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It's ok nobody ever responds to my Mastodon posts and comments. It just reminds me of home and family.

Deep frying, had a nice shirt on, now I'm deep frying topples. I'm a rebel.

I'm still waiting for my Raspberry Pi to show up. Damn backorders.

Remember, in this hot weather, if the car has a "Baby on Board" sign you need to break into the car and search for the baby.

Yes I have a toilet in my kitchen.

/* Sorry, just practicing for the upcoming census. */

I want to find the worst PG movie on Netflix and watch it with my children.

An old man from Iowa is more gansta then I.

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The best epic rap battle of history is killer mike’s hit song reagan

Child is at the beach again today. I sit in an office changing colors of pixels on a screen.

Uber seems to get used as the verb even if one is taking Lyft.

Plus, it should be Über!

Crap, I just bought another pair of shoes. My spouse is going to complain. I got these:

Crap, I've been pinging back between R, Python, and SELinux all day. My brain doesn't switch gears this fast.

"Cafeteria food, yuck!"

Put same food in truck.

"Food truck, yea!"

When I type 'make' in a directory and it builds something. Then when I type 'make' again it's not meant to rebuild it.

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I’m gonna need so much fuckin coffee

Woke up, woke up child, make child brown bag lunch, drove child to day camp, when to work. Now I'm so tired I need a lay down.

Why can't python parallelize the testing part of "make -j35"? I mean I would likely be in bed now if it did.

Younger child is having a depression issue, taking to doctor tomorrow. In the 1970's if you had the a depression issue you just got ridiculed.

Me ⇨ 👴

I want to know what my child is doing at at camp, but looking at my schedule all is says is "Beach Trip". I'm so jealous.

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