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dugite-code @dugite_code@mastodon.social

I've been working on the FeedIron plugin for TT-RSS and this is the Icon I've donated t.co/stOLkuTOu2

Th all seeing hand genie? Not sure where I was going with this one t.co/THA6Y4AAN7

Using + to water mark my art snaps I take on my . I feel like a wizard every time I solve something with a script.

Inital landing page configuration of my Nikola powered website/blog done. Slowly but surely

Was confused with all this :polarbear: stuff. Realised I'm on Twidere and it's an emogi, I feel left out

Still haven't finished my . Should probably stop procrastinating about that. Usually i have so much fun from my projects, after I've started. Just have to not stop after starting

Well, things are winding down. Hope to get back to some normalcy with drawing and so on.

My rejected for the Markor editor for . It's Been quite fun working on this t.co/4FcEpE0QO8

Always so easy to be distracted by life and it's never ending list of issues, even if it's distracting you from doing what you love like drawing