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ok i hate but i need to know. what is the risk of shorting a "stablecoin". it seems like basically 0 if I understand correctly - price runaway is unlikely and would probably be moderated whereas it falling it value is far more likely and also (assuming) more difficult to re-peg.

upvote count of a different reddit thread linking to one of my comments explaining how bad it is

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Beloved Gardeners*

we are looking for your garden pictures to create a collage of beautiful Open Source Gardens all over Europe 🌻

Your picture can include #OpenSourceSeeds and technologies and can be everything from a single pot to a large community garden.

Read more about how to participate:

and send us your picture until 1. September <3

#Florespondence #DIY #Solarpunk @plants

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Developing empathy for flawed human beings - humans who may disagree with you on many things - requires work that they’re just not willing to put in.

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car crash vid in germany: wow that was epic

car crash vid in china: WTF? saw that car roll over 2 times yet government media says everyone survived. This is obviously the work of the sneaky communist party manipulating every day news in their favor.

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abortion, boost 

Demedicalize abortion. This is not the 1970s. Mifepristone + misoprostol pills are safe and effective. The majority of people seeking abortions are capable of using them without the involvement of healthcare professionals. Especially since the pandemic, abortion providers have been providing telehealth abortions by mailing pills, with no need for medical tests in most cases. Please boost.

i think the supreme court should rule on a landmark decision that lets me hunt and skin the supreme court

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Kurrajong (Brachychiton populneus) seed pods are opening in the park. #florespondence #plants

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lmao biden is going to suspend the federal gas tax for 3 months. the oil companies thank you mr. biden.

using the pronouns field to write a short message because there is no other way in slack. this is the woke future we live in.

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I made a slight optimization to my clothes peg (or clothes pin) design providing a wider opening and a narrower beak when closed.

#3dprinting #solvespace

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