I think and the are currently in that pre-cost era, where excitement and dedication to the cause allow a lot of people to join without really contributing to the costs.

Even if those costs are minimal; like open source or the web in general, not solving for economics will bite the philosophy in the behind.

This week I try to open PDF Layers in , well ok, that part works. But I break everything else! Come see youtu.be/jT1i1EQR04Y

So Lower Desks is awesome, but @teruterubozu pointed me to a website where you can make your own custom character.

So of COURSE it's and of course I had to use to customise it further.

For all you knitting and Ubuntu fans, may I present the laptop bag I made @doctormo some years ago.

Welcome to my wife who has joined us here on mastodon. Looking for kind people to talk about arts, knitting, politics and cooking.

Played another game of "Class Struggle"

The professionals allied to the workers (me) and the farmers went with the capitalists. The struggle continues...

A short update this week, come check out selecting nodes using a lasso and cloning in the stamp tool: youtu.be/tP1CFvViB4U and I'll be back next week with more PDF goodies. (hopefully 😅)

Do you write code for free and open source projects? Would you like to learn the basics of the Rust programming language? I’m offering to teach the basics of Rust to free and open source software programmers, for free.


#Rust #RustLanguage #FOSS #Training

Hmmm, Patreon wants a bigger profile image (1024px²). So I've gone for a more up to date photo.

The end of one of the best atheist treatises (animated of course):


This actually brought a tear to my eye; nothing says philosophically open but not naive like understanding the Bible enough to critique it with a full on emotional satire.

Cooperation is not generosity or sacrifice; it is simply making a better world together so it can better contain our healthy competition.

In this new series, we’re highlighting a new feature in the latest #Inkscape version every week!

#2 Did You know that you can hide tools and resize the toolbox in #Inkscape 1.2?



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