IF you do any type of creative-writing or note-taking Markdown is something you should take a little time to learn, it's not hard at all and most editors include a cheat-sheet to learn from:
Oh, and I did a video about it and some great free editors that I recommend:

@yakumo What type of monitor is at the top of your page? It looks similar to netdata.cloud/


My 5.1 Hera review. If you're a user please subscribe and give a like! If you didn't like it let me know why so I can do better! @elementary @ElemPeng @LinuxGamer


Guide To Producing/Recording Music & Audio With Linux Part:ONE is now published!

Even if you're not going to produce music with Linux, check out the beginning of the video! I'm pretty proud of it!

You know what to do

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8 great podcasts for open source enthusiasts - Expand your knowledge about Linux, Python, and open source generally while you're doing other things opensource.com/article/19/11/o

Making new Youtube videos about Linux, or avoiding doing that while telling you and everyone else I'm busy doing that :)


New video!
Android 10 "Q" for Queen Cake review and impressions. A strong update, but you need a modern flagship to take advantage of some things. I Thought this would be an easy one to do, but it ended up taking forever. I need to work on productivity and consistency.

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If you don't have yet, you should. Videos being censored on almost certainly end up there where freedom of speech abounds.

Just checking in. Been quite busy with work lately, but I've also managed to start working on several videos, and have began recording for the Linux Audio project. The other videos include getting started with a LAMP server, A look at Android Q, and a comparison of back-up systems for Linux: Timeshift, Aptik, BackInTime, and Deja-Dup. The backup video will most likely be done first.

Working on the new Linux Audio/Music production tutorial, in KDENLive 19.08. Trying to make it THE DEFINITIVE video tutorial for producing/recording music with Linux. Going to show you everything from how to setup JACK and connect it to your MIDI/recording gear. Custom kernels: Realtime/Pre-empt vs. Low-Latency.Windows/Mac plug-ins on Linux, Digital audio workstations such as LMMS, Bitwig Studio, Reaper, Ardour, Harrison Mixbus, , and ReNoise.

Nextcloud and Collabora scale real-time collaboration to hundreds of millions of users

We’re happy to announce the result of a collaborative effort to make Collabora Online available to customers with tens of millions of users through our innovative Nextcloud Global Scale architecture. The technological advancements also benefit distributed, federated private clouds, enabling cross-cloud collaboration between separate Nextcloud servers that have files shared … Continued

nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-a libranet.de/objects/0b6b25a8ac

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