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Hello! I’m Lewis.

I like making websites (), watching movies with “star” in the title (), and pretending I’m a wizard whilst rolling weirdly shaped dice ().

I have , am socially awkward, and are my favourite people.

Also annoyed that I can’t keep the dark menu bar whilst using the light theme any more. 😕

Been using macOS Mojave in Dark Mode for 10 minutes, and have decided I don’t like it.

It’s *mostly* fine, but when you hit something that’s white — an HTML email, for example — it looks awful.

Wish I could set it on a per-app basis…

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RT - Hello, I’d like to buy a unicorn please.
- Sorry, we don’t sell unicorns.
- But I promised one for my children.
- Sorry, sir.


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iOS 12 is out, 1Password update is out, and now I have wonderful in-keyboard password management integration <3

This is literally the biggest iOS 12 feature I've been waiting for.

Since getting a dog, I've closed my activity rings *every* day. 😁🏃🏼‍♂️

If you couldn’t tell, I’m angry as fuuuuuuuuck.

But seriously, after the dog went for Caleb, the owner just started chasing the dog in a circle, while your other dog gets in Caleb’s face. Good job, ass-hat. 👏🏼

(Caleb is fine, but it’s undone all the work we’ve done in getting him to properly socialise, and now he’s back to being scared of other dogs. So thanks for that. 😒)

To the guy with the two Pomskis that went after Caleb in the park this evening: get control of your dogs. 🖕🏼

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This went on for three straight days before the baseball bat was delivered via amazon prime.

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