Apple's new Small Business Program thingo

My brain has gone to rot from all this lockdown, but it seems like it'd be simpler if Apple just taxed the first $million at the lower rate, then resumed taxing revenue past that at the higher rate, for everyone?

You know like progressive taxation, which everyone pretends to not understand.

Okay now I want to build a usb paddle controller with which to better play Arkanoid.

More lockdown. Wish I could wake up on the other side of it.

hey "webmasters" just because tabs exist doesn't mean you need to make every damn link open in a new one.

Not wild about how news outlets will change their headlines so an old article looks like a new article.

I was on a nice tear reading books before I got sick, and I desperately need to get back to that because I am not responding positively to the Things that People have to say about Things.

i am now deeply fascinated by the apple iigs.

youtube auto-nexted from pat benatar to audioslave in lets say about 10 videos.

mister add ons arrived. they work, which is great. I look forward to one day having the energy to enjoy them.

Finally just a good old fashioned headache. Yay. I mean ow.


Someone on hellsite just linked that Newsroom clip again and... is it wrong I kind of want a Newsroom reunion covering this election, just for the world class cringe?


Would it fucking kill YouTube to enforce some audio level / loudness standards on their adverts. Local tv can do this shit but I guess if one of their stupid algorithms can’t handle it YT just isn’t interested.

Got one of those plastic mats you put under your chair to protect the carpet. Doesn’t quite fit under my desk. Meaning I need to get around to building my new desk which I’ve only put off for oooohhh... about 2 years now.


pretty sure i just watched the cable news equivalent of CNN quote-tweeting Fox News.

existence is finite and yet

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