Time is never slower than when you have a head cold.

Matt's Script Archive is still online. FYI.

Anthem bad guy is Elon Musk, right?

Giving Anthem a go.

I'm really thrown by the no character creator.


I'm not one for crossposting the hellsite onto this place, but this:

"I don't care for how this company treats their customers from a consumer standpoint. The shipping charges for ANY of their products are completely unreasonable. IF, and I mean IF they are forwarding the costs of their manufacturing shipping onto the customers, that's so fucked.."


Analogue still booking first class tickets for their packages I see.

Password entries that offer no indication that anything has been entered can GTH.

I used to read Daring Fireball, but now I tend to read Daring Fireball, which is a spot-on parody of Daring Fireball. Conveniently located at the same URL.

"Even this statement — that Apple is a hardware company — is something I agree with only in terms of finances." -- John Gruber, September 12 2019

"... a brilliant reminder that Apple, for all its talk about “Services, Services, Services”, is and will always remain a hardware company at heart." -- John Gruber, September 11 2019

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petition to rename all articles about gamer boys having meltdowns over trivial bullshit to "the usual assholes are having a normal one"

Americans struggling with Australian accents is still top shelf comedy.

I have the Alan Turing edition of Monopoly and I love it but I'm never going to play it. It's Monopoly.

It's frustrating that Monopoly keeps putting itself in the news, thereby making "Monopoly is a bad game" sound like a reaction to whatever silly thing they've just done. When in fact this is a perpetually true statement which could be used as a common greeting at dinner parties.

Monopoly is a dreadful, dreadful game. Play literally anything else.

Except CAH.

Agree to forever part ways with your friends and walk into the ocean before you play CAH.

I first got on the web in 1996 and in all that time I've never properly used bookmarks. The widespread adoption of browser tabs did not help.

oh god does Amanita read Jack Reacher

I want a version of Sense8 which is just Lito being bonkers.


This just in: the green on the box of one of my medications is now blue.

I wonder how many meetings that took.

the inevitable conclusion of pets 

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