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Hello! I’m Lewis.

I like making websites (), watching movies with “star” in the title (), and pretending I’m a wizard whilst rolling weirdly shaped dice ().

I have , am socially awkward, and are my favourite people.

It’s just wrong. I’m sorry, but it’s bad and you should feel bad.

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Like, what kind of sociopath has a white Christmas tree‽ WHITE!

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When your designer friends share pictures of their Christmas Tree, and you can’t help but think “I thought you had taste”

This is the part of my walk this evening where I saw a fox and wanted to introduce Caleb to it.

But the fox ran away, so the puppy didn’t get a fox friend. ☹️

Personally, I’d much prefer if the Echo devices supported AirPlay 2. Also: if they had better speakers.

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I’m usually pretty happy with Apple Maps, but this just silly…

Wish I could tell my Apple Watch: “Hey, the last part of my walk where I’m going at 30mph along the road? Maybe remove that bit.”

Why can I not copy the link to an article, while reading the article?

Some content (like the BBC’s Live Stories) doesn’t work in Apple News. Why isn’t there a way to open the article in Safari?

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Why can’t I like/dislike an article from the right-click menu? Why do I need to click through to the article?

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I really like having the Apple News app on my Mac.

But, my God, it’s such an awful Mac app…

Monday night . Currently exploring the Abyss, trying to rescue someone who’s gotten trapped. 😱

“[Scotland’s] National Grid demand for October could have almost been entirely provided by wind power, WWF Scotland said.” 🎉

My spreadsheet has been resurrected for MadeBrave’s 3rd annual Mince Pie Tasting.

Starting off strong this year!

Two nights in a row, my dog has bumped into my end table through the night, which has knocked my phone on its wireless charger *just* enough to stop it charging.

Urgh. 😕

“You can turn that off”

It shouldn’t be on by default. It’s bullshit.

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