That feeling when it's the first day of the month and a mailman instance sends you a subscription reminder with your list password embedded in it.

Thanks to OCamlPro for making a documentation hub that auto-generates docs for everything in the OPAM repos! Soupault 2.6.0 offers some bug fixes and configurable index entry sort (calendar, numeric, or lexicographic).

Mastodon prevents me from sharing the source of a free culture work by disallowing both MuseScore and PDF files.

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"Waltz for those who came into this world too young in a time too old", a vibraphone solo piece.

As an old subarctic saying goes, "April snowfalls brings May showers". Soupault 2.5.0 is available, with an option to disable HTML pretty-printing, new widgets for adjusting internal links, and multiple bug fixes.

When choosing boring technology, there's a risk of choosing it just when it's about to switch from "proven and boring" to "dated". Release time. There are now Lua type checking functions and an option to treat directories as page+assets bundles rather than sections.

Ok, only in Firefox. Chrome returns landscape=true on my desktop, but I wonder if it's because my screen it wider than it's tall or it's hardcoded.

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I noticed that on desktop, both (orientation: landscape) and (orientation: portrait) CSS media queries return false.
Now I wonder if checking if they both are false is a reliable test for a desktop browser.

"Go Ask Embla", a romantic comedy based on the Poetic Edda. is now officially dedicated to Betty Bourbaki, an imaginary daugher of the imaginary but influential mathematician Nicolas Bourbaki.

The Nyquist-Shannon-Kotelnikov-Chebotarev sampling theorem was discovered independently by four different people.
I wonder if there were already practical problems that group theory could solve in the early 19th century, Galois also would be one of four, rather than a misunderstood genius.
His real genius is in having found a solution to a whole bunch of problems no one even thought of at the time.

Turns out Lua supports multi-line string literals delimited by... double square brackets ([[ ]]) !
I'd never guessed, found that by reading Lua-ML's lexer code and then confirming with PUC-Rio Lua.

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