❄️ Katy ( KatyJones.co.uk ) will be selling lots of things featuring her artwork today at the Platt Fields Market Garden: Winter Garden Event today - Christmas cards, greetings cards, prints, pyrography and some nice little stocking fillers (badges, magnets, bookmarks, keyrings). ❄️


@ecsaln remember you noticing my cancer diagnosis was interestingly correlated with my forced use of M$? Well here's another data point: rdcu.be/cyxB5

As it's been ten weeks, here's something a little different for our . (This is not of course supposed to replace proper salaries and protections.) Thank you to the or should I say the youtu.be/OekiFLUQKIc

I made this video to kickoff my campaign to help raise money for Bowel Cancer UK and increase awareness of the disease. Please enjoy! vimeo.com/377060046

Doh! Just spent the last hour trying to figure out why AWS had PTR records for my EC2 EIP—It doesn't—I have a local /etc/hosts file on my laptop and ubuntu 18 is doing witchy things with local name resolution!

I removed my ostomy bag (meticulously unpeeling it) in my sleep during a dream which I think was about gardening. Is that normal? twitter.com/drnimpo/status/103


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