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Busy brain washing myself with Democracy Now! and Black Agenda Radio. What else should I be listening too to keep this conditioning going?

Feeling ill waiting at my children's dance class. I have sickness scheduled for he week of June 10, I don't have time before then.

But crap, relatives are visiting then. Ok, the week of June 17 "sick" penciled in.

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Imagine a world where the automotive industry is set up primarily to serve race car drivers. You'd go to a car dealership and they'd try to convince you that a formula 1 car better suits your needs than the compact you had your eye on. Or you'd go online looking for recommendations about tires and the top-rated ones are all extremely light and good for high acceleration but can't be used on even slightly bumpy roads.

That's kind of what it's like to be a bicycle commuter.

I often put thinly sliced cucumbers into a commercial pickle jar with just the brine remaining as we rarely go through an entire cucumber before it goes bad.

When I do want to get rid of the brine I dump it on my yard in a location I want to kill the grass and get moss to grow.

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Canadian Geese are coming back to honk around. Though to my surprise, I heard the sounds of Wild Turkeys, and sure enough they are foraging around as well.

Local café has seitan fajitas for lunch.

Seitan is my master.

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I dislike it when I reboot a server and 10 minutes go by and it isn't back up yet. Is it really going to make me go down to the machine room and check it out?

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I got this idea for a shot story where every spam one gets turns out to be true, I just gotta figure out if it's comedy or a horror story.

It seems that almost everybody I work with is having an extramarital relationship, and being extorted for money.

Assuming the spam filter is wrong.

I guess I now need to wait until Barbra Streisand is dead before I watch Hello Dolly! again. I guess I'll just listen to Off The Wall.

My coworkers don't show up to work until 10:30, slackers! My day is already half over.

Good job everybody, we have lots of burrito joints now, not one on every corner but close. Let us now work an getting more falafel joints.

I've been wanting to say "because god does not exist" more and more recently but I have been keeping my mouth shut.

I think I have the oopazootics of the brain.

Nothing like showing up to work in the morning and no new tickets. What to do, what to do.

Dum de dum de dum.

A week ago my children be like: 40℉! So warm, lets to out and play!

Today they be like: 40℉? I'm staying inside, too cold.

Can't we just say "I would of never heard of Sarah Palin it wasn't for McCain" and move on? That's insult enough.

I never had to shovel my driveway this year and I'm miffed.

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