ocamlbook.org is now officially dedicated to Betty Bourbaki, an imaginary daugher of the imaginary but influential mathematician Nicolas Bourbaki.

The Nyquist-Shannon-Kotelnikov-Chebotarev sampling theorem was discovered independently by four different people.
I wonder if there were already practical problems that group theory could solve in the early 19th century, Galois also would be one of four, rather than a misunderstood genius.
His real genius is in having found a solution to a whole bunch of problems no one even thought of at the time.

Turns out Lua supports multi-line string literals delimited by... double square brackets ([[ ]]) !
I'd never guessed, found that by reading Lua-ML's lexer code and then confirming with PUC-Rio Lua.

Countries that have Internet censorship often block addresses and whole networks that were tangentially related to a service they wanted to ban, and they aren't on hurry to remove addresses from blocklists if censored service no longer uses them.

One non-obvious reason to use small, independent hosting companies over AWS et al. is that their networks are much less likely to suffer from that kind of collateral damage.

soupault.neocities.org/tips-an if you are wondering how compares to other static site generators, here's an obviously biased comparison table.

soupault.neocities.org/blog/so 2.1.0 is released.
Now you can tell it to use a non-empty page as a template and replace its content, give it a few selector options to try inserting a file into, and more.

Footprints in the snow™ is a registered trademark of Claude Debussy.

Can anyone confirm or deny that Trello no longer works in Firefox?

The free culture OCaml book finally has next/previous chapter navigation menus: ocamlbook.org/preface/

Automatically generated from a JSON file with chapter ordering data: github.com/dmbaturin/ocaml-boo

It's now possible to add section links for headings that aren't included in the ToC in using the new max_heading_link_level option.

I don't think the popular "just use cmdliner" is the ultimate answer to the legacy Arg module problem.
Nothing against its users, but there needs to be a modern "non-insasive" argument parsing library—one that doesn't want to take over your control flow and _just_ lets you extract information from CLI arguments and use it however you want.
Is there one?

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Why can't you call OCaml's Arg.parse more than once?
Turns out it's because the Arg module has a global state: the Arg.current : int ref, that is incremented with each argument.
If you are to call Arg.parse another time, you have to reset that counter back to zero.

@lthms @brettgilio @parisni @hristoast Do you think a virtual soupault meetup is a completely absurd idea or it may work?

The visual packet size/tunnel MTU calculator (baturin.org/tools/encapcalc) is now a "progressive web app" that can be installed ("add to home screen") and used offline on mobile devices.

@lthms @parisni Would any of you make a short audio clip with correct pronunciation of "soupault"?
I could do it, but it would be cool to have a real French speaker provide it.

There's now a sample site repo that you can use for a one-click deploy to Netlify: app.netlify.com/start/deploy?r

I sent a PR to staticgen.com

The Netlify part is optional, github.com/dmbaturin/soupault- is good as a generic blog template to learn from.

soupault.neocities.org/blog/so Soupault 2.0.0 is now officially released. New features include site metadata accessible to Lua plugins, new built-in template processor (Jingoo) and more.
Let me know if you run into any bugs.

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