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I enjoyed Spider-man Homecoming more than I thought I would. Except please, filmmakers approaching middle age, stop making your modern teenage characters be really in to the music of your youth.

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I want to quit modern life. Run a thinkpad with window maker. Write text files.

starting a online petition for kevtris to make a fpga nextcube

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The life I could lead if I'd just stop tearing my fingernails off.

Thank fuck ebay recognises I'm from Australia and says g'day. I'd be lost otherwise.

I made such shitty groups for the early Kefka fight that I haven't been back to FF3 in a few weeks now.

With all the two factor auth necessary these days, even logging in to things is a damn chore. The web got real boring.

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There is no Email – just Gmail and a few independent servers Gmail reluctantly decided to federate with.

AHS Hotel breaks the tradition of AHS series going off the rails half way through, by starting completely off the rails.

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American Horror Story Freak Show Show more

Docker really lets me do some pretty useful and complicated things without having to learn too much, but then also when I do want to learn how to do things myself often all I can find are just guides on how to install largely opaque Docker containers.

Hello I am Serious Rational Man and I think we should take IQ tests Very Seriously.

trying to think of anything less enticing than a film with jim from the office

I watched Assault on Precinct 13 and was very disappointed to discover it wasn't even Precinct 13.