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Before Youtube, people had to read web pages themselves, instead of having a very enthusiastic man read them to you.

The American SNES is very ugly, but I'm ready to be informed that actually it's a lot more intuitive and logical than the non-US versions.

Chop chop, Content Creators. Those "did you know you can build your own SNES Mini out of a raspberry pi and retropie?!?!?!?!" videos aren't going to make themselves.

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Frankly I already own a 3DS so I don't know why Nintendo is bothering to manufacture any more. Job's done.

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@natecull im just thinking about all the wasp nests that could fit comfortably in there.

need to tank sri lakshmi to continue msq. get anxious even thinking about tanking for randos.

A capitol is a building.

Lots of HNers flabbergasted at ppl preferring 24fps film to 48.

But... 48 is a bigger number!

the disney movie factory must be a fun place to work

Hats off to the boffin who decided that hyper- and hypo- were good prefixes to use for medical purposes.


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the only way i can make sense of Mastodon is to think of it like a bunch of message boards, rather than one social media conglomerate like twitter

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