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My little town is getting a sushi restaurant and this is the best Christmas gift ever!

Daughter's made up Hanukkah song:

Hanuk-kah presents
Candles fire
Christ-mas tree
Ice cream

When a 5 y.o. asks, "are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

The answer is pretty much always no.

My dad takes the oddest vacations 

I don't know what homemade apple pie *should* look like, but this seems alright by my DIY standards. It has character!

Want to learn more about various federated services as well as the different hosts for each service?

Check out

Ok, so this whole presidential notification thing. I mean, I got the notification but it was silent and I didn't even notice it until an hour later. Not going to be very useful in an actual emergency.

Anybody know if Mastodon and @mastohost support Punycode domain names? IE for a domain name with an accent. How many issues would I be likely to run into?

Seeing our first snow flakes of the season. It's too early for that!

Health insurance plans coupled with retirement investments. 403(b) (Roth and traditional), pension, health savings account, IRAs (Roth and traditional)!

I feel like I'm reasonably smart, but job benefits are confusing.

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Ok, I've finally got a bare bones version of a scholarly blog that deploys on Gitlab CI functional!

Managed to load Pandoc by grabbing the .deb from GitHub.

Now of course some new content error has popped up that I wasn't getting before...

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