When the next generation reads 1984, they aren't going to see anything wrong with the telescreens watching them

#Bundesnotbremse einfach erklärt:
Bei weniger Unfällen neben einer Kita wird das Tempolimit von 30 auf 100 km/h herauf gesetzt. Dafür gibt es dann nachts ein Durchtsfahrverbot.
Gewerbliche Fahrzeuge dürfen so oft und so schnell wie sie wollen durch brettern.
Jetzt verstanden?

In 1904 Pulitzer wrote "You want statistics to tell you the truth. You can find truth there if you know how to get at it, and romance, human interest, humor and fascinating revelations as well." rviews.rstudio.com/2021/04/06/ Very interesting!

🇩🇪 Die EU plant mit der #Chatkontrolle die anlasslose Echtzeit-Massenüberwachung deiner gesamten privaten Online-Kommunikation. Worum geht es, wie geht es weiter und wie kannst du dich wehren?



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Now Bitcoin overtakes Argentina in annual energy use, and close to Norway

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🇩🇪 Während sich die Lügendetektor-Software #iBorderCtrl noch vor Gericht verantworten muss, fördert die EU bereits das nächste Projekt.

#TRESPASS erstellt gezielt Profile, um „Wirtschaftsflüchtlinge“ zu finden & analysiert dafür auch Social Media


Today my libraries to rpm packages bridge passed 15k successfuly building and syncing libs! More than 90% of CRAN now installable as rpm packagage and automatically kept uptodate! build.opensuse.org/project/sho

The reason I use the GPL for software that I personally write is because I want you and everyone else using the software to be able to use the GPL and contribute back.

I love the public domain, but you know who else loved the public domain?

Walt Disney.

He plundered the public domain so hard that the culture almost snapped in half.

Had the Brothers Grimm had a CC-BY-SA license (and used it in perpetuity) you'd be able to make a fairy-tale cartoon without some Disney lawyer getting itchy.

J'adore! 😆

Virtual meetings are basically modern seances.

"Elizabeth are you here?"
"Make a sound if you can hear us."
"Is anyone else with you?"
"We can't see you. Can you hear us?"

#humour #meeting #seance

The "Automating Society Report 2020" automatingsociety.algorithmwat is an eye-opener for the impact automated decision making already has on our lives in Europe.

If corona still leaves some good mood, here is some counter measure: nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/cha

We are 1.643 mio sq kms behind the former minimum of sea ice in the arctic at that date of the year. A new record at 22.3% less than the old minimum. That's the same than a new marathon record at 1:34:33h after what is now 2:01:39h. Think about that.

I wrote a blog post about goads, dark patterns, and late stage capitalism. AKA why I want mastodon to succeed, and more cyb.org.uk/2020/09/29/dark-pat


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