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Hello! I’m Lewis.

I like making websites (), watching movies with “star” in the title (), and pretending I’m a wizard whilst rolling weirdly shaped dice ().

I have , am socially awkward, and are my favourite people.

Monday night . Currently exploring the Abyss, trying to rescue someone who’s gotten trapped. 😱

“[Scotland’s] National Grid demand for October could have almost been entirely provided by wind power, WWF Scotland said.” 🎉

My spreadsheet has been resurrected for MadeBrave’s 3rd annual Mince Pie Tasting.

Starting off strong this year!

Two nights in a row, my dog has bumped into my end table through the night, which has knocked my phone on its wireless charger *just* enough to stop it charging.

Urgh. 😕

“You can turn that off”

It shouldn’t be on by default. It’s bullshit.

WTF is this new Chrome “feature”?

“Hold ⌘Q to Quit”? How about no? How about you let me quit your app the way in the same way as *every* other app on the system.

It’s like the awful “are you sure you want to quit” alerts of yore.

We all agree that “Initiative Q” is probably a data harvesting scam, designed to get gullible people to enter their *single* email and password combination, a la, right?

Because I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.

I’m writing a “quick” document for the company I work for, on designing and building accessible websites.

Currently at 9 pages, and I’m not even half way through…

Anyone got any tips or resources that’d be useful for me to include?

But if you have the Safari Technical Preview, then wow! You’ll get that sweet dark mode goodness.

Finally got around to adding support for the `(prefers-color-scheme: dark)` media query on my personal website:

I say “finally” despite the fact it’s not supported in any shipping browser…

Just realised that the new QI intro has an Arrested Development reference: “There’s always money in the banana stand” 🍌

Went to the shops to get my partner some paracetamol.

Turns out there was a football match that just finished.

I’ve now been sitting, stuck, in the shop’s car park for 40 minutes. 😕

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Not honoring Do Not Track (DNT) is a #GDPR violation. If you receive a DNT signal, you must turn off all tracking. Furthermore, as the person has made their choice explicit and clear, you must not ask them again (via popovers, modals, etc.)

How do we get this enforced. The first part seems like it is already covered by GDPR. Would the second half we enforceable under the current framework?


Puppy got the snip yesterday 🍆✂️. He kept trying to lick his wound, so he had to sleep with his cone on.

He was not a happy chappy, and was up most of the night. And that, of course, kept me up most of the night, too.

Work today is not going to be fun.

I don’t know why I insist on writing commit messages in Markdown, when I *know* that BitBucket doesn’t parse it… 😕

Want: iOS API where third-party messaging apps can display conversations within the built-in Messages app, and have them sync with Messages in iCloud.

Anyone have recommendations cross-platform messenger apps?

Looking for something with a native app for iOS, Android and macOS, should be end-to-end encrypted by default, and I’d prefer something that’s peer-to-peer, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Thanks! 🙂

Broadband is caput, so am about to play D&D on Roll20 while tethered to my phone. That has 1 bar of 3G signal.

This is gonna go swimmingly. 🙃

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