I've added login and login failed notifications to my sso instance. It was surprisingly annoying to get working until I started reading the source code on to get some hints.


Hello folks I forgot about visiting for awhile, here’s something to look at.

Quick follow up to my blog post from yesterday getting SSO with authentik working with Node-Red peekread.info/tech/20220429-no

I setup SSO on my services with Authentik. Been quite happy so far, just wish I could has work with it as well. peekread.info/tech/20220325-ss

🏴‍☠️ Return to Monkey Island 🏴‍☠️

Can't wait for this!


The music 😍

"Google disables tens of millions of Google accounts every year, as stated in a Dutch Tweakers article by Google Communications Manager in the Netherlands, without warning, giving the recipient a reason why, or providing a way to get it back."


New beta: K-9 Mail 5.915

Same as last time: If no serious bugs are found, we'll release this as the new stable version K-9 Mail 6.000.


Finally got my Authentik SSO setup running well on 90% of my selfhosted infra. Just wish I could get the HomeAssistant android app to play nice with the hass-auth-header custom component.

New beta: K-9 Mail 5.914

If no serious bugs are found, we'll release this as the new stable version K-9 Mail 6.000.


I wish this was more commonly appreciated in modern UX design. Sane defaults with customization options: linear.app/blog/settings-are-n

Yesterday, Facebook was down for half a day. Teenagers worldwide did not notice.

TIL sudoedit is a thing and I should stop using sudo nano. A small low-level best practice change.

#AndroidAppRain 🌧️ at @fdroidorg again: 41 updates and 6 new apps today.

* Audio Recorder: yupp. That.
* Chalachithram: a quiz app
* Delist: a task/todo app
* Kinoko: Manga reader
* Nekome: another Manga app
* SMS to URL Forwarder: as the name says.

Updates a.o. hold another K-9 beta – so if you're on that track, make sure to check for it.

Enjoy your #android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

"Open Source's best hope for alternatives to Microsoft and Google gets a significant update this week" - @LinuxActionNews covered the Nextcloud Hub 22 release!

I am unreasonably excited for the nextcloud-gpodder integration to be merged into antennapod. Always an issue to backup my podcasts when breaking my phone

Almost two months since Freenode imploded.

In this graph you'll see the total connected users per network in the last 8 weeks.

red: old Freenode
blue: new Freenode
green: Libera Chat

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