I've disabled cross-posting to my Mastodon account, and I do not expect to be posting on Mastodon regularly in the future. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (twitter.com/donrmccurdy) or on my blog (donmccurdy.com/).

Just received the “Consider turning off the cross-poster service...” email from . I believe that response is the wrong one, and plan to write up some thoughts. In the meantime, anyone have context on why this was sent out?

BigQuery GIS visualization tool can now display much larger SQL query result sets, thanks to deckgl:


// @GCPcloud@twitter.com @GMapsPlatform@twitter.com

The open source loadersgl library, by the Uber visualization team, now includes a framework-independent glTF loader. Combined with deckgl, this is a very good way to do instanced 3D rendering on a map.


The local arts nonprofit is doing a workshop for kids (ages 8+) on "Making GIFs", and this is very much the future I want.

If you ever want to form strong political feelings quickly, I highly recommend riding a bike in a city for a few months.

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SFMTA approves Quick-Build Policy — an expedited the approval process for creating protected bike lanes and other street safety improvements.


A-Frame Physics System v4 is available – Thanks to @infinite_lee@twitter.com for the big contribution in this release: AmmoJS support!


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On the deliberate holes in the American safety net, by @AnnieLowrey@twitter.com.
(from Give People Money)

Assume you can put the loader itself into a Web Worker in your application while using the sync API – the library just doesn't do it for you. If you do prefer that – I'd love to hear if you've used a Web Worker before, or just use them when the framework provides one, and why.

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API poll – a threejs mesh or texture loader does heavy lifting that could take 10–1000ms. It can do that synchronously (blocking + fast) or asynchronously in a worker (non-blocking + small perf overhead). Which do you want, if you had to choose one?

"online-only, open-access, no-fee journal." I like this a lot. 👏

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World-scale AR design principles – lessons learned from 120+ variants of Google Maps AR navigation and great examples, from @rachel_inman@twitter.com, Joanna Kim, and Jeremy Pack:

wrote my own analytics tracking service; in retrospect it was only a matter of time. 😣

I’m at today and tomorrow! Find me at the Immersive Web sandbox. 🙂 t.co/xxyNWflCTS

Excellent panel on the practice of data visualization, with @zanstrong@twitter.com, @NadiehBremer@twitter.com, and @tamaramunzner@twitter.com.


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