New walkthroughs today for The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M (2011), The Wayward Story (2020), Lazy Gods of Earth (2002), Pen and Paint (2010), The hat metapuzzle of IF Comp 2011, Bloodless on the Orient Express (2011), The Cube (2010), Interstellar Pizza Brigade (2016), and Interactive Fiction Player (2013)! View the list at

I've published new walkthroughs today for Spellbreaker (1985), The Untold Story (2019), Thorfinn's Realm (1999), Biscuit (2001), Junior Arithmancer (2018), En Garde (2018), My Evil Twin (2012), and The Green Mountains (2011)! Please view the list at

I've just published new walkthroughs for Waystation (1995), Our Island (2013), IF Progressive One (2009), Underground (2019), Castaway (1986), Cold Iron (2011), Earl Grey (2009), and The Wolf and the Seven Kids (2012)! See the IFDB list at

New walkthroughs published today for Shades of Gray (1992-97), Search for the Sacred Stone (2005), Last Day (2020), The Richard Mines (2017), Baking with Lizzie (2017), Sheep Crossing (2020), and The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp (2008). View the list at

Some new walkthroughs just in time for the holidays! Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl (2020); The Ascent of the Gothic Tower (2014); Goldilocks is a FOX! (2002); On the Farm (1999); and all six games from Thanksgiving Speed-IF (2011)! View the list at

Hooray! I've published new walkthroughs for Gaia, Živa, Jarilo (2020); Frankenstein's Legacy (1992); You Are Here (2001); Hero Inc Part 1 (1997); Frenetic Five 2 (1999); Atrocitron (2016); Four Days of Summer (2017); and Foreign Soil (2020). List is at

Hear ye! I've published new walkthroughs for The Problems Compound (2015); The Dragon Diamond (2017); Amusement Park (2004); Old King Nebb (2020); The Wizard's Apprentice (2013); Gateway of the Ferrets (2019); and The Isle of Statues (2012). List is at

New walkthroughs today for Cragne Manor (2019), Zozzled (2019), The House on Sycamore Lane (2019), Trapped in a One-room Dilly (1998), Moving (On) (2020), Magnificent Museum (2020), Balder's Death (2011), and Paulinus fights for Christianity (2008)! See the list at

New walkthroughs are now available for Crocodracula: The Beginning (2020); Napier's Cache (2020); I Must Play (2004); and ten small games by Daniel Gunnell (2019 and 2020). IFDB has the list:

I published new walkthroughs today for Nothing But Mazes (2019), Sentencing Mr Liddell (2011), Founder's Mercy (2019), The Enchanted Castle (2019), Advent Door (2020), Office Goose (2020), Narcissi (2020), Class Challenge (2019), and Scarlet Portrait Parlor (2020)! See

Today I published new walkthroughs for Zeppelin Adventure (2018); The Obscene Quest of Dr. Aardvarkbarf (1997); The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang (1997); Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse (2020); Meeting Robb Sherwin (2019); Secret of the Starry Depths (2020); and ToK (2010)! List at

I published new walkthroughs this month for The House of Mystery (2018); Easter Egg Hunt 2020 (2020); Endgame (by Denton, 2004); Turning Point (2004); and Zombies! (2004). View the list at

Just updated Thinger again! More categories and more examples of descriptions of things in IF works! Spoons! Cakes! Flutes! Sundials! and more! What kinds of things do you want to look at?

New walkthroughs for Koustrea's Contentment (2015); The Orion Agenda (2004); Spellbound (2016); Internal Documents (2003); Captain Piedaterre's Blunders (2017); Buried in Shoes (2008); Dreary Lands (2005); Being the Ending of the Beginning (2011); and Comp00ter Game (2000)! See

Today I published new walkthroughs today for Aunts and Butlers (2006); Night of the Walking Dead (1992); The Awakening (1998); Frenemies (2019); Mental Entertainment (2019); and Fantastic Finale IV (2009)! View the list at

Published new walkthroughs today for Bullhockey 2 (2019); Illuminismo Iniziato (2018); Clusterflux (2019); Because You're Mine (2016); A Moment of Hope (1999); and Jacks or Better to Murder, Aces to Win (1999). List is at

New walkthroughs for Inside the Facility (2016), Dr Death's House of Horrors (1992), Old Jim's Convenience Store (2019), A Christmas Game (2016) and The Sequel (2017), Porter Cave Adventure (2019), Dream Pieces 2 (2018), and 4 more! Full list at

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New walkthroughs for Halothane (1999), The Apprentice (2006, 2010), Dr Dumont's Wild PARTI (1999), Where There's A Will (2005), The Cabal (2004), The Silence of the Gods (2011), Gone Out for Gruyère (2019), Low (2016), and The Empty Chamber (2019)! See

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