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Are we all aware of this superconducting magnet safety training video, produced by GE in (I'm guessing) the 90s? It starts with actors dramatizing magnet safety disasters, and gets so, so good at the five-minute mark.

Assembling and inspecting a copper, 200 MHz resonant cavity in a clean room. Ship in a bottle: the cavity and all its instrumentation & control needs to live inside a vacuum vessel. Those six aluminum "spokes" squeeze the cavity to tune its frequency.

Just now noticing the resemblance with this album cover. Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Protonbahn, I guess?

This week I spent a bunch of time on really un-photogenic work. I'm just gonna make a wild guess that y'all don't want to see photos of, e.g., the procurement systems training class I took. So hey, check out this gigantic, frosty laboratory.

solar powered mastodon instance with the emergent behaviour that too much discourse drains the battery and logs everyone off

There it is:
The arc is the horizon. The specs are dust on the lens cover.
My first picture on #Mars! My lens cover isn’t off yet, but I just had to show you a first look at my new home. More status updates: #MarsLanding

#imagemagick is even crazier/omni than I thought.
$import calc.png

Running this command converts mouse pointer into a crosshair cursor which can be used for selecting any area of screen and take screenshot of that part.

Job opportunity at Fermilab in the Target Systems Department! We're looking for an Associate Scientist-level person to help with high-power proton beam target development/operation.

This morning I've been reading C. Macklin's dissertation "Quantum Feedback and Traveling-Wave Parametric Amplification in Superconducting Circuits". Having a great time with it, not the least because of this dedication:

I made this to express my feelings about how my day is going.

Our surplus depot has this big, beautiful magnet that we rescued. But when we looked at the inventory description ... Well, "stainless steel tank, etc." is technically correct? But also maybe describes the entire LHC?

Hi everyone! I'm a physicist looking for dark matter. And also, evidently, a better social media site.


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