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Stay calm.

The fraught days end the same as the good days: the sun goes down, we go to bed. It's done with.

Life is short. All we can account for is how we treat each other.

"Warmth like summer sunlight spread from my chest into my limbs. The pain subsided. I wasn't as good at healing myself as I was at healing others ..." -- from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead, page 7, by Rick Riordan (reading it aloud with my son)

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the smell of pine cones
sitting at the base of my throat
like withheld tears
of youthful memories.

@tutormentor1 Dan, this is my sharing of the presentation. A recorded version will be at 4T site at some point. Thanks for asking (a few days ago)

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Everyone, whether you participate in 👻 🕸 🎃 pumpkin carving or not, it's now time to extend it to THE NEW 1st Annual #Mastodon tradition of 🍍PineappOlantern Carving! These are some I made last October in the spirit of @Gargron's for inspiration. You have 15 days to practice your carving skillz (& Pina Colada drinking 😋🍹) for a 27th-31st reveal. Don't forget to # it: #Art #MastoArt #Mastodon & 🍍#PineappOlantern 🎃 & be careful w that 🔪

Driving the highway north into Leaf Peeping Country could have been a whole lot worse. The highway (Route 91) runs right up the spine between New Hampshire and Vermont, and we zigged our way west into our family meeting space in Vermont. I was expecting more golden foliage at the Quechee Gorge, but the leaves are still hanging tight to green in New England. Still, the view from above the gorge is vertigo-inducing and can take your breath away.

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drink deeply, my friend
from the water can in hand
chew on the twig, too

#sundayhaiku response

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exploring the stream
attempt to grasp passing twigs
social media



I was able to record my solo guitar parts for my partner. It took many tries to try to get the right sound, the sound I had in my head. First, with Audacity. No good. Then, Soundtrap. No good. Then Garageband. Good enough. Part of me thinks, good enough? Good enough is not good enough. Yet I ran out of patience with myself. But @lauraritchie seems to think she can do her music magic with the files I've sent her. I believe her.

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Happy Sunday Mastodon

Work on the 3rd volume of Kintsugi is going well.

We are still accepting articles. If you would like to feature get in touch.

If you would like to read past editions, they are available at

We accepts a huge variety of themes. If you have questions, let me know.

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Saw an old friend of mine at a teaching conference. He writes songs, and has found a way to teach songwriting to his very young elementary students as part of his writing classes. We talked about collaboration, of songwriting, of music, of teaching, of other kinds of writing. Creativity. I love and appreciate when all of those pieces of my life come together. When I got home, he had already sent me a follow up to our discussion, with a song of his, attached, to listen to.

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The standardization of all sorts of things offer "benefits of scale".

If I'm building my own house from locally harvested materials, standards don't much matter (so long as I can avoid having construction code violations).

An almost "teaspoon" is also just fine for the majority of recipes I'll make.

Those things don't scale when publishing recipes or building to strict codes. That's the thing.

The more borders we cross, the more standards matter.

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@nickudell There is a group working on the hashtag, . We write unpresupposing glitches of memory, nostalgia, fiction, etc under the 500 unit constraint. Take a gander.

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Mixing the sound of resting and petals, from above

This is the weekend of conference presentations. Today, at my writing project site's annual conference, I am leading a workshop, as part of a team of teachers, about our Social Justice summer camp at National Park historic site. Monday, I am part of a virtual conference on digital writing. Yesterday, I was helping to plan a session for a conference in St. Louis in November. Overloading a bit right now, and hoping to make it through with sanity intact.

A found poem inspired by a blog post by my good friend and musical collaborator @lauraritchie ....

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Stranger Things has to be set in the eighties so the kids have enough unsupervised time to fight monsters.

Logistics of musical collaborations in the open are interesting to navigate - and this is all beyond the main question of what music shall we make together. Things to consider: who records what part first and within what parameters? how do we send and share musical track files? what format? who will mix? how we will we get feedback? I find it all very interesting and energizing to navigate into the relatively unknown, particularly with @lauraritchie as partner.

She arrived,
down the hallway,
hands in motion,
hips swinging,
feet in rhythm,
as the crowd
in motion around her
and what could I do
but applaud and smile,
as she beamed out:
good morning,
and kept right on dancing
her way
into the day.