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@Gargron Not sure if it's related to the DNS issues earlier, but there looks to be a certificate error for "files.mastodon.social". Its CN doesn't have the "files" host listed

Just got to see first hand how amazing fractal antenna tech is.

Ordered a Wemos d1 mini (v1.0), an ESP8266 based chip, and it came with the antenna broken off the board.

Tried it as-is, and it barely detected my wifi (-98db) not 3 meters away, and wouldn't connect.

Did a nasty hot-air repair to put it back on, and now shows -49db, plus 7 other APs of my neighbors. -84db 4 houses down, and the worst is -92db likely even further away.

top/left is proper unit, lower/right is my crappy repair

@Gargron This may be a silly question, or I'm just blind, but is there any way to see "account-role" (s) on an account entity with the rest API?

I only see the one for bot directly.
I realize admin can be pulled from the instance entity, but another instance I'm on has a couple others


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