Watchman avatar insisting review bombing is a myth. Figures.

The browser's back button: It's not just a suggestion.

It's very annoying when international parcel tracking deadends the moment the item reaches Australia.

When I heard it was going to be four dudes on a road trip I was very ugh, but as it turned out they are very good dudes.

Reloaded for the FFXIV collaboration, and it turns out I had completely forgotten just how much I liked FFXV.

I’ve also completely forgotten how to play it.

I can't decide between getting a yubikey or just not using computers anymore. Both options have their perks.

i wouldnt have, if i didnt leave it running and stumble across the tutorial video.

i finished adventure mode in Smash Ultimate, which is the second Smash game ive bought, and the first ive actually understood.

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Nobody can add poorly scripted snowflakes running down a printed page, slowing your whole book to a crawl. Just saying.

My FlipGrip has left sydney. I'm looking forward to giving Ikari Warriors a spin with that.

The SNK collection really is something. Discovering that the "watch" mode was actually interactive was quite the surprise.

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even on "casual" difficulty, combat in DA: Inquisition is an uninteresting chore.

As much as this particular story doesn't interest me (DA2 is still a favourite there) I'd love to see a game with the world of a DA but the very approachable combat of a Zelda. Can BG&E2 be that? Pls

quora should just rebrand itself as dixer dot com.

It is through the choices you are given that BioWare tells you who is no longer important to the series going forward.

I'm shooting ghosts with arrows to regain my memories

I wish they'd never put mages in Dragon Age dot com. Slash no dragons either dot html.

Watching actors act as other actors acting is one of my favourite things so the latest episode of The Good Place was fun.

"How should we let the player know they've imported the right world state? Show a selection of important choices, like we have in previous games?"


"Show the name the player gave this world state in the Keep?"



"Let them write down and compare timestamps!"

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