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I'm constantly amazed that complexity of Moondog's music does not compromise its accessibility. He was in my view the most brilliant composer of the 20th Century (and I don't restrict that to just classical).

Finally going to publish my app to IIS. Quite excited.

(Its not a real app, just a training thing. IIS is local but I don't care!)

Everyday I lean a bit more. Today, yes your training version needs version control.

What has confused me for so long with MVC is you name the model outside the controller but you build the model in the controller.

Do you think it is sensible/acceptable to group a11y/UX/UI together?

On video conferences please, please remember you can go full screen when sharing screens.

Also wear a headset if you can.

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I always recommend as a good place to start if you’re looking for alternatives to Google products:

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What's they key to a successful system notification? One that people notice AND read.

So my transition from Chrome to Firefox went well. Really easy to do.

Squashed a bug which I'd raised, it had exactly the notes I needed 🙂

Looks like the git workflow I suggested for work got changed and now everyone is confused.

Noticed something about how I work; I seem to be good at reducing the amount of work that needs doing because I communicate well with business. Not sure how you quantify that within our present system.

Also went through a whole conference without emojis in the chat.

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I really wish video conference software had easy approve/disapprove voting.

Testing our site at 300% and I realise I like using sites at 300%.

You cannot solve your people problems with software.

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