currently searching all my twitter followers for mastodon addresses so I can follow them:

Today I realized while explaining a Passover Seder to someone that it’s basically a centuries-old predecessor to modern food blogging: an extended story about the author’s family history and what this meal means to them, when you really just want to get to the recipe

Late bloomers rule—they just don’t realize it until later (obviously)

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

new job hack: peep a copy of "Modern Compiler Impl. in C" in the cubicle next to yours? Assert ur dominance by placing on your shelf ur copy of "Modern Compiler Impl. in ML"

It's like this is my first time in an airport. "Where is the bag claim? How do I get there? Why does the metal bird not fall out of the sky?"

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Totally bewildered by landing at an unfamiliar terminal at SFO


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