anyone know any good hashtags to search for the hong kong protests?

My new opening line on the dating apps:

I'm on the apps because I tend to burn bridges. What about you?

when we finally close the book on our sordid little species, i think the photo they use for our obituary should just be that picture of sweatshop laborers making hundreds of identical Guy Fawkes masks in china because that's humanity in a nutshell

PROSTATE orgasm? no thank you im an anarchist, im not pro-state anything

Seriously, the bit about the index in Williams Obstetrics is the best thing I've ever seen in a reference book. It's great subversion. Kudos to the editor's wife for that hack!

biometrics are usernames dammit!

quit pretending they are passwords


*grumble*stupid big tech firms*grumble*

Seems made up because it is. Made up about 158 years ago, if you may.

@TeethTeethTeeth you've been hit by,
You've been stuck by,
A quattro formaggio

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