Done-ish 361 bunnies 36x36 vector images (public post, creative commons)

Want some icons or portraits? You can #commission me and help me get a new tablet. ^^

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I want to setup a Facebook replacement for friends and family, what Fediverse/Federated world should I look into first? It must be able to make a good first impression for people who'll be encouraged to keep two social media accounts.

Google is modifying Chrome so that extensions won't be able to alter or block whatever the page contains. This is a further step towards making browsers serve businesses that use Web sites to snoop and manipulate rather than to serve users.


My son asked me to explain recently. So, I told him to imagine if he & 27 of his classmates pooled their Lego & built for years. Then one day, one of them wants to leave & would like their Lego back. The blue ones.

He immediately grasped how complicated that would be.

Today's new study saying how foreign agents weaponized America's inherent bigotry to target Black Americans with complicity from nearly every major social media platform drives home the point that we need to make our own spaces that are independent because they really don't give a shit about us.

These platforms are willing to sacrifice national security and democracy for the sake of profit.

Just wow, finale was wrenchingly good. Exactly what the show was always trying to say. While being the most epic, frenetic yet aching script. That bit in black and white was just heart stopping. "The web devs tell me that fuckit's versioning scheme is confusing, and that I should use "Semitic Versioning" instead. So starting with fuckit version ה.ג.א, package versions will use Hebrew Numerals."

Eben Moglen: "I can’t exactly explain what it feels like to be standing here in my conference at Columbia Law School welcoming Microsoft to peace, but you can understand how it must have felt in 1945, when people really thought that they could build a new world of liberal values and collaboration, and that the rich would pay for it. I’m reliving the dreams of a generation ago..."

Read the transcript of Eben Moglen's declaration of peace at :

"A belief that the part you play in any global issue is 'insignificant' is no justification to contribute to any such problem."... we need to change our minds, to change things.

we've gone from fire to women & enbys to teeth within the last 24 hours

well done, everyone

Listen to Inkscape developer Martin Owens talk about #Inkscape, #FLOSS and working as an open source contractor on the #flossforscience podcast at

The fragmentation in the home baked cake and cookie ecosystem is terrible!


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