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Caves of Narrm @dot_tiff

also mastodon is really ram hungry, ended up killing redis and node due to OOM on 1GB vultr instance.

added a swap file and nothing has crashed *yet*, but i think this will need some decent hardware in the long run.

maybe it'll have to wait until i find some work..

so i've got mastodon working on now, with federation and all, only thing is that remote accounts report completely wrong follower/following/posts numbers.

they only seem to reflect actions taken *since* my new server came online. weird.

i haven't been doing as much techy tech shop-talk commentary about my coding recently because every time i say something people are like "why don't you just DO THIS" and i have to explain that i'm writing code for a microcontroller and that won't work

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for me personally removing follower counts would be incredibly anxiety inducing and I would have to leave the site.

I have been harassed by folks who would follow me and then harass me.

I need to know and see who follows me, so I can block if necessary,
and know how many folks follow me to know if I feel comfortable saying certain more private things on this account

please dont get rid of the follow count.

Mastodon comes one step closer to being easily deployed on OpenBSD. Look out, world!

We were promised the possibility of crushing gender under our cold uncaring cyborg boots, but instead we got Netflix and chill: a memoir

ž̥̝̎ͬ̓ͬ͌ͫ͟A̴͉͈̪͉͈͑͗̋̒ͥ̓ͮL̘̈̇́ͩ́g̨̖̓ͫͤ0̞̯̯́ͅ ͭ͑͆͐̐T͊ͩ̐҉̯̘̩̳e̞̞̼̫̞̓̂͑Ẍ́͏͚Ṱ̡̜̝̉͛
an em0ji :upside_down:

@HolicShot "there is a new emerging cultural norm on certain social media sites, wherein users are actively sharing what could be called substandard content"

@badger_ @mwlucas correct, gonna give it a go on FreeBSD this weekend and see if it's any easier/more featureful.

it's just a tad quiet on my own without federation

unstoppable pineapple vs immovable pizza

ok, anxiety is going crazy with that last thought, so i'm just going to play some chrono trigger and clench my teeth for a few hours.

in other news i think libjamp is feature-complete for my usecases.

much testing to be done, then documentation, then maybe a "release".

which i'm terrified of because it means announcing my real name on the internet.

but i've decided if i'm going to come out as trans, it may as well be with an open-source MIDI parsing library.

i generally don't like paper, except for books/zines.

i hate handwriting and filling out forms and such, much better to type.

but holy heck, my coding is so much more efficient when i prototype it on paper first.

i'm loathe to admit that, having resented whiteboard coding in uni and *especially* in interviews. but it works for me.