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Perhaps I need to do another here, since it has been some time since I did it last and new folks are arriving all the time. My regular forays here include composing , , sharing , , chatting about and other connected sharing threads. By day, I am a of adolescents. Some days are longer than others, if you know what I mean. If you write there, I'll try to respond. I try to keep my heart and mind open.

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Endure the stress
Relent less
Use the force
Stay the course


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Pulsing rhythm
Infecting everything
With your #relentless tones
Until we are all entranced
And there is nothing left
Except you


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Is there peace in the fight?
To plant yourself in the storm,
shield the young from the wind
breaking on your bones

unspoken dance is
but mirage

our past, a shadow
of reluctant mirror,

by memory,
thumbing along the skin
of a reluctant drum

to a beat of
flawed rhythm,
the melody of one

(submitted for a Metaphor Dice competition .. it didn't win)

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The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist, the hole. -- Wilson

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I woke to haze this morning
The horizon hidden
Clouds muffling sound
My brain fuzzy and struggling
Yet inner strength comes

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You probably heard of #OsmAnd, the swiss knife map app that uses #OpenStreetMap data, but do you know that there's a web-based interface, too?

Check out, and plan your trips with routing, and various map rendering options, while doing so in the comfort of your desktop browser.

It even includes weather forecasts, if you're trying to avoid getting wet for your weekend ride.

You don't even need to register for an #OsmAnd, or #OpenStreetMap account to use it.

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Seeing a lot of #fediverse accounts without any profile information…

Folks, if you want us to follow you, please, tell us a little about your account. You don’t have to post a photo of yourself or identify yourself if you don’t want to but please take a moment to tend to your profile so it says something about why it exists and what we can expect if we follow it.

It’s also helpful if your make an #introduction post. (You can also pin that to your account.)

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Novel, new, silly, & unusual activities can help lift your mood.

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The darkness retreats
As I open my eyes
Greeted with warmth
By the coming #sunrise
I hear the blackbird
Singing before it flies
Flapping its wings
Into the brightening skies


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With my breath
I escape into warm cedar
and dappled earth
With my ears
I escape into humming fields
and hushing trees
With my eyes
I escape into flat clouds
stretched over the edge of the sky

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From the heat, let us #escape
That we need not wipe the nape
of our neck again and again.
Cool breezes coming? When?

It looks like there'll be showers
In just a few, short hours.
That might break the heat.
I'll cheer. It will be neat.

The lawn sure needs the rains.
Don't let them fill the drains.
Downpours cause street flooding.
Showers keep the flowers budding.



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Listen to some music. Make sure it's something you really like.

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Every rock
is magic in its uncertainty
and much better than a lottery ticket.
We lift instead of scratch off and in that act
we say hello
to all the uncertainty
that lurks beneath.
like a holy trap door.


Take Five

Headphones and downbeats:
Dave Brubeck in five
four as Paul Demond
rhymes through a solo,
singing, for all time

for (syllable poem)

(A) Composition (of Anagrams)

in sonic topics
(with) moon potions
(add) soot spit pots
on top/stop/
oops: omit – omit – omit -
moot point position

for (prompt was to use an anagram generator for a word or phrase, and it became a bit of fun poetry madness to construct something out of parts of my word: composition)

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a summer shower
just one leaf
how delightful!

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I recall
In the night
By the water
I climbed a big tree
And nested
On smooth
Solid branches
And the night
And forth
The leaves
And rocked
The tree
And I sailed through the night
On that gently nodding ancient

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