You deserve to be horsewhipped, but I’ve no horse (that joke’s so shit)

Nintendo’s official podcast is good because it vacillates between anodyne corporate pablum and listener submissions like “When I was ten years old I was so excited to get Donkey Kong Country for Christmas that I threw up on my grandmother”

The lack of an account migration idiom on Mastodon really is fatal, it is sincerely a thing that keeps me from recommending Mastodon to people. The evaporation to me was kind of like a disproof of the fediverse and I feel like maybe the fediverse dev community should have treated it as such. There needs to be a way to recover your account, "toots", and follower network if one instance goes away.

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Finished my first read-through of Lingua Latina per se Illustrata (Pars I)! What an amazing experience! The difficulty ramps up over the last few chapters, which I plan to re-read, but overall I’m extremely impressed by the pacing and the amount covered. And how plain fun it is!


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