Someone on fedi called advertising "pollution" and that's a perfect descriptor.

Part of me is annoyed that ssh mounts are second class citizens to windows shares in Linux desktops. I can see garbage samba public folders, but not save actual mounts that are actually useful. i suspect because these interfaces are made to copy windows, rather than provide baseline functionality.

I wonder if @veronicaexplains_channel would do a ux session.... FOR THE COMMAND LINE!

I have a command line feature I'm doing this week and It'd be great to record a ux session like we do for gui apps but for people who use the command line.

Why am I spending my precious time on this earth thinking about how to *write* this algorithm if a more beautiful way?

@davidrevoy I live in Boston (Inkscape Programmer), if you want to or are, or will be organizing a meet up, please let me know. I'd love to join in any fun and get to meet you again.

What if we made a media agency that manufactured consent but for rich people

"Actually, the wealthy want a 20 hour work week"

"The wealthy want to pay more taxes. We should let them."

"Calls grow for prosecution of Elon Musk for stock fraud."

This week's video is a bit more relaxing; a new object's dialog search and some reality fixes to the measurement tool:

"RE: Economics Journal submission

We have received your manuscript "The bizarre economics of academic publishing: why volunteer peer reviewers should rise up and demand payment from for-profit journals: we have elected not to send it out for review."

Part of our work at Endless OS is around the usability of the GNOME desktop, guided by user testing. We're looking for test subjects for a 1-hour session, who are tech-savvy experts—e.g designers/developers, animators/…—with exposure to various devices & platforms. Bonus points if you're based near someone in the team—e.g. London—so we can put a laptop in front of you. Ping me here or to if you're interested!

Capitalists: The horse is bigger, stronger and faster than any alternative!

Socialists: Yes, but it's bolted from the stable and is eating the neighbours hedge. Could you restrain it please.

Capitalists: you just hate horses.

Hey everyone! If you have ever asked "what can I do to help trans rights," I have something for you.

Biden's title IX change protecting trans people in schools is open comment.

It is getting FLOODED by TERF comments.


Inkrash: small animation using .

for drawing all the 31 frames.
for adding the background and rendering to a video.

This week's security fixing in land. Here's my video talking about the problems with xml security and specifically Adobe's SVG garbage:

Kinda bored waiting for 623 things to compile...

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