dreaming of a starship troopers flavoured adaptation of atlas shrugged.

all the capitalists just quietly disappearing one by one. they are each excited for their own disappearance.

then galt's gulch turns out to be salo.

Started watching a youtube video to see what folk thought about single player balance in Valheim.

Had to stop before the dude started ranting about how good is eugenics.

Gamers, man.

I don't make many good decisions. Now that some time has passed, I recognise that just not taking an interest in what rando internets thought about Twin Peaks 2017 was one of the good ones.

I just want my niblings to not grow up to be arseholes.

make an open world game without a cannibal family challenge

Space Jam 2's villain is Al G Rhythm. The film makes no reference whatsoever to the people who created Al, or dictated its design and parameters.

This is a brilliant comment on the state of current popular discourse on "the algorithm".

How did skyward sword ship with these controls.

She looked lonely and I knew The Cure.

Played FFXIV for a few hours today and reminded myself it's not the game that was keeping me away.

i dreamed up an entire urban legend slasher film the other night. should have written it down. it wasn’t bad. wasn’t good, either, but you know.

*with the disclaimer that verisimilitude is overrated and storytelling is not a representation of reality and generally I feel like appealing to “realism” is a lazy method of criticism, a thought-terminating cliche.

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I’m not going to be unenthused by anything the Dune marketing team puts out. Trailer is fine. The helmet beauty shot does look really awful though.

Like one of the distinguishing marks of this era of Hollywood film making will be really fake-looking computer generated helmets.

Space Jam 2 is about how 5 seconds of videogames almost ruined Lebron James’ life.

loki finale 

How was He Who Remains not some dork who was just overly too concerned with What Is Canon.

Anyway it ended up being such a complete Doctor Who riff that they even got Richard E Grant onboard.

And the Doctor snogging her companion. But they had to make it even weirder because America is obsessed with narcissism and incest.

I live right near one of the new outbreak sites. Want to stay in bed where it’s warm.

Really looking forward to this government using their own malicious incompetence as an excuse to further dismantle Medicare.

I finally found a method of getting OBS to only record/stream the sound of the game I'm playing and not every other noise my PC makes. Now the only thing stopping me from streaming is my horrible personality.

Weirder is when it happens in No Man’s Sky because… really? You’re doing that here?

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Red Dead I kind of expect griefing to the point that I am surprised when it doesn’t happen. Rockstar’s “approach” to the integrity of the online experience and the fact their single player games encourage you to be the largest jackass you can be, it just seems custom made for that type of behaviour.

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I am reminded occasionally of just how much I dislike PvP games.

or did jason give the word and you just held the rock

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