I have added automatic dark mode to my blog. It actually wasn't too painful, although the process has un-corrected the bad rust syntax highlighting that thinks a '?' is an error.

It's good to see that CSS is still as annoying as it was 10 years ago.


Hot new blog post. Where we investigate why `cargo +nightly build` is way slower than `cargo +stage2 build`


Spoiler alert: It was serialization, again.

zola is pretty nice for make the websites. i did this in an hour or so. nega.tv/

kinda always a bit sus on complex-ish generation systems, feels a bit like i could "just code it" instead with the basic tools of a template engine and md processor. but zola mostly gets out of the way so not very painful so far

one thing to try is turning a 'dot file' embeded in md into svg to see how it handles that

this hoot will be a lie later when i do more website but for now it's sleepy time


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