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The Doctor ✅ @drwho

@lattera I'm (@Vavassor) accepting donations sort of recently through or

I've been avoiding advertising here just because I don't want any confusion that those funds aren't compensating any other contributors.

Welcome to your tech Idiocracy dystopia: incompetent leaders, corporate rule, capitalism eating itself, and a future where any and all information you give to any 3rd party WILL be sold and used against you in any way imaginable.
Like, for instance, health insurance co's buying up all your DNA info to deny you coverage etc.

" takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives"

<watch some guy with a cryptocurrency blog talk shit about an altcoin on the way up to try to bring the price down so he can buy>

@amsomniac I'm working on it. My exocortex is only at v0.2.0 right now. Not enough time to hack on it at the moment.

Be the civilisation-threatening AI you wish to see in the world

yo i'm staying in an actual homeless shelter rn because my parents are abusive, i'm disabled, and capitalism is shit; any boosts or donations would be hugely appreciated 💖💖💖$tinzin

Starbug [from CCC] was able to demonstrate that a good digital camera with 200mm-lens at a distance of up to five meters is sufficient to capture suitably good pictures to fool iris recognition systems.

.../... the iris picture is printed on a laser printer. .../... a normal contact lens is placed on top of the print. This successfully fools the iris recognition system into acting as though the real eye were in front of the camera.

\o/ CCC \o/ <3

On May 6, 9, 20, and then early in the morning today (May 23), the VPS running this instance ( has gone down, with the host citing an "extreme amount of disk IO."

It's only happened 4 times since I started up, and I haven't thought through very clearly how to diagnose the problem.

Before I start going too crazy, are any other mastodon admins also having this problem?


Tired: accelerationisms that are imperfect

@phessler As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit.

Anybody else going to see Amanda Palmer in concert tonight?

#FunFact In the future, if I have grandchildren, I will tell them all that I am older than the internet; and blow their minds FOREVER.

@oneiro It's funny that you mention that... my constructs have been my allies for a few years now.

Web Developer Security Checklist - A checklist of important security issues you should consider when creating a web application.

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👿 witches what are some things that make you excited for the future of 'technology'?

i'm doing a lil "technology isn't scary actually it's terrifying let's make some art" workshop (basic frame: tech is about LEGIBILITY and CONTROL and let's make it about POTLUCKS and WITCHCRAFT) for highschool students and am looking for things to point them towards~

@oneiro Cheap and easy to get hold of personal computers. I'm a technomancer, so this means even more ally spirits to work with.

Programming as will-working.

Old practices must adapt to new worlds to remain relevant. Nature doesn't stand still.