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Djoerd Hiemstra

#REDI We will be studying Nelly Litvak's smart sampling approaches to determine the most followed people in the fediverse

Cross-posting from Daniel Tunkelang's FB:

This journalist (finally!) wonders why ppl are so concerned with FB if obviously Google collects way more of our personal data?

Op naar de #HannoverMesse! Wie zie ik daar nog meer? Heeft iemand tips voor toffe bedrijven / stands? Ik hoor het graag!


With its own AppCenter and this little friend, webpin ( it might give a desktop experience that resembles my beloved FirefoxOS (may she rest in peace)

I am going to try Elementary OS, my dear Watson.

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keybase is awful. It encourages the horrendous practice of uploading your private key. Plus as you say it's another walled garden. The amount of value which keybase delivers isn't significant, so I don't use it.

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I just found it: Pinafore [1] --- you have one network, but the interface looks more like facebook (i.e., single-stream -- just right for my old brain v1.0)


Joining :mastodon: is a good step towards taking control of our own data! Wanna do more? Have a look at Privacy Badger, a (non-profit!) browser add-on where a cute little animal blocks all spying ads and trackers.

Via Motherboard:

"Cloudflare has confirmed to Motherboard that the company terminated service to Switter because of FOSTA, but also said it's 'a very bad law.'"

#FOSTA #switter

"You do not need an account on EVERY :mastodon: instance, Djoerd" (true statement by @BarbaraOosthoek)

The #ResearchProject graduation module starts on Monday! You will write a research paper and present it at the Twente Student Conference in IT. We have a website ( and enrolment in tracks on Blackboard. is a new :mastodon: instance for people working in Information Retrieval and related scientific research. Geekiness seems to be a ...
term with a low idf on this instance.

.... a term with a low idf on this instance.

"End Anonymous Refereeing"

We already know that anonymity is turning us into little trolls. So why should this be different when you review?