With the help of our fantastic workshop, “composed” a new grazing incidence stage for X-ray scattering experiments. Will be tested out in the coming months…

Laser cutting some cool breakout boards for our experiments…

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Thinking about doing another Wakeful hoodie and/or brand new Disco Dingo T-Shirt Kickstarter.

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Found some of my old high school grades. Judging from these, you’d never imagine I’d go on to uni, let alone finish a Ph.D... one report said “we expect to see more effort with some of the courses”
(Dutch grade system is 1-10, with 10 excellent, and a 6 is barely passing.)

Bike build for the kid hasn’t been completed in time for christmas, but is progressing nicely nonetheless. It’ll be ready when the warm weather returns

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۹۱۸ ساعت از خاموشی اینترنت در ایران گذشت.
Internet is shutdown in iran for the last 918 hours.

Holiday time, so it was time to do some maintenance on the most important machine in my life...

Anyone going to the climate demo tomorrow?

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#Boeing are papering over the #737MAX problem by rebranding the aircraft as the 737-8200 as #RyanAir's new order shows.

Solving engineering and management fiascos by changing product names solves little.

The German espionage museum, with free wifi sponsored by Facebook, Google and Yelp....

My colleague is having fun setting up the next experiment on this beamtime.

Composing the beamtime care package for next week’s synchrotron experiments.

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