How anyone can manage this game on a console, where they can't mod the bugs away, is beyond me.

Day after this toot:

I had to use a save game editor to give myself the blueprint for a beacon, because the science man was just assuming I already had it when he demanded I build him one.

Also, the Awakening quest chain decided that any random old crashed ship would do for its "find their crashed ship" stage. Even though I wasn't up to that stage. Then it told me to repair their distress beacon. Which wasn't broken. Then the quest vanished.

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I played a bit of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes yesterday. It was fun. Needed more drinking though. But small children involved. The Morse code module is hell.

I checked, and Google doesn't have the faintest idea what that's about. This makes me happy.

Some things get in your brain at just the right age that they will never ever leave it.

Hence, I cannot exclaim my approval of something with "Beauty..." without silently adding "it's a Saab"

Whatever adjustment they made to landing fuel costs feels broken though. With an efficient launch engine module installed, each launch costs about 26%. So I get three launches and then have to refill with a little under a quarter left in the tank. Super wasteful.

Started a new game in No Man’s Sky, survival mode this time. Given how buggy the game has been, and how the survival loop feels ... poorly considered ... I’ve mainly stuck to normal because creative is boring and survival was meaninglessly punishing.

It’s been okay though. I’m exploiting a trade route as much as I can before it’s dead. I have an A-rank shuttle, about 5 million units and a home base on an extreme sentinel planet.

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boost if the president/prime minister of your country is a fuckhead

I’m saying that GalNet Andromedaries thing was so real it still burns.

I’d love to be 70 years old and complaining that the new Disney channel Star Wars series is just for kids.

They’re coming out real pikelet-y though

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I'm less enthused with mastodon by the day, and I don't know if Tapbots creating a "Tootbot" would reverse that. If they even would. I wonder if they feel at all burned by the AppNet experience.

Male protag in a high tech future setting, but he prefers to stick with old tech. Rather than this reflecting his individuality and authenticity, it is indicative of an inability to process the world as it is, a retreat into a nostalgic fantasy.

He dies, and nobody misses him.

See how I used the word ‘they’ there

I mean they weren’t saying that about the moto 360 watch, were they

The notch is stupid. A solution to a problem that wasn’t a problem.

On the one hand it’s frustrating to see it spread to other devices.

On the other I guess it does make the notch defenders argument that it gives Apple’s phone a distinctive, “iconic” look... sound as dumb as it already was?

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