Turns out Southland Tales got it all right after all.

Ah beauty, just plain old filters in settings.

Is there a way to filter out keywords from the timelines on the web interface?

I could do without any mention of that trash instance for trash people.

Ok turns out the song is called Accidently Kelly Street because of an unintentional typo and now I like it more.

Back in the early 90's, The Late Show (D-Gen) did a pisstake of Frente's Accidentally Kelly Street video. I really liked it at the time, but I think these days I appreciate the original more than I do the parody.

Also Frente did that cover of Bizarre Love Triangle, while Sitch & Co made The Panel.

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Yo, youtube video. If you didn't invent a term, don't say you invented a term. It makes you sound weird.

I feel like metafilter needs a flag option: "This comment doesn't really warrant deleting, but it's such a noxious turd that the rest of the thread needs some attention to get it back on track."

I take back what I said about youtube creators. The algorithm is also forcing them to make videos much longer than their scripts can sustain. Prospective disciples will just fall asleep. Dot com.

youtube content creators are being algorithmically moulded into cult leaders dot com

I mean aside from drive entitled gamers apoplectic with rage over some puddles. That was A+ Great Job.

The Spider-man game looks interesting but I'm curious if it can really do anything for me that Spider-man 2 on Xbox didn't already do a long time ago.

Anonymous reddit quotes: for when you need to inject a bit of wild shitposting into your article.

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Steve Rogers’ list of “things to catch up on” in Winter Soldier has:

I love Lucy (television)
Nirvana (band)
Steve Jobs (apple)

Steve is going to think Steve Jobs is a type of apple. Granny Smith. Golden delicious. Steve Jobs.

Announcing the new iPhone Surfeit

Announcing the new iPhone Redundant

Announcing the new iPhone Too Much

Announcing the new iPhone Unnecessary

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