Me: *Notices a problem with someone else's open source software*
Me: Well that's annoying...
Me: Wait a second, I can do something about this!

Centaurworld... what did I just watch? And am I ok?

it's imperfect, but this orthogonal line editor for the new connectors tool is moving along. you can see where it's wiggling around a bit like it doesn't know quite where to route the line. I think because of the dynamic end points.

My update this week is mostly me staring off into the middle distance as equations fly past my head. But connecting things is hard work!

Thanks to all your support to keep this Inkscape developer moving!

This news from Gimp is very similar to where we are in Inkscape: with users unaware of how difficult it is to fund development via charity funds. Well done gimp for being brave and promoting their patreon supported developers!

@doctormo @lightweight @alcinnz This is exactly the philosophy that has me convinced of Inkscape‘s bright future.

I’ve seen the excellent leaps forward recently. The software has improved considerably even in just the few years I’ve been using it.

On that trajectory, if each of us who is able contributes what we can, Inkscape will consistently remove roadblocks to adoption and facilitate so many people in finding greater freedom in their creative work.

Objectively better in this week's update video: I've got a new web page for downloading in progress builds, as well as some next steps for menus and the connectors tool for electrical diagrams.

Thanks for your support!

I did not listen to John Finnemore's latest souvenir program with a notepad, a spreadsheet and a mindset to doing the radio equivalent of a crossword. But I still thoroughly enjoyed season 9, even if it was... different.

Now if only I had social media friends who had listened to this marvellous series... 😉

Marxism contains much that is insightful, but not much that is instructionally practical. Denying insight for fear of being waywardly instructed is a damning indictment of one's own character.

Learn it all. It makes discussion easier if nothing else.

This Peppa Pig news comports with my own story. My daughter spoke with a British accent for a time. Not surprising you might think, after all her father is British (northern).

But she had the southern British accent. (except when swearing, then it was all north). 🤔

New website integration feature, a list of latest merge requests and their downloadable artefacts by platform. Making it easy to test Inkscape features and fixes:

Objectively Prettier Inkscape in this weeks update video: please let me know how you think! 😍

And please do consider sponsoring me on patreon, every little helps keep me working away at these cool new features and designs.

I haven't gasped watching tv in a long time, but Amity kissing Luz... 😲 Well played @twitter@theowlhouse

Congratulations to Italy today. I think it an honour for England to lose in a final to such a fierce and well playing team.

please stop sending me letters. It was bad enough getting dead trees through the post before you lost all your reputation in a ridiculous gambit. Now its just insulting. Stop it.

Come walk with me through Vermont as I talk about who is in charge of Inkscape and how the Free Software project is administered and wants to spend funds.

Thanks to everyone who supports my work, from the technical code to the administrative stuff! 🍻

I mean, I don't currently do gift baskets, but you know... it's such a peculiar idea, that I just HAVE to think about what a gift basket from a programmer would be.



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