We all make mistakes when it comes to preserving compatibility, but I just don't understand how you can show complete disregard for it and get defensive about it.

Everything wrong with Discord in 5000 words or less.

Please boost. Please move off Discord. Please take your friends with you.

I can make edits upon request.

Today I've switched my server's firewall from iptables to nftables. Ask your questions.

Actually, Kate just merged my PR so now installing from opam work.

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Soupault 1.12 is available:

However, lambdasoup 0.7.1 accidentally broke compatibility, so if you are building from source, make sure to keep it at 0.7.0 for now.
I've sent a patch to the opam repository to pin it for released versions and I'm working on a patch to lambdasoup.

Released soupault binaries are built with 0.7.0 and should work fine, I swear I didn't put any backdoors in them.

Google memories (14/14) 

@elilla I'm not a linguist or a historian, so I can't really speak about these things competently.
However, to me it seems like today it's increasingly harder to be bilingual due to the amount of vocabulary and idioms you need to be _professionally_ productive.

tsort 2.0.0, the friendly topological sort library for OCaml, is now available from opam.
It now can sort a graph with cycles into strongly connected components (thanks for Martin Jambon) and reporting of nodes with non-existent dependencies has improved.

The difference between Git and GitHub?

Well... Git is to GitHub what porn is to PornHub.

Random thought: is it possible to purify processed cheese from additives using zone melting?

419 and 421 are twin primes. Study number theory every day. Soupault 1.11 binaries are available. OPAM pull request is not merged yet though.

There's now support for multiple page templates, for using element attribute values in site metadata, and new plugin functions.

Today I've successfuly enabled SSH access to a computer using a non-technical person as remote hands.
Apparently there's no such thing as a former support technician.

On the plus side, the latest X-ray telescope, Spektr-RG ( began its observations this year.
No pretty pictures means no publicity though.

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That feeling when most advanced optical space telescope predates Wolfenstein 3D by two years, and there's still no replacement.

Markov in Chains: a glam rock band that employs algorithmic composition.

Soupault now supports extracting elements attributes for page metadata. For example,
post_image = { selector = "img#post-image", extract_attribute = "src" }
post_date = { selector = "time#post-date", extract_attribute = "datetime"


Turns out there's a ready to use tool for archiving digital data on paper and scanning it bacl:

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