be the floof you want to see in the world

so, now that WotC has shat the bed (again): what's a good D&D alternative for telling fantasy stories that isn't incredibly crunchy or completely devoid of content? i'm willing to put some work into tooling (i.e: programming a nice-looking UI) to make it easier to use

New! Genders for February 2020

- Hologram

- Girl Lite

- Frog Emoji

- The sound of hollering in a sealed room

- Burning Bank

When you're both enbies it's double gay

i think they should have Revolver Ocelot in girls frontline

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I think more people should release their absolutely horrible source code and in the spirit of this I am currently preparing a release of all SVatG demos source code

sexy plague doctor costume (its just a normal plague doctor costume)

Hallo Leute eine Freundin von mir sucht einen transfreundlichen Therapeuthen im Norden Bayerns, hat da jemand Empfehlungen?

I have ADHD, or as it’s known in the Unix world, “focus follows mouse”

imagine walking up to a nuclear-powered God talking about having unlimited power with a particle accelerator strapped to her arm and just being like "who gives a shit. i'm late for my nap"

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