If you make a converter/transpiler, make sure it's output is human-readable, not just technically, but as if you would write it by hand.
Otherwise this translation step only adds complexity and ruins any chances to debug it when something along the path will produce a subtly wrong output.

Let's try to push for privacy one more time

I've filed a support ticket and it got closed with expressions of concern and a recommendation to post on feedback forum. So I did.

The design of having a bunch of people sharing one discussion space kinda made sense with IRC when you had to be online to see what was discussed. In modern discussion systems where you can go back and read what was said while you were away, I don't think this design is appropriate. Even a chat with 3 active users is hard to keep up with, let alone chats with thousands of users. AFAIK Zulip is the only chat system that does this right by imposing a two tiered organization of streams and topics.

I have finally gotten off my ass and put everything from the Tarot deck up for print-on-demand!

If you have been wanting to put any of the cards on your wall, or your chest, or a shower curtain, or anything else, now is your chance to give me and Redbubble some money to make that happen.

Oh, so you're a garbage collector? Enumerate every object.

I avoided diving into PBR (oh my god, it's full of maths!) for half a year. Actual implementation took 1.5 evenings.

I like the cadence of april holidays:
1 - lulz day
12 - space day
20 - space lulz day

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