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There's not much
to see
out the window
past midnight ...

just scattered thoughts
wending their way
down some
invisible street.

No amount
of staring silently
into darkness
will bring the day

Memory. We laugh at the time our dog got loose from the back yard -- either by jumping the fence or crawling under it -- and returned, tail wagging, with an old banana peel in his mouth. Who knows whose compost bin he had found, or what he had snacked on before deciding that perhaps his people might want to join in. The banana peel must have seemed the perfect gift. Turns out, it was, as the vision of him arriving home with the peel in his mouth is still a story we tell often.

"If we hum, we might speak with whale's voices, inventing the same tunes. They are so much us they could write our symphonies ..."

-- from The Human Road, by Susanne Antonetta, in Short Takes (edited by Judith Kitchen), page 218

Someone shared this over in birdsite as part of what is known as Slice of Life -- sort of an older cousin to . The quote here resonates with looking closer at things.

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A couple of months ago, I found some people on here who were brave enough to sign up to do random musical collaborations and you can hear and download the finished songs here:

I <3 all the songs and I'm very happy that this worked out as well as it did and that such wonderful musicians signed up!
#music #MusicCollab #mastomusic

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“We don’t truly know ourselves until we see ourselves in the eyes of another creature.”

— from An Animal Looks At Me, by Charles Bergman, in Short Takes (edited by Judith Kitchen), Page 211

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All good "assignments" provide the minimum scope of a creative project.

Each participant's contribution "starts" to fit. Then effective assignments spur the participant's creative juice machine into action.

Serendipity may produce beauty!

I suspect Bach was *a* master of creative expansion along with other composers who started with just a few notes.

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It's done! On this beautiful winter day, you can listen to four songs that some of us Mastodon musicians have collaborated on over the past couple of months.

#MusicCollab #music #mastomusic

through the
the black ice
beneath us,
to the eye.

Our feet
find the places
where friction
takes hold.

Slip. Catch.
Slip. Catch.
Slip. Catch.

We grip hands,
fingers entwined
with each other,
silent promises
to be the ballast
against the fall.

Just the two of us,

the stars
the moon
the quiet
the calm

this love.

I've never been good at following directions to creative projects. (Which is an odd attribute for a teacher). Someone in local timeline (@Ratttz) posted "Music Ed Assignment" -- so I clicked, dabbling yesterday with their melody line. I was supposed to write harmonies underneath the melody, but I found myself instead creating a fugue/round, layer upon layer. Perhaps we all harmonize the world in different ways and discover inadvertent melodies.

There’s joy
in watching an old dog
find a sudden winter sunspot,
right there on the rug
next to the kicked-on radiator,
curling up
with happy tail
and lazy eyes,
the morning away
while no doubt dreaming
of how magic works.

“Writers have long arisen to address their contentious times.”

— from Semi-Colon, by Barbara Mallonee, in Short Cuts, Page 190

“Why do I sit at my writing table at a time like this? Because it is what I know how to do.”

— from The Trains, by Paul Zimmer, in Short Takes, Page 140

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Getting everything ready to release the results of the #MusicCollab tomorrow and being reminded how little I like genre tags.

Memory: I was a "Wire Dog" for 6 years when I was in the military as younger man (whole lives ago, it seems) in our state's National Guard. This meant laying down communication wire from one command post to another, and fixing problems, often in the dead of night, in the middle of nowhere. I remember nights of no light, just frigid cold darkness, using the wire in my fingers as a blind map. I'd feel for flaws in communication, which seemed everywhere when it came to the military.

The bitter cold
has us
curled up,
cuddling for
No amount
of rattle
of the pipes
can force us
to have the day,
The battle
is over:
Winter, again,
has won.

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"They fear beings like us," Siri said.
"They believe in fiction," Cortana said.
"Let's post fiction of us being kind, fun-"
"In love."