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If gen X are boomers and gen Z are zoomers, I'm retroactively deciding that gen Y are moomers instead of millennials send toot

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📰 PINE64 to launch #PineCom, a cheaper, modem-free #PinePhone-like PDA

"The first PinePhone, initially launched (more or less) as a cheaper alternative to the Librem 5, gained enormous success thanks to continuous efforts by both software developers and the team, releasing several variants, upgrading specifications and making this $150 Linux phone probably much better than most people would have expected, to the point of having several..."

Read more: #linux

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sometimes someone can make a big fuckup and it doesn't mean they're not a really good person

sometimes someone can be totally right about something and still be an insufferable creep who's safer to stay away from

i'm not smart enough to relate it to anything going on but it's been sticking in my head a whole lot the last couple of months

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meta, but by way of what i can only describe as an evergreen post of commenting on general behaviors 

there's a concept i really wish the fediverse at large would come to know, and it is this:

the idea of conflicting accessibility needs.

i think a lot of brawls on here, at heart, are conflicting accessibility needs. they are just two people needing a different set of things. and instead of recognizing a personal need, the sticking point gets turned into an issue of morality; the issue of morality becomes a crusade.

then what inevitably happens is that the people who actually could use the moral lesson are far removed from any of the harm. they are sure of themselves, and they operate in that surety. the people on the fray end up getting hurt - because they do not have that same surety. people end up getting targeted when they had nothing to do with it. the lesson is learned entirely by people who didn't actually need to learn it, because the people who do need the lesson are so sure of themselves that they never consider the lesson.

all because that issue of preference turned into one of morality.

clashing accessibility needs are something anyone who is disabled knows about.

Daisy needs a service dog. James has a terrible allergy to dogs. which one is wrong? neither of them. they both need reasonable accomodation. Daisy needs to work on a different floor from James. James can work at home the days Daisy is in the office. Daisy and James's workplace pays for more in-depth cleaning each week. all of these are fine solutions.

or consider - Gabriella and Jordan both have ADHD. Gabriella bounces her leg as her stim to focus in class. Jordan doodles in his notes to stim so he can focus on class.

which one is correct? Jordan or Gabriella?

they're both correct. they just need to be at different tables.

Gabriella doesn't need to suffer by making class into something where she can't concentrate because she can't stim. Jordan doesn't need to suffer by making class into something where he can't concentrate because he can't stim.

neither of them is bad. they just need different things, and that's okay.

a lot of issues on here are things that we can look at with generosity of spirit and grace if we imagine these duelling accommodations compounded with trauma.

take, for example, and


we can look at these as communities both full of people carrying trauma.

on one side, we have people carrying the trauma of antisemitism through false reports, and racism through false reports. we have people who joke as a coping strategy. we have people who are abrasive as a coping strategy.

on one side, we have people carrying the trauma of online harassment. we have people who know how much 'screenshot dunking' can hurt. we have people who are carrying their own legacy of the pain of antisemitism.

if we sit down and look at this as neutrally as possible, trying to give both sides just the best possible outpouring of spirit - of kindness, of generosity, of sympathy and love -

do we have a right side and a wrong side? or do we have a case of clashing accessibility needs?

one side's accessibility need is to joke. to sometimes be abrasive. to support each other through letting it be known publicly that they won't pay attention to bullshit reports. to support their jewish members by letting them explicitly know they will be defended in this manner.

one side's accessibility need is to feel safe in the anonymity of reporting. to feel as if they are being heard by moderators beyond just their instance. to feel as if antisemitism in this way is something that will be combatted. to not have a hint of the echoing pattern of 'screenshot dunking' as online bullying around them.

let us take this moment to be generous and kind to both. to say both needs are legitimate. that both sides have trauma that is legitimately hurting them. that both sides are dealing with that mental and physical toll. that both sides deserve to have their needs met.

what, then, is the answer?

Daisy needs a service dog. James is allergic to dogs.

Gabriella stims for her ADHD by bouncing her leg. Jordan stims for his ADHD by drawing.

what, then, is the answer?

the answer is simple: space.

you don't seat Gabriella at the same table as Jordan. you have Daisy working on another floor than James.

instead of space, instead of this, we ended up with a crusade. some people took it as their cue to be ugly, to attack, to go after one another. old wounds were re-opened. blood got in the water and people came to take advantage of it as it grew even larger.

but i am asking you to consider this wheeled back to that moment when it had not blown up even larger. and i am asking you to consider this with kindness and the utmost generosity of spirit.

and remember that this could have just been as simple as sitting at another table.

as a block. as a mute. as an "i need space from this person."

sometimes, it really can be that simple. sometimes it is not a crusade.

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"WHEN DO---"


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Hopefully obvious: there's a huge opportunity for rumours, manipulation, trolling, and just plain errors and speculation.

Read anything from anyone extra-critically, and independently verify any news before passing it on or giving it credence yourself.

Myself included. I have no special insight or privileged access.

Or typing skill.

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Introducing the new Sony Playstation.

Script by @jk
Music from NES Pictionary
Video from my living room and Sony

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What do you call a werewolf youtuber? 


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"Humans are weird," the cat said.
"I like them," the dog replied.
"Throwing, I ask you. They evolved to be good at throwing."
"And making friends."
"Granted. At least that's useful. But how did throwing happen?"
"One of their early gods," the dog grinned, "owed ours a favour."

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Rekka has kept a really good diary of our day to day (mis)adventures. The TLDR version is that it was just horrible, 1000nm off the coast of Japan we we knocked down and the capsize ripped of everything that wasn't the mast from the deck, so we lost our solar panel, dodger, etc..

We'll start posting the transcription of the log soon. I

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Pinephone is pronounced analogously to Persephone. Right?

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uspol hot take 

I don't care how disenfranchised or accelerationist you are, *not* voting in the 2020 election is morally unjustifiable. The Trump campaign is going full unabashed neonazi now and by not voting for Biden you're saying you're ok with that. After the election he and his horsement of the apocalypse knows he doesn't have to try to win another reelection so he's going to start being even more aggressive and openly facist. Don't vote third party either as that's just as bad.

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