Waiting for ppl to show up to fix my internet. Gave NMS on PS4 a go since I finished my expedition on the PC. It crashed registering my first base. Bleh.

Some of the podcasts I listen to have been running ads for the fin review and god are they ever going after the sociopathic alphacunt market.

Reading Agatha Christie’s The Big Four really stood out to me, because what I’d read of her up to that point had been smart, very aware, and very clever. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the setup to be revealed for the lurid sham it must be. In the end the whole thing was played straight. Very disappointing.

So anyway I’ve started watching Nobody.

I am finally free of Google

(Mice ate my internet)

I watched Society last night and boy howdy that was something. Amazing practical effects though.

Living in fear of the revelation of Bill Gates "alive girl" texts.

I envy the younger generation who can simply use the phrase "Hey dad" without the show coming immediately to mind.

Also typically longer to die.

Asking for a friend what happens when all your tech pundits are pals with ceos. Basecamp and creepy Patreon videos? Cool, cool. Just ride out that storm brother.

Can’t read an engineer talking about a medical condition without waiting for the narrative thread to lead to some form of braindick pill they’re shilling.

Gamers drop the whole “you need the most bleeding edge hardware available or why bother” attitude 2021 challenge.

I don't know how I feel about online stores turning me into their emotional support customer every time I buy something from them.

Beginning to suspect that the law is just another cudgel the powerful use to beat the powerless.

Our national broadcaster would like to inform you that China’s opinions on the oscars are unsatisfactory.

Cracked a bad egg the other day. Straight in to the frying pan. Had eggs again this morning because I don’t want to develop another aversion.

Food sucks.

Dave watch a ffxiv video by meoni on youtube without saying "fuck off meoni" and alt tabbing away until the preamble finishes 2021 challenge

I got a microbit v2 and the box it came in folds up in to a little case that wraps around the front buttons and holds the battery case to the board. It’s very neat.

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