> When a model’s predictions and prohibitions line up with observable reality, the model is true. When those predictions are easy to make and check, it is useful.

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Happy September 9804th, 1993.

> A model is wrong not because it is not precisely quantified (like satiety), or because it wasn’t published in a science journal (like MBTI), or because it has been superseded by a more reductionist model (like Bohr’s atom).
> It is wrong when it predicts things that don’t happen or prohibits things that do.


Q. What do you call a hamburger that does math?
A. A presburger.

Fixed a joke from

GPT-3 impersonates angry Old Testament God 

> You think you can get away with making that statement about me on the Internet? Think again, maggot. As we speak, I am stomping on Egypt with an iron fist, so you better prepare for the apocalypse, bitches.

Reminder that plants never sit still. All plants everywhere are always jostling about like this.

That's a pretty shitty way to render text.

But it works. It even works without adding more rendering code, just reusing the good old sprite atlasing.


Is there any good standalone or online MSDF(a) generators out there?

> When a tool can only be built for 1% of the market, we don't get 100x fewer tools; we get none.

Pretty soon, with #waffle (my #GopherProtocol #TUI client written in #Haskell) you'll be able to set commands for opening specific gopher menu item types, so you can open images in Eye of Gnome and the like

Here's a preview.

I wonder what's causing exponential explosion in duplicates... 🤔 

... checks code ...

-- XXX: will this duplicate expression calls?

Ugh, sure. Thanks, past me.

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