`Map.fromList` considered harmful.

And other funny functions that silently discard data.

First time running any sort of AMD hardware – let alone the CPU *and* GPU – and gotta say, I'm blown away with the open source drivers.

It's night and day between AMDGPU and the proprietary nonsense Nvidia puts out. No Wayland compatibility issues and Cities Skylines is running the same/better in Arch than Windows (!!!).

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Left: The Onion, 2015
Right: The New York Times, 2019

At Last, An Anti-Piracy PSA That Doesn’t Use Scare Tactics - torrentfreak.com/at-last-an-an "spend a long time looking around trying to sort the wheat from the chaff, or they can go straight to a legal source and enjoy content immediately." should have done this years ago, as we said

Cyberpunk is dead. Now it’s time for cybertrap.

Also steamtrap, dieseltrap, hopetrap, cthulutrap, clocktrap, splattertrap, ribodub, and elftrap.

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I've started using the web content blocker I use (uBlock Origin) for blocking way more unwanted elements than just ads & tracking.

For example, I don't like sticky headers (they can be done right, see Android's AppBarLayout, but most of webpages get them utterly wrong). I don't like all these "please sign up so we can track you!" pop ups. And I don't like the "social sharing" buttons (I vastly prefer my system's native way of sharing content between apps).

This gets me a somewhat cleaner web experience.

@charlag Seen this in a lot of other FLOSS communities as well. Bottom line in most cases: "We need something that meets our needs and works reliably." 😕

Beehive is like an open-source, self-hosted version of IFTTT.

... and it supports Mastodon!

Check it out: github.com/muesli/beehive

In case you missed it:

The free open self-hosting software makers @freedomboxfndn have teamed up with the open source hardware makers @olimex to produce a #FreedomBox kit that lets you easily set up a home server straight out of the box:


You can also win an Olimex FreedomBox kit by tooting @olimex with suggestions for new features in the kit's software or hardware (competition closes on Monday):


#SelfHosting #Privacy

The GHC team is pleased to announce the first alpha release of GHC 8.8.1.



Some niceties from release notes draft:

> The -Wcompat warning group now includes -Wstar-is-type.

> Add new -Wmissing-deriving-strategies flag that warns users when they are not taking advantage of DerivingStrategies. The warning is supplied at each deriving site.

> base library
Support the characters from recent versions of Unicode (up to v. 12) in literals 🎉

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