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Incoming Kaabii beta 6 with:
- Fix hiding the status bar in the image viewer
- Hide scroll indicators on image viewer
- Add Handoff To Web Browser support for viewing accounts and toot details on another device
- Show refresher when automatically fetching new content
- Only fetch new content automatically when scrolled to top
- Fix scroll to top crash

AND... Keyboard shortcuts
⌘N - New Toot
⌘left/right arrows - Switch Tabs
Up/down arrows - Prev/Next Toot
Space - show/hide media viewer
& more!

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Kaabii for iOS (My Mastodon client) beta link! Show more

Live playing Apex Legends with my fancy new green screen at

yall fake pokemon fans forgot about the ORIGINAL Pokemon Sword:

I just remembered the asshole and am angry at the programming profession all over again

Excited to ship a new beta of Kaabii soon, I've rewritten most of the app's core to make a lot of incoming features possible :bongoCat:

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@drewfitz Dumbass used the “heated gaming moment” defense too and seems to forget his own history of having to apologize for the exact same shit, but sure, twitch has a double standard

I love the irony of a website begging me to disable my ad blocker by using a copyrighted image they don't own

Pooped out an interim beta build of Kaabii so my TestFlight lovelies can keep using it until I actually finish some new features, I've been in refactoring hell for a bit and it kills my motivation

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