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Just smh chuckling at the genre of post that is "happy to be here! I came from Twitter. This place is different from Twitter. I was wondering, maybe, will this place ever have [horrible twitter feature that facilitated abuse and toxicity / manipulated me and others into being exposed to things we didn't affirmatively seek out]?"

You're so close to getting it, and yet so far.

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Despite disclaimers that logs from learning management platforms Canvas and Blackboard should not be used to identify cheating, schools are still misusing them. They should remove any marks on any student records that were based on these

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by buying the ebook, you help to support our explorations of joyful and human-scale computing!

however, you can also read these updates on our website and #gemini capsule :)

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Quoting an anonymous Twitter user (got harrassed for these statements):

"Safari is buggy" is a valid criticism.

"Safari is behind Chrome in features" is not a valid criticism.

Never forget that the browser vendors, including Google and Apple, seized control of the web from the W3C. These few companies have too much power over the web, period.


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Reminder, podcasts are just an rss feed with links to audio files.

Not an app. Not some walled ecosystem.

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new post about tools:
"Use, participation, visibility, and anti-artificial scarcity... How small independent tools help us construct a reality that empowers us (something of a manifesto)"
"In this context, there is power to non-monetized creation. Just giving things away is an act of rebellion… I’m talking about the type of art so often brushed off as “hobbyist”. Under the looming promise of Web 3.0, this generosity is not a waste. In many ways, this is the antidote."

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The early internet was fringe. It was wild, and interesting. IRC, strange websites, fringe blogs, audio streams, torrents… anonymity…free expression…
The tech that made this possible is largely forgotten as the Internet took over the mainstream.
Those same early protocols are where the good stuff of the internet is going to be found.
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I love the ideology behind free software, but I really wish it didn't seem to begin & end with computers.

Like, Free Software should also be just as much about sharing other types of resources too, not just code. Food, housing, recipes, tools, skills, etc etc etc!

It just seems to weird to me to have this movement of "let's share code" while people using that code are struggling to feed themselves or get out of abusive households or are barely scraping by on shitty job wages.

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Digital humanities researchers also have some interest in minimal computing. Gould's dissertation linked to this.
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For historical interest: Amanda Starling Gould's PhD dissertation connected permacultural ideas with digital practices 3 years before I wrote about #permacomputing. The mentioned practices are very much something an average end-user can do (consumer product lifespan maximization, repair workshops, activism), and the text connects these with the central permacultural ideas of care and yield.…

"Most people are ready to learn how to use their tools. But, by changing the interface all the time with unexpected upgrades, by asking designers to innovate instead of being useful, we forbid any long-term learning, considering users as idiots instead of empowering them."

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I've processed the latest IPCC report (working group 3, released yesterday) and made some other improvements to:

This site now contains zipfiles of each report, a truly plain-text index, collaborative highlighting and annotations, the Atkinson Hyperlegible font, and clearer navigation.

Please feel free to share it around both here and anywhere else you can think of. The more people who read this, the better.

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just uploaded my tool to let you make an embedable bandcamp-style player for selling music on (or anywhere you can embed html+js+assets)

Knut boosted is the official German government portal for doing government-related paperwork online.

They have now created their own Mastodon instance at which contains some official accounts. You can find them on the instance's directory page:

➡️ (in German)

This is a really promising sign! The Fediverse can allow citizens to interact with public officials without having to give away personal data.

#BundDe #Germany #Deutschland #Deutsch #Government

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Sometimes I read posts from mailing lists that are over 20 years old. Almost no technology is built today with that longevity in mind.

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Okay, so: German court decided on Jan. 20th 2022 that sites will need to host Google fonts locally.

Visitors are otherwise entitled to receive 100€ in recompensation for Google fonts transferring IP numbers to Google servers.
Google uses fonts to track users, especially if they are logged into only one other server, where stored personal data might identify them.

Court decision text in German (Landgericht München)

#google #tracking #fonts #liability #germany #funny

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Sejo released a ebook version of the Uxn tutorials, great little travel companion to learn about postfix languages and low-level computing things.

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It's that time of the year again! and I present "Operation Mindfuck" #rc3 - a talk about art, tech and curiosities!
🎥 Live Stream:
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Or join us in a "watch together":

Slowly I get the impression, that I really have to read "How to do nothing." It keeps coming up everywhere I look.

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the delicious irony: creators of industrial language models are now worried about no longer being able to use the web as their "commons" (i.e. other people's labor that they appropriate and commercialize) because their own outputs are "polluting" it (via

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