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It's ok nobody ever responds to my Mastodon posts and comments. It just reminds me of home and family.

My child just made a pledge "To uphold the high purposes
Of the National Honor Society". Is the "purposes" the same as "high purposes"?

Lighting candles to be in the National Honor Society? It is a cult!

@elfin you still here sometimes? It's been a few months since I logged on.

Watching a stream of my child being introduced into the National Honor Society. Listening to the speeches, it's been a load of eye rolls.

While I am proud of the inclusion of my child, it seems more like a cult then a academic achievement.

I’m worried that Mr. Bezos doesn’t have a job now. Maybe we should start a pateron for him?

Now that this Q stuff seems to be coming to an end I'm thinking of resuming my cannibal diet.

It was all good fun last night, but I should of gotten drunk instead. Feel horrible this morning.

Is there going to be any violence before Trump leaves?

Standing desk at work, I missed you. Fancy $150 keyboard at work, I missed you too.

Spouse has been enjoying the stay at home patterns. Apparently I have been the only one dealing with our child, who has been suffering. Coming down in the middle of the school day crying. Does my spouse not notice?

I'm in a zoom office holiday and they are trying to do games. 🙄

Why can't I just not turn on a system for a year or so and expect a "apt dist-upgrade" to fix everything?

Two inches so far, more on they was.

Last winter, like zero inches.

I had a dream about Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians last night.

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If you notice someone shoplifting food mind your own business or offer to pay. DONT tell security or staff just let people get their food.


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