At least most of my workbench items are already in boxes

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doing a dry run for packing a workbench turned into earnest packing of things that don’t need to be on shelves. Now I’m trying to figure how I could get storage space in the other town I’m most likely moving to sometime to move stuff slowly instead of all at once

This thing was made in 87. Look at all that surface mount. All but the ROMs are surface mount ICs too. Real advanced machine for its time

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oh boy this uncovered so many problems

was using flexible couplers without knowing they are terrible for dual axes, and fail pretty spectacularly as you increase the feed rate since the X carriage movement changes the load and makes them act like springs

and the other end of this is the motor I have attached to the right side of the Y axis is trash apparently? or I trashed it

also, the Y carriages were _not_ aligned properly with the leadscrews and rods

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this is in addition to wanting to make physical jog buttons, since I've been just jogging to the lower x/y of the work area and setting G92 to 0 via a custom menu item

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my two options seem to be working in some gcode generation into whatever I'm using to generate gcode files, or add custom menu items to the lcd menus. if I do that, I'd like to add physical keypads for setting min/max x/y for ABL

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sitting here watching baseball on a saturday night researching the right way to tell marlin firmware to set the boundaries for auto bed leveling. there's a bunch of instructions for setting the bounds. but I absolutely loathe doing manual gcode as process. so when I have a workpiece on the CNC, I'm trying to consider ways I can generate the bounds for the ABL routine since I'm planning on just using a bltouch/3dtouch

In that I won’t snag my hands on plywood chunks anyway

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#10 threaded rod fits right into the hole in 2020 extrusion turns out

I have all the grace of a donkey hemming a pair of jeans so I already fucked up two of these DRV8825s

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hey those trimmers on lil stepper motor ICs are real fragile huh

I will get back to trying to understand how to write instructions for the spc700 after I finish fixing my 3D printer so I can finish my cnc project so i can mill a pcb for a keyboard so I can finish building a raspberry pi laptop so I can do....something that I forgot

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