Teaser of some I'm working on in . I think outline view per se posses artistic value.

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I'm also really into late 60s fashion. And it doesn't get much more summer bohemian than this film.
When will capes finally make a comeback?

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I just watched La Collectionneuse by Rohmer (1967). Fantastic film to watch in , since most scenes are shot in natural light against the backdrop of the beautiful Riviera. Back when it was cool to do liberal arts and humanities...

These days I'm exploring . There's so much potential in the Korean indie scene still. Think I'll post about some bands here. For now let's start with some chill vibes from NIGHT OFF. Song title translates to "I want to wither prettily with you"

Doom and gloom on traditional social media has brought me here. But I am honestly euphoric and optimistic. I have missed what the internet used to feel like.

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