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Devin Berg

@VickySteeves so the Modern Love idea is DOA. Apparently they are only open for dinner...

@VickySteeves they must be providing LISSA with other options. This is all that appears on engrXiv.

@VickySteeves what was that Scholar mastodon instance you had mentioned?

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My hotel wifi is giving me flashbacks to my dial-up internet days.

Hey, what do you know! We're only 1 week into the semester and I've almost got my winter break to-do list done.

74 emails just showed up in my inbox within a 2 minutes span... I love batch email processing! /s

I think I'll always be someone who likes the idea of a fountain pen but finds the implementation lacking.

Seriously though, why are all the deadlines for everything hitting in the next couple of weeks?

Some day I will buy myself a decent espresso maker and it will be a great day.

Sometimes I see an interesting call for papers for a journal and hate myself for considering it.

Pulled an academic line on my daughter tonight.

"We're all tired, distinguish yourself by being ready for bed."

How does one report a DOI that seems to resolve to the wrong location?

Facial tissues are funny. Under normal circumstances, a box can last you a year. But when a couple people in the family are sick you might go through 8 boxes a week.

Just over 1 week left to apply for our multiple Mechanical Engineering positions to guarantee full consideration!

Them: So he's your boss?
Me: Sort of, he is my interim-boss.
T: ??
M: It's temporary, if we vote to keep him as our boss next year, then he stays. If we vote for someone else to be our boss, then he isn't.

Some things in academia are sort of difficult to explain to non-academics.

The urge to open my work email is strong.

One thing I rather like about wearing glasses is that, for a relatively small amount of money, I can completely change my look and, in some cases, bits of my personality.