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Strong ba15456`-------++++++gf

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PSA: Bread is bad for ducks and their ecosystems! Instead, give them your credit card number, expiration date, and the three digit code on the back.

[to the tune of mr. Brightside]
♫ Comin' outta my well /
And I've been shamin' mankind ♫

Something about the wording here makes me incredibly suspicious [pictured : a bottle of laundry additive with the tagline"good medicine for your laundry"]

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programmers: duplicated effort is a sin, we should streamline processes as much as possible

also programmers: wtf i dont want to ride a bus, that shit is for people who are less good than me, its much better to sit in my car on the freeway for two hours while everyone else also drives their car

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And as in uffish thought he stood,
The Macklemore, with eyes of flame
Came thrifting through the tulgy wood
And mackled as it came

We're all in the same boat, but somebody has been switching out parts of it with parts of a different boat

I have always depended on the strangeness of kinders

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scientist: hmm....what should we call this bit of the fish...
other scientist: hmmm,,,,,,...............scungle......bungus,,,..........hungy chungo

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Have tux, will travel

Have forge, will smith

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This Is Just To Say 

Never talk to Mumford or my sons ever again

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