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Fashies on Masto. Show more

turning point usa is protesting "safe spaces" or whatever by... going out in public wearing diapers

we live in possibly the stupidest year in history

@neonmoon If the system was designed to resist tracking from the beginning, and was distributed and decentralized in a real way, I don't see any reason why it couldn't last.

Modern BBSs plus a modern FidoNet.

Anyone own a laser cutter or laser engraver?

What's the difference?

What's a good reason for not getting a cheap crappy one?

Can I use a cheap crappy desktop laser engraver to cut wood?

White supremacists on twitter just doxxed my friend and have convinced the University of Pennsylvania to condemn (and possibly remove her) for talking about pedagogical practices for equity. If you have any standing in academia, please email Kathleen Brown, Beth Wenger, Peter Holquist, and Eve Troutt Powell at UPenn’s history department and tell them what a mistake they’re making. More here:

If you guys have any suggestions for Japanese whisky or sake, they would be super welcome! Pix of the bottle so I know what I'm looking for a bonus. ;)

#Japan #日本 #whisky #ウィスキー #sake #日本酒 # #bsxp

Gizmodo: Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes Us One Step Closer to the Singularity. "Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes Us One Step Closer to the Singularity"

I'm glad #KRACK was disclosed responsibly, with a 3-month embargo, so that vendors could prepare fixes and have them ready in time for the public announcement.

Not a hot take. Show more

That feeling when you finally get home from work and have dinner, and then sit down to work on something... and then you have no idea what you wanted to work on.

I finally wrote up what I did at the #IndieWeb Camp NYC hack day!

Native HTML5 captions and titles for audio content with WebVTT.

Basically: browsers can show cool subtitles by pretending your podcast is a video.

Is it easy? Is anything, ever?

At this point, I'm less interested in "killing" big social media than I am in the hope that viable alternatives exist in five years.

reminder that "security" cameras like this one are high resolution enough to read and OCR your texts and anything else on your screen, and that their record might be stored for years without your knowledge or consent