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The Doctor ✅

@omanreagan I think we need either one alternative platform that we all use (for events); or an easy way to federate or link various platforms, but I totally agree -- we should be using FOSS and ideally coops for these activities.

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#FOSTA/#SESTA passed in the US, which could mean literally every ad venue being shut down and also sex workers being banned from other platforms as well so get ready to lose access to porn and camgirls lol

Is anyone dealing with any malware infections inside your company related to Double Pulsar? MS17-010?

Did anyone of you ever try to do actual soldering with a lasercutter? i.e. apply paste, place parts and use the laser on the solder point to actually solder?

please #retoot!

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Good? Evil? Neutral? The Chaotic Stupid Alignment prints turned into a set:

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Today, we took a personality test. Was relieved to confirm that it didn’t involve L Ron Hubbard.