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Why is it always "human error". Why is is never "computer naïvety".

somber military thoughts 

tired: hams use "folk antenna theory"
wired: engineers use "industrial antenna witchcraft"

Google Search History:
Martin Luther
Diet of Worms
Diet of Worms food?
Did Martin Luther eat worms?
Martin Luther worms
Can you eat worms
Worm shop near me

The best shitposters can only be found on hellsite

that handshake meme, with one hand labelled "people with dissociative disorders" and the other labelled "theoretical physicists", with the middle saying "time is weird"

Yes, I fuck around with 230 V, but I always use protection.

the LGBT standard was refreshed to LGBTQ and most recently LGBTQIA, but you may see the following proprietary extensions in older equipment:

LGBT 2000
LGBT for Workgroups
μLGBTQ (embedded only)
LGBTQ Creative Cloud

"A Merchant or its Acquirer may obtain a voice authorization from the Issuer, with the understanding that the authorization code obtained in a voice authorization is not a valid remedy to an authorization-related chargeback."

You... You're technically allowed to call a bank up, go "hey, somebody with this card number is trying to buy a £1 bar of chocolate" and have them *read you an approval code over the phone*, who on earth thought any of this was a good idea

Oh, but like... don't actually *fuck* them. Boycott sex with cops!

You don't see many witches flying about anymore. Some think there aren't any anymore, but really - have you tried flying a broom these days?

Either the cops get mad and call you a drone, or air traffic control gets mad at you for not being a proper plane. We just take the bus.

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