorry guys

amaroq only shows me like 5 toots whenever i load it now

let's do an edit

let's do a radio edit

walk into the club like what up i got a big government

tabs vs spaces discourse in my timeline. i don't listen to these arguments anyway, i do all my programming in one line

log on here for the first time in ten years and someone's gonna fuck a cube. we really do live in the future

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Wtf is it with November? Suddenly everyone has to grow facial hair, stop masturbating, and write a novel? Is it just that the year has gone on for SO LONG that there's nothing else for it but to become 17th century ascetic Puritan authors? Can't we just, you know, have a normal month?

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