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Djoerd Hiemstra

Peertube, an ActivityPub based alternative to YouTube, is running a crowdfunding campaign

Comes at an important time, with YouTube blocking legitimate videos on (incorrect) copyright grounds, such as MIT's OpenCourseWare videos and the Blender Foundation's videos

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URGENT digital activism EU action Show more

Uploading a picture on gives a 500 internal instance error... πŸ™ (c.c. @Gargron)

The Text Mining & Retrieval group of Leiden University has a web page! Have a look at

I am so thirsty, I could drink a pool!

My first .

- @cwebber - Co-drafted the ActivityPub spec!
- @Gargron - Mastodon founder
- @nightpool - Mastodon developer
- @lain - Pleroma founder
- @ConnyDuck - developer of @Tusky
- @deadsuperhero - Editor of
- @ZiiX - The @Curator and admin of
- @cryptpad - Encrypted Collaborative Google Docs Alternative
- @pea - fontina dev.
- @yabirgb - zinat dev.
- @qonnyr - morii dev, a PixelFed mobile app!

2018: The summer of ActivityPub.

On Kaspersky: Who can give me arguments for and against? I would like to be informed by the politics behind this decision.. Let's see what the Mastodon community has to say :)


So at this #science conference I'm at, I've seen so many people use #sci-hub. I wish it was possible to quantify the amount of scientific progress made because sci-hub exists.

Oktie Hassanzadeh, Shari Trewin and Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo win the best In-Use paper awared with their excellent paper "Semantic Concept Discovery Over Event Databases."

About to announce the best In-Use paper at with @Annatordai (drum roll...)

Watching the migration scripts do their job. This stuff makes me nervous. 😟