Oh maybe Mastodon Art Curator is just the only person I'm following that is posting.

I think I'm in the ART server here and I don't know how to switch that up, or how to look at my following list? Hate it when I'm thwarted by "new" tech.

The hearing is so combative and I appreciate it, but I wish anything mattered??

Time to self-promote! Here's my latest, a review of Thor: Ragnarok! msenscene.com/2017/11/13/thor-ragnarok-delivers-a-subversive-technicolor-treat/ mastodon.social/media/Lw16uTik

can't tell if a comics twitter instance would be useful or totally insufferable on here. ?

also I feel tempted to use this as a ~dark account~ which is probably not the best impulse.

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does threading work here? anyway this is the downside of doing social professionally huh.

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do I have enough bandwidth to maintain another social media presence is the real question.

Here to stake out my handle and I guess see what's up. Very dubious about "toots."


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