Finished my first read-through of Lingua Latina per se Illustrata (Pars I)! What an amazing experience! The difficulty ramps up over the last few chapters, which I plan to re-read, but overall I’m extremely impressed by the pacing and the amount covered. And how plain fun it is!


I mainly study Latin for the high literature. The classics. The lofty ideals of man and bear.

Hasui Kawase (川瀬 巴水 Kawase Hasui, May 18, 1883 – November 7, 1957) was a Japanese artist. He was one of the most prominent print designers of the shin-hanga ("new prints") movement.

Night at Hommonji Temple, Ikegami - 1954

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In the browser, the mighty browser, the runtime sleeps tonight

@Dan_litz777 is on point in the latest @atownfm episode! Really enjoyed the Hebrew talk. Would love to hear more about this notion that people outside of a people’s sphere of experience were considered “non-existent” and to what extent that is a linguistic quirk vs how it affected their actual understanding of the universe.

Station 13 #35: The crossover event everyone’s been waiting for

[source code for preceding example]

The Office is a room. A pencil is in the office.

Sighing is an action applying to nothing.

Understand "sigh" as sighing.

Report sighing:
say "You sigh."

[how does inform 7 manage to make this bleak scenario seem *even bleaker*]

I just wrote my caption in the “add another Toot” box instead of the photo caption box... whoops.

The South view of London’s Natural History Museum

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