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But not for playing games. For using like an alternate, un-connected palm pilot. Little hardware keyboard.

A ppreciate
E ditors


I think the thing I actually like about Swift (and therefore also ObjC) is the incredible verbosity of the function calls. Which as I understand is more of a choice by the API designers than an aspect of the language itself?

Actually it doesn't really matter. I'm not at all sure what I want to write, but it's not mobile, and all the resources these days seem skewed towards mobile. Fair enough.

is swift cross platform yet dot com

How is the driving in Police Quest 3 even worse than the driving in PQ1

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The Nintendo Labo/Toy-Con stuff is really bringing out the shills for Big Cardboard and Big Crayon

Cardboard R.O.B. looks pretty cool.

Fixed my weird projectile speed bug. Turned out it wasn't a pass-by-reference problem, but the projectile update method being called twice per frame while the enemy was still alive.

Weird bug. If an enemy fires a projectile, and is then destroyed, the fired projectile slows to a crawl.

I'm guessing I've passed the velocity by reference somewhere up the chain. Hopefully.

Kind of disappointed by how shit the starfield looks on youtube. It's actually a variety of colours, but it comes across like its mostly monochrome.

Enemies can aim. Next step is getting them to fire leading shots on the player.


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