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"It was not an act of treason, nor possibly even of defiance. But it was a calculated withdrawal, from the life of the Republic, from its machinery. Whatever else was being denied them out of hate, indifference to the power of their vote, loopholes, simple ignorance, this withdrawal was their own, unpublicized, private."

For your holiday feasting needs, I present Victuals, a delicious and nutritious musical mix:

Re-tooting my 2018 Halloween playlist, 8+ hours of eclectic, more or less seasonally appropriate music:

Happy birthdays to Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics, et al.) and John Allison (Scary-go-round, et al.), two comics collossi.

It's my ! Since 2006, I've listened to 325,106 tracks, or ~63 per day.

That total includes 24,062 unique songs by 3,845 artists across 5,454 albums.

In the spirit of the season, here's a spooky : "Cannibals Gone Wild" by old-school Louisville punks, Skull of Glee.

Happy Pierre Menard Day! Choose a classic and begin writing it yourself. No cheating!

Happy Chet Arthur Day. If ever we could find inspiration in a machine politician suddenly discovering integrity, it's now.

I haven't really done any new playlists since 8tracks was resurrected, so I'll just be lazy and re-post last year's Labor Day mix:

Hey, cats and kittens! After a 3-month virus hiatus, John Allison's series Wicked Things (Boom!) is publishing regularly again. It's Grote-tastic!

I missed the news that 8tracks had been raised from the dead back in April. All my old playlists are still available at

Happy Bloomsday! I think I'll cosplay Molly this year and spend the whole day in bed.

Today's reading: resumed my slog through Baudrillard's Simulations.

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