@TQ I'd also post the score but Mastodon doesn't allow PDF attachments.

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@TQ This is the piece I wanted to submit for Fedivision but couldn't finish in time.
It will be the first movement of a suite of three pieces. It also uses organ timbre just to avoid fake human voices in a MIDI mockup, it's only playable with four hands as written.

Did dual-socket boards with Socket7 ever exist? If yes, what happens if you install an AMD CPU in one socket and an Intel CPU in another?

My CSS used to have `@supports (hyphens: auto) or (-ms-hyphens: auto)` until I tested it and realized that IE never implemented the @supports query so the right-hand side never takes effect.

@lthms @parisni If you've got time, please test soupault 4.0.0-beta1 release: github.com/PataphysicalSociety

It's a big release with many qualitatively new capabilities and deep refactors, I'd like to make sure that old features work as expected before calling it stable.

Possibly unorthodox opinion: it's important to have good sample programs for a library/framework because at least some people will look for samples for cargo-cult programming—let those be good samples. ;)

Franz Liszt and Monty Python present: Dirty Hungarian Rhapsody.

caml.inria.fr/pub/old_caml_sit Turns out there was a web browser capable of running OCaml applets.
What could have been...

youtube.com/watch?v=-GnZreUxmg The recording of my PackagingCon talk about my experience with OPAM is online now/

@toastal Well, I liked that arrow.

I think there was some way to make a custom font with just the characters you need. If I find out what it was, maybe I can make a reduced font and bring the arrow back.

Downloading a whole font for aesthetic reasons is definitely a no-go, I wish sites that do that would stop doing that.

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@toastal I ended up reverting your Dada arrow patch to the soupault website... Windows and Android don't have it in their default fonts, so it looks broken for visitors from those platforms. That's unfortunate.

Sad but true: many recordings of chamber music for a soloist and piano are useless for learning their rhythms by ear because many soloists also mess up those rhythms, intentionally or not.
If you don't understand some rhythm, it's better not to listen to them at all, but simply type the excerpt in question in a scorewriter or set the metronome to the smallest note value found in a phrase you have a problem with.

Am I the only one annoyed by HomeBrews' unusual and non-descriptive terminology like "taps" and "bottles"?

@codeberg baturin.org/blog/code-hosting- Processed some data about a repository we moved _to_ GitHub three years ago: the dramatic increase of activity was because the potential contributors were already on GitHub.
Thats's why I place my hope on federation support in Gitea—that can create a network effect potentially bigger than a centralized service can!

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