Doing work on the feediron plugin for TT-RSS. It's been ages since I managed to do any real work

Day two of blocking Reddit. I've realized how much I used it for general news. Need a better solution

Blocked Reddit on all my devices. Can't stand the push to download the app over a website. Feels too corporate now days

How to get help when you’re dealing with a #Nextcloud issue? How to use Nextcloud? Ways to set up your Nextcloud? The right place to get help & what to expect? Find the answers to all this & more in this blog post! ✔️

As Expected, Those Who Pushed For FOSTA Are Now Looking To Kill Off Porn

A few years back, when the campaign to use FOSTA (then called SESTA) as a way to chip away at Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act by creating a misleading moral panic around "sex trafficking" was in full swing, we pointed out that...

Libraries Have Never Needed Permission To Lend Books, And The Move To Change That Is A Big Problem

There are a variety of opinions concerning the Internet Archive's National Emergency Library in response to the pandemic. I've made it clear in multiple posts why I believe the freakout from some publishers and authors is misguided, and that...

Definitely a good reason to #degoogle and start with #Nextcloud today - a safe home for all your data. Your data is in your data center, on a server managed by you, rather than floating insecure somewhere in the cloud.

#PeerTube 2.1.1 released

It fixes some annoying bugs. Check the changelog on

Docker images are ready.

Got my TT-RSS over to docker, now just have to switch nextcloud

I am a Docker convert. Makes my systems much simpler to manage now I know how it works

Nextcloud mail now has KDE itinerary built in. Nice! I would perfer it was an automated thing though. I wonder if I could figure out how to cram it into Node-Red?

Now, that 2.28.2 is used for days/weeks, I have enough feedback to fix bugs.
I will bring Pixelfred 😏 stories in 2.29.0

#Fedilab #Pixelfed

Bandwidth usage from the last few months. Still far from the 20 TB outgoing that we have.

This also includes traffic to the network drive where video files are stored, so especially the received bandwidth (rx) is not really useful.

#peertube #fediadmin

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