hello would you like to be able to use Twitter's new "disputed" icon in your discussions

now you can

:disputed: This is not verified by anyone, welcome to the anarchy of the Fediverse - use your own damn brain!

Started to work with audio and now I want an emoji like 😭, but with tears coming out of ears.

I wonder if there's some Uni that got "courses" without any TA support. Amount of homework posts in /r/haskell recently is sad to witness.

it's amazing the number of libre tools I have at my disposal these days

I can program
I can make programming languages
I can paint
I can make 2d and 3d animations
I can make music
I can make games

20y ago I mostly just dreamed I'd have this much cool FOSS stuff at my fingertips

Techpriests of Vatican invoke machine spirits to protect their holdings.

> Knowledge is power, guard it well.
— Manlio Miceli, chief information officer of Vatican Apostolic Library


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Another controller gotcha: you can't have 0.0, 0.5, 1.0 and linear interpolation of controller values because control value range is [0..127]

x/127 makes 0.5 impossible (64/127)
x/128 makes 1.0 impossible (127/128)
(x+1)/128 makes 0.0 impossible (1/128)
whatever nonlinear correction breaks constant intervals between 0.0 and 1.0

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Ladies and gentlepersons,

May I present - the Midi Hurdy Gurdy

A public service announcement by Philip K. Dick:

— If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others.

labyrinthine headcanons over varying interpretations of yaml. vicious ship wars between the partisans of ogg/vorbis and ogg/theora

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I am very excited to announce the 2020 State of Survey! Please take 10 minutes to fill it out. Thanks! haskellweekly.news/survey/2020

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