If you ever want to form strong political feelings quickly, I highly recommend riding a bike in a city for a few months.

SFMTA approves Quick-Build Policy — an expedited the approval process for creating protected bike lanes and other street safety improvements.


A-Frame Physics System v4 is available – Thanks to @infinite_lee@twitter.com for the big contribution in this release: AmmoJS support!


// @aframevr@twitter.com

On the deliberate holes in the American safety net, by @AnnieLowrey@twitter.com.
(from Give People Money)

Assume you can put the loader itself into a Web Worker in your application while using the sync API – the library just doesn't do it for you. If you do prefer that – I'd love to hear if you've used a Web Worker before, or just use them when the framework provides one, and why.

API poll – a threejs mesh or texture loader does heavy lifting that could take 10–1000ms. It can do that synchronously (blocking + fast) or asynchronously in a worker (non-blocking + small perf overhead). Which do you want, if you had to choose one?

"online-only, open-access, no-fee journal." I like this a lot. 👏

World-scale AR design principles – lessons learned from 120+ variants of Google Maps AR navigation and great examples, from @rachel_inman@twitter.com, Joanna Kim, and Jeremy Pack:

wrote my own analytics tracking service; in retrospect it was only a matter of time. 😣

I’m at today and tomorrow! Find me at the Immersive Web sandbox. 🙂 t.co/xxyNWflCTS

Excellent panel on the practice of data visualization, with @zanstrong@twitter.com, @NadiehBremer@twitter.com, and @tamaramunzner@twitter.com.


Google Maps JavaScript API and DeckGL can now be used together for large-scale WebGL geospatial visualization:

Bivy was a success: 10/10, would fall asleep watching the stars again. ☺️ Thanks @tylerickson@twitter.com for the loaner!

SF / Bay Area friends: Anyone have an all-season bivy sack they'd be wiling to loan out next weekend? Hoping to try one out before planning a longer trip this summer.

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