the ABC sure is running a few crypto puff pieces lately

Avoid communities that don't remove obvious bait.

Investigating how to block "AI" images at the router-level.

Ended up watching The X-Files I Want To Believe the other day and boy there was a minute there in the 2000’s where everything was church v stem cells.

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I like the idea of rewatching DS9 more than I do actually making myself sit through all that mid-90s science vs religion stuff at the start.

rip to the twitch channel that made it all the way through the x-files before hollywood jeff shut that shit down.

TFW you feel like you reluctantly need to consign an artist you respected to the "just ignore and remember the good times" bin, but then you remember they haven't actually done anything interesting in 20 years anyway.

That obscure moment in australian political history that only the nerdiest of wonks remembers - when the PM was sacked by the GG.

i mean... trafficking. 

Youtube served me up a 2 minute ad for something that if it wasn't just a pure scam, would amount to old fashioned human trafficking.

Something something algorithms something something efficiencies.

Look just give goog your money and shut the fuck up.

Been over a week now, haven't heard squat. Yeah that feels more like it.

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Ok so now who is he going to sue to get back the talent he left in the 90's


I don't want to come to the defence of Labor, or particularly relish rubbing the ABC's nose in it.

But, well...

tfw you decide to step away from discussions on "every vote should count" when you realise what they actually mean is "my vote should always select the winner"

Sometimes you hear someone's YT voice and think... yeah I'm glad that's doing damage to your vocal cords and will eventually sort itself out.

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