Sending syslogs from an old NAS over tls proved a bit more in depth than I had hoped. But it was worth it, let me find the bottle neck I was struggling with

Well this is neat! Identiconizer! - Identiconizer! (Identicons for your contacts) -

Compiled some of what little I know about setting up a (mainly Debian and Ubuntu) server into one checklist

Ah Facebook, thanks for all the Phishing. People are disturbingly flippant about these things -

Well damn - The Storage Access Framework is the only way for apps to work with all your files in Android Q. And it’s terrible. -

Just what we all need. More ads 🙄 Google to push new ads on its apps to snare shoppers - Reuters -

Thrown another layer of security on my home server. Probably will never be needed but heck it was fun getting it set up

Re Building my server went smoother than I had any right to expect. Docker has made things much easier than it used to be. I even added encryption with decryption over ssh. Neat stuff

Time to re-build my home server. As always I learned many thing since I first installed it all. Not sure if having in docker is the way I want to go or not though

Incidentally I'm loving the windows package manager . Wish I could just use apt but it'll have to do

Figured out a beter way of storing and opening sessions in with . Threw it up on my blog

I also just found out shebangs work on windows for use with virtualenv's... Kabooom!

After using for a good 8-9 years discovering the. pyw extension is damned mind blowing. How did I not know about this?!

Google's gaming console just looks like a blatant attempt to make always online a "feature" instead of the anti-feature dumpster fire it is and always has been.

I'm duel posting on mastadon and twitter. So tweet, toot, mental vomit whichever you perfer

Also I can spell real good. I swear. Just wish there was a way to ninja edit tweets

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