I feel like the explosion of unboxing videos has coincided with a dramatic decrease in the amount of useful product information conveyed in said videos.

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"Achievements" were the worst thing to happen to video games since gamers

The important thing is to not do anything at all. Online commentators might find fault with it if you do.

May the thermian argument be the death of you, Internet.

I did have a friend i could talk to about these things and who saw the world in a similar way to me. He’s dead now. I feel just great.


Toot’s multi-part posting feature is kinda dangerous

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Any audio folks?

I want to run the audio from at least 3 devices (PC, Mac, "other") to 1 set of speakers, with volume adjustable on each input. I see some cheap passive boxes which will do this, but as I understand it this will result in reduced volume the more inputs I plug in?

Should I be looking for a powered mixer, or will I be fine just cranking up the volume on the speakers to compensate?

Or am I deeply overthinking this

Got a new PPI. Hopefully this one does not result in a delayed-but-spontaneous outbreak in my body's biggest organ.

Seriously the idea of my skin just quietly bathing in toxic shit is a little unsettling. The sleep was nice though.

Now I want to get little stands for my new speakers. I'm not good.

ok nothing is more horrifying than kid’s broken arm

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