Which hosting provider do you recommend or use and why?

Currently use webfaction.com and think about switching. Contabo is on my shortlist. Like to have big storage, EU based, low cost and green. Will mainly do webhosting but like freedom and SSH I have with webfaction. Doubting about VPS, but afraid of spending too much time as sysadmin.

Gotta give a shout out to Seth Power who has published some really great and smooth music on Jamendo! One album under CC BY-NC-ND, and one under the most permissive @creativecommons license, Attribution only.

Go give it a listen and download! jamen.do/a/503014 #CCmusic #Jamendo #CCBY

Australia just made Man-In-The-Middle attacks required by law. They call it "the ghost" and every #encryption connection has to be open to the government.

Good luck with that.



4yo caught me napping this morning and made it look Artistic as hell???

**Woonwagenbewoners, Roma en Sinti zijn de vergeten inwoners**

"Vandaag is het de Dag van de Mensenrechten. We leven in een tijd waarin kinderen dood gaan van de honger als oorlogswapen. Waar we nog steeds landen bombarderen, al heeft de geschiedenis allang bewezen dat dit niet werkt. Een tijd dat er internationaal veel leed, onrecht en schending van mense…"


#opinie #nieuws #bot

Tumblr's new ban on "adult content" goes into affect December 17, but its online community killing effects are already happening. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/12/dear

Happy Birthday to Nijmegen's Doornroosje, 50 years of the best live music, today!

Here's the direct link to the findings from those documents:


It is really quite damning.

* Facebook deliberately obscured from users what information they were collecting about them & how to opt out

* Facebook used its monopoly to cripple competing applications and services

* Facebook signed agreements to acquire data other app developers collected in exchange for some of its own

* Companies could circumvent user permissions by signing an agreement with Facebook

Please stop using Medium. We know how to make fucking self-controlled blogs for a while now. Medium is a monstruous regression

Welke vertaalservice gebruikt #spotify? Tijd dat mensen weer mogen doen waar ze goed in zijn: want free space is echt wat anders dan gratis!

Yes I was inactive... but that will change .......

See I am active again on

:mastodon: !!

(Also due to a very annoying facebook at the moment, that decides I make spam on my business page by placing blogs from my own website (business) on Facebook. )

Twitter bots had 'disproportionate' role spreading misinformation in 2016 election: study prismo.news/posts/121

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