"When the Nobel prize for physics [was announced], anyone wanting to read on one of the three winners would have drawn a blank on Wikipedia.

The physicist Donna Strickland was not deemed significant enough to merit her own page. When a Wikipedia user attempted to create a profile for her in March, it was denied by a moderator: “This submission’s references do not show that the subject qualifies for a Wikipedia article”.

After, Wikipedia scrambled to build a profile."


Day 132 with a temperature above 20 degrees. Breaking the old record from 2003 with 16!

I've never used #rss. What reader could you recommend to me if I want read both on the desktop and the android smartphone? (And libre software of course (I'm willing to pay for it)).

**"ING, stop investeringen in kernwapenindustrie"**

"Vredesorganisatie PAX begint vandaag in Nederland een campagne omdat het wil dat de ING daar stopt met investeren in kernwapenproducenten. Met 756 miljoen euro aan investeringen is ING de grootste Nederlandse investeerder in dergelijke bedrijven. Uit onderzoek..."



Submit your ECIR short papers before October 23. We are looking for novel, thought-provoking ideas; the inclusion of promising (preliminary) results is encouraged but not required!


its so sad google+ couldnt afford to run their instance anymore

But what's the most common self-hosted server on earth? It ain't fediverse software, it's Minecraft. Why? I think the appeal of building a world with you and your friends is very appealing.

If we can make it very easy in-world to be able to program the entities you're interact with as you walk around and talk, that could be a big win.

In #searx there's no possibility to get search results in more then one language at a time and that's a real showstopper to use it as my default search engine. Would like to have the most relevant links, doesn't matter if they're in Dutch, English or German.

Toot, toot ... and we're off! Hi Mastodon community. We're so excited there's this open source and decentralised social network to be a part of. It aligns nicely with our values. We believe in having open source alternatives to all the big names out there 😉

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women:

"Amazon’s system taught itself that male candidates were preferable. It penalized resumes that included the word “women’s,” as in “women’s chess club captain.”

Instead, the technology favored candidates who described themselves using verbs more commonly found on male engineers’ resumes, such as “executed” and “captured,” one person said."


@sivy List and Circle are opposites. So if a list is about categorizing your home timeline, a circle is about categorizing your followers. So on one end you have a subset of people you follow, on the other a subset of people who follow you.

Groups are private message boards: You join, post in a group, can be kicked by owner, etc. Nothing to do with following anyone.

How social media creates negative emotions in people, and affect thought processes in ways that make users more susceptible to advertising messages.


Wow you can now upload your own music to funkwhale without violating copyright laws. I need to migrate from Google Play Music I think. 🤔

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