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No ๐Ÿฎ was harmed while making this food.

My Grandad's advice for safe driving was: "Always remember you're controlling a potentially lethal weapon". I think it helped me to take driving even more seriously.

Perhaps it's good advice for us technologists too...

"Always remember you're programming a potential platform for bullying and harassment".

"Always remember you're designing a potential system for mass surveillance".

"Always remember you're deploying a potential tool for mass social unrest".

Thingiverse, Project MoodleNet and resource-centric social networks.

This is one of the main reasons I switched to LineageOS. I was just getting exhausted of all the "help us learn more about this restaurant/store/whatever" notifications:

At the Dutch Internet Society presenting autocompletions & advertisements without tracking.

i wrote a blog post about what mastodon is. i know that it's a tired genre, but i think that i did a good job of explaining it in an easy-to-approach way. please read and share!

Maciej Ceglowski is relevant here:

"If you can get away with it, just don't collect it! Just like you don't worry about getting mugged if you don't have any money, your problems with data disappear if you stop collecting it."

roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

โ€œAllen die zich in Nederland bevinden, worden in gelijke gevallen gelijk behandeld. Discriminatie wegens godsdienst, levensovertuiging, politieke gezindheid, ras, geslacht of op welke grond dan ook, is niet toegestaanโ€

TIL about the Cagots, a group of people in France and Spain who experienced systemic hatred and discrimination because... they were Cagots.

They weren't any different from the other people living near them - same skin and hair color, same language, same religion, etc. - but if you were born to a Cagot family, you were a Cagot, and the rest of the people hated and shunned you. And nobody nowadays knows why; the origins of the discrimination have been lost to time.

#Google is trying to eat the web, one service at a time. Now they are even eating external news websites with #AMP.

This is a really disturbing development. Please resist, don't visit AMP pages if you can avoid it. #googleamp

Our twins are four months old today, and holidays are approaching, and I thought it would be a good idea to give a little something to someone who could use it. This coming Sunday, I'll buy the "Be a Coder" bundle ( to someone who needs, and wants it.

If you'd like to have it, or know someone who would, and you (or them) can't buy it, contact me. Either via DM, or e-mail at

Boosting this toot for better coverage is most appreciated!