Recording audio adds even more complexity for the setup. I ended up with stitching audio track after the fact and kinda lamed it.

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I was surprised how hard it is to record a non-crappy video of it.

The benchmark itself is pumping it hard on 4.5 threads, and then there's frame-grabbing and transcoding tasks piled on top.

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Decided to make a simple tutorial for 2D part of my engine...
Got carried away and got myself a benchmark instead.
And then, it turned into something sick 💿✨🎶

pi is wrong 

«No, really», again...

> Milliradian and derived definitions: The true milliradian is defined a thousandth of a radian, which means that a rotation of one turn would equal exactly 2000π mil (or approximately 6283.185 mil)


Did the grocery store just remove root permissions so I couldn't exploit leeks?

> We have to make more real games where the primary mode of interaction is not shooting.

> Despite the success of Portal and Braid and Heavy Rain, people still think that a game without violence is less likely to sell. Let’s get rid of this perception.

> Thankfully, npm allows arbitrary code to be executed automatically upon package installation


Exploded monolithic pipeline with inplace mutation into IO-unfolding, short-circuiting validation, pure processing and folding steps.

10x runtime drop for exactly the same FP32 results.

The asymptotics improved greatly and data doesn't have to be discarded early so more processing steps can be composed in later.


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