It's cool how the E:D website doesn't seem to have a link to download its launcher.

I was looking for something else and found the coverdisk with Interphase on it. Crazy.

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Digging through my old Workbench disks, looking at the AmigaBASIC demos I looked at back years ago. That heart animation. Jarvik!

Apparently I had Emacs on there.

Think I done did one of those things which was just pointlessly stupid and lazy and long past fixing. Yay.

Don't know what to do with a day. Yesterday I toyed with reading about 6502 assembly. But that would be dumb, since I know zip about comp sci, and I have nothing I'd do with it, so I'd just be copying stuff out.

Now I'm trying to find something I'd have played on the 386. All I have to go on is that it used digitised graphics. Maybe someone was kidnapped?

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I think it was a Chron* episode I was watching and one of the computer roundups showed Interphase on the Amiga and I realised I'd played that game, a lot. Never had the faintest idea what I was doing, but I played it a lot. It had polygons.

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I'm now thinking of all the very old Amiga and PC games that I do not remember the name of, or have just completely forgotten they exist.

For no particular reason I installed Playnite, and since it supports listing and launching emulated games I've been setting a bunch of those up. I just finished Leisure Suit Larry 7. Pretty funny.

Installed Destiny 2 again. Played through a forced mission. I still haven't the faintest idea what's going on. So, it's still Destiny then.

bluetooth is an invention of Big USB Cable.

deepfake neil breen into the music video for "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" go

Installing 90s operating systems in the hope I can travel back in time and warn everyone.

Just arguing passionately for the theoretical use of centuries old racist terms, like a normal person.

Imagine if First Blood was an animated film. At the end of a wrap party for the animators they could all pose happily for a big group photo wearing t-shirts that day “We drew First Blood.”

That’s all.

I'm at the "sarcastically editing wiki pages" stage of my downfall.

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