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Devin Berg

Trying to be super productive today. Scheduling emails that won't send until August.

I'm in one of those "burn all my courses to the ground and start from scratch" moods.

"An Open Source Multi-physics Simulation Engine" -

Hey, cool! I was selected for my university's Emerging Outstanding Researcher award!

Some day a bridge is going to fall down or a plane crash and Chegg is going to be directly responsible.

Exploring the idea of an Fulbright while on sabbatical to work on open engineering. Anybody have connections to relevant host sites?

Just got an email offering to sell me "Fetal Bovine Serum". I don't want to know.

Going to catch a few minutes of this morning. Then be back for my presentation at 1p in Ballroom C!

You'd think that with the profit margins that academic publishers enjoy, they'd be better at responding to email in a timely fashion.

@VickySteeves so the Modern Love idea is DOA. Apparently they are only open for dinner...

@VickySteeves they must be providing LISSA with other options. This is all that appears on engrXiv.

@VickySteeves what was that Scholar mastodon instance you had mentioned?

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My hotel wifi is giving me flashbacks to my dial-up internet days.

Hey, what do you know! We're only 1 week into the semester and I've almost got my winter break to-do list done.

74 emails just showed up in my inbox within a 2 minutes span... I love batch email processing! /s

I think I'll always be someone who likes the idea of a fountain pen but finds the implementation lacking.

Seriously though, why are all the deadlines for everything hitting in the next couple of weeks?