"Mare Cognitum"—an overture for strings dedicated to the flight of Ranger 7, the space probe that took the first close-up pictures of the lunar surface and paved the way to the future soft landings.
CC-BY licensed, MuseScore/MXL/PDF available upon request, until I re-do my website's music page properly.

If it wasn't for COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, I might have never known which people among my acquaintances are anti-vaxxers.

"We hope you’ll consider making a tax deductible contribution to Creative Commons today to ensure Better Sharing for a Brighter Future."

I know it's not very easy to do and I can't blame them, but still, CC knows my location, and could infer that my donations to them cannot be tax-deductible where I live.

Business idea: a transit ISP named "Sic Transit inc." ;)

That feeling when it's the first day of the month and a mailman instance sends you a subscription reminder with your list password embedded in it.

Thanks to OCamlPro for making a documentation hub that auto-generates docs for everything in the OPAM repos! docs.ocaml.pro

soupault.app/blog/soupault-2.6 Soupault 2.6.0 offers some bug fixes and configurable index entry sort (calendar, numeric, or lexicographic).

Mastodon prevents me from sharing the source of a free culture work by disallowing both MuseScore and PDF files.

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"Waltz for those who came into this world too young in a time too old", a vibraphone solo piece.

As an old subarctic saying goes, "April snowfalls brings May showers".

soupault.app/blog/soupault-2.5 Soupault 2.5.0 is available, with an option to disable HTML pretty-printing, new widgets for adjusting internal links, and multiple bug fixes.

When choosing boring technology, there's a risk of choosing it just when it's about to switch from "proven and boring" to "dated".

soupault.app/blog/soupault-2.4 Release time. There are now Lua type checking functions and an option to treat directories as page+assets bundles rather than sections.

Ok, only in Firefox. Chrome returns landscape=true on my desktop, but I wonder if it's because my screen it wider than it's tall or it's hardcoded.

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I noticed that on desktop, both (orientation: landscape) and (orientation: portrait) CSS media queries return false.
Now I wonder if checking if they both are false is a reliable test for a desktop browser.

"Go Ask Embla", a romantic comedy based on the Poetic Edda.

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