Apparently this woman is actually standing on top of the Burj Khalifa!

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For anyone in the Minnesota or Western Wisconsin area, the National Weather Service-Twin Cities updates are cross-posted to @nwstwincities via #BirdSiteLive.

Midwesterners passively aggressively typing up letters to slip into their neighbor's mailboxes asking them to please drive slower on neighborhood streets.

*This is the way.*

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Engineering Archive is gathering community input on the Creative Commons license offerings available on the server. In addition to CC-0 and CC-BY, we are exploring adding CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-NC, and CC-BY-NC-SA. Please fill out the following polls to provide your input.

Which of these new licensing options would you support adding to the server?

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It's been a few years since I tried installing Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5. Maybe I should give it another go.

I'm really interested in the ideas behind decentralized services, but it is so easy to get quickly overwhelmed by all the various apps and protocols out there.

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"Scale-Up Economics for Cultured Meat: Techno-Economic Analysis and Due Diligence" - :oeng: #engineering #openengr

Mastodon is pretty close but I think the next social network should just be based on email. I can subscribe to the people I want to follow and they send emails to a specific address to "post" to their subscribers.

With Mastodon, I wish it was easier to have an account on a "home" instance and then "join" other instances to participate in the local community via the local timeline without having to setup an account on each instance.

Bezos, $$ 

So Jeff Bezos' net worth has increased by about $91,180,414,596 over the last 12 months. That is $249,809,355 per day.

According to the University, my daily rate is $522.68. Bezos is 22 years older than me so let's assume a 1% salary growth, which would be an exceedingly rosy view of the WI legislature's interest in funding UW System salaries. This brings my day rate to $650.59.

In an average day, does Bezos' work harder than me? Probably.

Does he work 383973x harder? I have doubts.

Are there any coronavirus focused instances?

On the Google coronavirus website: Trump hadn't even asked them to build the product before he announced on live TV that 1,700 engineers were already working on it.

Just drank a whisky that is old enough to vote.

Dead animal photo #France #beach 

Not what we were expecting to see on the beach today.

In terms of environmental impact, worry more about what food you are eating than where it comes from.

Heard about a family member who lays their grounds out to dry for continued reuse. 🤢

success with second language, Perú 

Yay! I successfully negotiated and sold a bike in Spanish! I still have a long way to go, but it feels like I am somewhat able to navigate the world in a second language.

medicine; language 

DayQuil Severe is no fucking joke. Like taking a shot of Listerine flavored vodka.

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