I am totally outraged by the Optus hack and I am absolutely going to change my provider to one which definitely does not weakly store the exact same excess of personal information. They certainly exist.


I am absolutely about to lose it at gravity and its interactions within the physical universe.

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notifications are the worst invention since clocks

Stories can be more than just fodder for a wiki, if you believe.

Also Astro Bot is the best thing Sony's ever done.

Also adaptive triggers are genuinely impressive. They're very gimmicky, in the nicest sense. Doing the gacha balls in Astro really gave the feel of playing in an arcade.

I look forward to them mainly being used to reproduced fully licensed "gun-feel" because games.

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I've been playing some PS5 games and all this fauxtorealism at 4K60 is very lovely and all but it's really making me appreciate the folks who are still more than willing to make things that look artificial and - at least from my perspective - game-ish.

I want a game to shamelessly steal everything from final fantasy 12.

I know the answer is "different people like different things", and that's fine and no further explanation is actually necessary, but I've never properly understood how people can use the "Classic" theme on FFXIV.

I know it's meant to evoke the early games but set against the colour palette this game actually uses, that is a hideous blue. And then pixel buttons alongside anti-aliased modern fonts. If the blue didn't hurt my eyes that clash alone would.

(bonuses were: Road to 80 for new server. Menphina's earring. Brand New Ring. Friendship circlet.)

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FFXIV early game leveling is a thing.

I unlocked Reaper (Lv70) while still doing 2.x quests. When I finally made it to Ishgard, I leveled Dark Knight from 30 to 50 in a couple of hours.

Can't help but think there'll be a "skip straight to 6.x" option in 7.0.

what if writers were allowed to write new stories

what if nobody ever used the word "impactful" ever again

Wondering if a USB-powered coffee warmer is a silly idea.

Perhaps I just need some kind of thermos-esque mug which doesn't become a shit to clean if I put milk in it.

ffxiv, probably spoilers up to endwalker 

Shards could be an interesting narrative device but the audience just treats them like another name for magic blood, so I really hope they never ever come up again.

simulation theory is the rich idiot's idea of profundity. a supernova of incuriosity.

Turns out there's actually nothing more interesting than a gamer telling you how stoned they are.

Who knew.

Sisko Revenge-of-the-Nerds-ed mirror Dax.

there's a 4K Inland Empire just out there, being all 4K.

When a "thanks to the fans" tribute comes across like a hostage video.

Speeding through DS9 and Voyager. Well in to the third season of VOY and it's still quite hit and miss. Just reached the new uniforms in DS9 and I suspect that "Worf at Risa" episode is the worst thing the series is going to come up with.

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