Haven't been writing much lately as I'm going through some stuff... covid, work, life all collapses a bit. Gone get a grip on it but might take me a bit

@lavolsky was für ein Tablet verwendest du in deinem Video zu den Cochlea Implantaten? Das schaut nach einer sehr angenehmen Zeichen-Erfahrung aus.

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Studies show that most people don't actually know what studies show

My wife just does Feng Shui to find out how to cut the Window holes in my son's cardboard "house" (it's a box)

Being in a Q&A meeting and generally they point out issues I've addressed for year. idk if I should be happy or sad.

My guess is that international companies will be more and more powerful, states less and less. Because in this day and age being limited by something like physical locations and geographic borders is quite a handicap.

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Not that I think they will become irrelevant any time soon. Religion in western countries is not what it used to be, but saying that for example Roman Catholicism lacks influence on society would be ignorant.

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But isn't that just a sign of the obvious shift of power? I'm not just talking about the last few years but ever since Globalisation and worldwide more or less instant communication is are a thing, nation states were doomed to be a dying concept.

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Politicians are worried that companies like Facebook and Twitter have too much power. Looking at how Twitter basically over night took away Trump's primary communication channel.

Still have to edit later. Usually when I write I just blurt stuff onto the page. Later it has to be rearranged and rewritten so it makes sense.

Enough writing... It's time for some tea...

Just finished a meeting on Covid Strategy. Once again only waiting no concrete plans... I understand that you have to be flexible but only planning a week in advance can't be it either...

I ate too much spicy stuff AND starting to get allergic to something in this house. What a great start for this year

Still didn't really get that it's already 2021.

Since I'm already exhausted (the to my 1yo) already happy new year to all the lucky ones staying up until midnight!

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Post-it notes: your trusty password manager since 1974.

Corona has finally caught up to my larger circle of acquaintances.

Do real estate agents always talk that much?

I actually think my phone never was this tidy (software wise, the actual device has seen better days): completely degoogled, encrypted, VPN working properly, ... Feels neat.

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