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@spacerog I have that keyboard at work and love it. Perfect tactile feedback to ease wear and tear on the wrists.

@ebel I think I'll experiment with the public API offerings first to get my code working, and then I'll see about running a server on one of my boxen. One thing at a time.

@lattera I'm waiting for someone to propose such a thing in the USian Net. It's only a matter of time.

English is the JavaScript of natural languages.








@ebel Thank you! This is the sort of information I've been searching for!

So, it looks like I should probably explore the Overpass API on the pubilc instance that you linked to and figure out how to run queries against it. When I've got a good feel for it I can start writing code for it, and when I've got a handle on the "arbitrary queries" bit then start work on a command parser.

@ebel Part of my reason for self-hosting is that I try to keep as much of my exocortex as in-house as I can. I've been burned a few times by APIs suddenly changing out from under me, and then a whole part of me goes offline when I need it most (like airline flight status updates). I also try to be a good netizen by being as impact-light as I can.

@ebel Okay, I'll start looking into Overpass, then. Thank you!

Healthcare bill finally public Show more

@KitRedgrave I've been using pyparsing for some of my bots. Amazingly handy!

@munin I seem to recall that conversation.

Comcast is advertising their new gigabit speeds. It comes with a monthly cap of 1000GB of data. Since you can download .1GB per second, at full speed you can blow through your data cap in 10,000 seconds (or just shy of three hours).

If you keep downloading at that speed, your data overage will set you back $72 per hour.

Fuck Comcast with a chainsaw.

@lmorchard Sweet! Was it operational when you got it, or did you have to restore it?

@sungo That reminds me of the bracelet from _Player of Games_ by Ian M. Banks.