Would a focused mastodon instance be interesting to others? Does one exist? Looking for a reason to set one up.

Gotta say, the vodka cream sauce really worked👨‍🍳

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@Gargron I read CONTRIBUTING.md (obvs) but I'd like to work on important (rather than random) backend things. Roadmap? Idea of priorities?

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@Gargron I see my old boss Matt Jankowski contributes to mastodon! I might want to submit a PR or two: I'm definitely more a backend than frontend dev. How should I get started?

HMU if you're a college junior or senior in the US looking for a paid 2018 summer internship writing Ruby, JavaScript or Go at Heroku.

Hi! I'm @djcp on twitter, and I'm looking for fewer trolls and nazis. Hopefully this is the place!


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