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The Doctor ✅

Tumblr in a nutshell:

Post a long, well-researched and footnoted essay about something interesting. Crickets.

Post a picture of the dead rat I walked past on my way to work this morning. 4,100 notes and climbing.

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@brennen From last year:

This was to solve the poor access problem in Canada, but an encrypted mesh net is exactly what the doctor ordered over this side of the border too

Looks like someone filed a comment to the FCC in my name back in August using a fake address to support repealing Net Neutrality. People weren’t kidding about the comment fraud.

Aaand now it's time for the top family game show in America, are you ready fooorrrrr

"x86 Assembly Instruction or Random Keypresses?!"

Up on the board:

fstsw $100
fbnsl $200
scmp $300
cafh $400
swfts $500
fist $600
jsls $700

Louisville, KY

Anybody out there? CO-OP ISP dreams?

Is anyone in #Seattle looking at starting a local and/or co-op ISP? I want to help! I have experience in datacenters and can lift heavy things. #coopISP

@uranther @drwho This is the heart of the problem, I think. Calls for decentralization is all fine and dandy, but until it’s easy and convenient to do so, it’s not gonna happen

People are busy. They have lives outside of these control structures so it’s unfair to expect more from them

Disappointed that in all the varieties of "please don't touch me" ribbons etc at cons, nobody has made fursuiter-sized versions of those DON'T PET ME I'M WORKING signs you see on service dogs.

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@rek2 - It absolutely is. Hacking and InfoSec are two completely different things. Skillsets might merge, but it's not the same thing at all.

#InfoSec keeps the lights on. Gotta eat.

#Hacking fulfils the soul. Gotta live.

@djsundog @sophia @Gargron we are... samurai. the keyboard cowboys. and all those other people out there who have no idea what's going on are the cattle.