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There it is. The emblem I made for the project made it into the newest version of . This is so freaking cool! Thanks again, Hellogames!

We made fried potatoes with non-meat steak, pickled jalapeño, onions and cheese.

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RT The dangers of marijuana 😂

Service Toot: Auf Netflix DE gibt es jetzt Akira.

Sprache lebt. Und im Leben gibt es halt Höhen und Tiefen.

Ist das Deppenapostroph schon offiziell eingedeutscht? Ich habe das Gefühl, es gibt kein Zurück mehr. Nach dem Versal ß ist aber eigentlich auch schon alles egal.

Finished the Icelandic crime drama Lava Field. With Maiswürmchen🌽. Liked both. Björn Hlynur Haraldsson is a great actor.

My first grind in is done: I’m now a proud owner of an Icarus vessel.

Note to self: You can’t make Baoh Burger with Haloumi instead of a meat patty 😩

Another track from the new Cypress Hill album, another instant classic. They are on a roll.

By the way, Fediverse. This is my favourite breakfast: Homemade Eggslut!

Sure, I could have used a bigger pot but where’s the fun in that?

In others news: I dropped 16 bars in the studio today for a cypher. I won’t tell you who’s participating but I am stoked as hell. That’s for sure 🔈🎵🎤🎧

Spent my Saturday night in Rebel Galaxy. It’s good. It would be way better if I could fly around in cockpit view. Where’s the space trucker feeling when riding in third person view?

Funny. Since I’m hyped as hell about I wanted to buy the predecessor. Only to realise that it’s already in my PS4 game library. Maybe it was part of PS Plus.

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