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in the TARDIS control room:

2000-03-30 - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - Ingo Swann - Remote Viewing by Ingo Swann - Remote Viewing, from the album Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

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1999-07-30 - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - Hilly Rose - Mark Bean - UFO Propulsion Systems (partial) by Hilly Rose - Mark Bean - UFO Propulsion Systems (partial), from the album Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

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2006-10-29 - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - Derrel Sims - Alien Investigations by Derrel Sims - Alien Investigations, from the album Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

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1998-12-20 - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - Glen Pace - Majestic 12. - Linda Moulton Howe by Glen Pace - Majestic 12. - Linda Moulton Howe, from the album Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

#Discord re-set this flag automatically during the last update. If you don't want it scanning your computer and uploading that info to their servers, check your privacy settings.

This is awful.

@jcbrand Hi - I've got a question about converse.js.

I'm trying to use it in both an HTML page and Prosody's mod_conversejs module. I can log into my server and I get my contact list. I can send messages to a contact, but I never see the responses. If I use Chromium's devtools I see two things:

"ERROR: An error occured while trying to enable message carbons."

Expected responses can only be seen in the Network->XHR->Response window.

Have you seen this before?

netcat - tool to read/write data across network connections
@netkitty - cat for petting across network connections

The Department for Work and Pensions asked me, a freelance writer, to create content to promote their campaign for empowerment in female employment - without being paid... NOPE. @DWP

"Trans Europa Express is a brand new extension for the web browser that pretends that Internet users are from the European Union to give them some of the privacy protections that websites give users from the EU."

Did everypony have a good summer sun celebration yesterday?

RT A web server that powers 38% of the Internet has 1,766 stars on GitHub. A library that adds color to your Node console has 3,206.


Did you know you can get the latest version of l0phtcrack real easy? You literally just go to
And that's it.

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Periodic reminder Planned Parenthood is more than just "those guys who do the abortions and morning after pills" and are often the only healthcare provider some people have. They are also often the only source of HRT for trans people in their area, or at least the cheapest.

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Remember, the revolution will not be televised and the corporate media is not your friend. They will never frame your actions how you want them to and will only cover what is safe.

For any action you must consider what it does if nobody knows you did it. Employing symbols and ideas in your action can make it more effective, but ultimately it must have a material component. and if you face no possible risk, then your action probably isn't threatening enough to the status quo.

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There's always a big difference between what a political movement does, and what is perceived as their actions, and I just have to take issue with "all [you] really did was symbolically live in parks." No, we did a lot more to directly confront the people we took issue with. The problem falls outside the direct action folk; they're doing enough. It's the ancillary teams that aren't making sure their actions are represented.

@shel As I was at Occupy, I have to highlight that OWS did go into financial offices, ODC went into lobbying firms, and many others more directly took actions against representations of local issues. You're correct to highlight that misrepresentation from the media was a factor, but you're underestimating just how much of one.

@TheGibson is it weird or inappropriate to call them zaibatsu? i know it’s a term that applies particularly to particular japanese enterprises, but it’s the term i grew up associating with the humongo companies that adults said « would always be there. get a job with them and they’ll take care of you »