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I'm constantly amazed that complexity of Moondog's music does not compromise its accessibility. He was in my view the most brilliant composer of the 20th Century (and I don't restrict that to just classical).

On video conferences please, please remember you can go full screen when sharing screens.

Also wear a headset if you can.

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I always recommend as a good place to start if you’re looking for alternatives to Google products:

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What's they key to a successful system notification? One that people notice AND read.

So my transition from Chrome to Firefox went well. Really easy to do.

Squashed a bug which I'd raised, it had exactly the notes I needed 🙂

Looks like the git workflow I suggested for work got changed and now everyone is confused.

Noticed something about how I work; I seem to be good at reducing the amount of work that needs doing because I communicate well with business. Not sure how you quantify that within our present system.

Also went through a whole conference without emojis in the chat.

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I really wish video conference software had easy approve/disapprove voting.

Testing our site at 300% and I realise I like using sites at 300%.

You cannot solve your people problems with software.

What are your go to accessibility articles?

If you are sitting in front of a window you are probably the echo.

That moment when you realise someone putting out great content is using .io 😩

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Pretty immense lineup for Inclusive Design 24, and it’s free with no registration required! Know what I’ll be doing this THURSDAY…

(Corrected because I am bad at timezones)

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