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I'm constantly amazed that complexity of Moondog's music does not compromise its accessibility. He was in my view the most brilliant composer of the 20th Century (and I don't restrict that to just classical).

Why does MS DevOps have such inconsistent implementation of markdown?

Point of professional pride: even though no one used the data I had my Analytics account was set up like a boss.

I think it is often overlooked how much coding is a creative discipline.

Every time I look at this I assume its using a .io, so glad they didn't

A colleague who was both engaged politically and a No voter has changed his mind. I wouldn't say he was confirmed Yes but it is a significant change.

I've never written a warning before 

Sadly if I'd been on this project from the beginning I could have helped save a few thousand hours for the whole business. Sad you can't change the tides.

Totally earn't my money today, being a "front-end consultant" I've saved the back-end developers two days work. Feels good.

The problem with 24 ways is the weekends. As I usually read them at work every week I'm two down come Monday.

I've let things slide but I'm back up to day 10!

(Really need to post those Christmas cards too...)

Yep it happened, already way behind on my 24 Ways.

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I'm funding a small, independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers and designers to fix problems that were born at my company on my watch, that I've allowed to fester uninterrupted for a decade as I flapped about ineffectually and am now refusing to take responsibility for or acknowledge anyone else’s efforts to improve, something something scale.

Wish I was in Glasgow today (or not at work and at the polling station), folk in the Edinburgh office are classic learned helpless when it comes to politics. Apart from one chap who has seriously earned his stripes.

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