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The Doctor ✅ @drwho

If you don't *get* web accessibility yet, here is a challenge.

Go on your phone and enable the screen-reader, should be under the accessibility menu.

Now close your eyes and try to do all the things you would normally do. Use your social media apps, check some news sites, do some email, go on mastodon (in apps, in browser). casual stuff.

See if you can do this for a whole evening. Just an evening. No peeking.

Now go back and imagine how what your site/app is like for someone who does it 24/7

Does anyone live in the DC metro area that needs a roommate?

I might be looking to temporarily settle in the next 1-2 months if this job offer goes through. Also - my budget is pretty low but my space/needs are very minimal.

Thanks in advance 😊🤞🏻

@munin If I find you next week, I'll walk up and say hello. No idea what I'm wearing yet... I might have a couple of datajacks glued to my head along with silver makeup-circuitry on my face.

@masklayer @Efi That sounds like my Eclipse Phase game...

@djsundog VR.5 is coming out on DVD finally?!?!?!

I've never seen anybody raid my garbage anymore.

Just watched a guy upend my recycling can into a backpack, put the can back down, and then walk away.

We're doing something very, very wrong in this world.

@matrix Thanks, but I'm not running a server anymore. Not worth the trouble just to have everybody bail on it. That's kinda why I came to Mastodon...

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@matrix I'll pass it along to everyone, but they've already decamped to Signal and Wire groups.

When you take someone who doesn't know what they're doing, and throw them into a situation they've never seen before, you can't get angry at them for floundering.

Also: Infocom/Interactive Fiction folks!!!

I want an IF library program.

You know, so that I can see all my text adventures in one place, with cover art, descriptions, and the like all in one place.

I know the IFDB has pretty much all that info, but I want a desktop app for that.

Does such a thing exist?

If there is not an Interactive Fiction Library program somewhere out there in the world, I guess I'll have to build one?

This is a thing that should exist.

Steam/iTunes for IF. We Need it.

A Baltimore cop accidentally recorded himself planting drugs at a crime scene

(submitted by urahara)

I am looking for some active Star Trek fan forum online, for fans involving in stuff like fan prods, writing and cosplay, please if anyone knows

@privacylab All people do is bitch about the HTML of the UI.. got tired of running one of the servers and shut it down earlier this year.

If you are a young engineer and you're wondering why your profs make you document all your assumptions on your homework, it's because it is a valuable life skill.

I am looking at a spreadsheet full of numbers and nobody can remember where they came from, and nobody bothered to document their sources or assumptions. So very likely we'll end up doing it all over again.

It's not enough to get the right answer, you have to explain how you got it if you expect anyone to believe you.


@munin Okay, see you there later in the week.

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