Switching from Modoboa to docker-mailserver. A few kinks to work out yet but the portability is so nice

Been spending all my limited free Dev time tinkering with broken addons lately. It's nice to tinker with other things, I was starting to have nightmares of the searchfox.org interface.

It's nice not to suffer through broken things. A private feed with broken cover art in is fixed thanks to the magic of -Red. peekread.info/tech/20190919-fi

Got my auto updating my body weight measurements with FitNotes via on Android all sorted. Sweet!


Sending syslogs from an old NAS over tls proved a bit more in depth than I had hoped. But it was worth it, let me find the bottle neck I was struggling with


Well this is neat! Identiconizer! - Identiconizer! (Identicons for your contacts) - f-droid.org/app/com.germainz.i

Compiled some of what little I know about setting up a (mainly Debian and Ubuntu) server into one checklist peekread.info/tech/20190625-se

Ah Facebook, thanks for all the Phishing. People are disturbingly flippant about these things - peekread.info/tech/20190624-du

Well damn - The Storage Access Framework is the only way for apps to work with all your files in Android Q. And it’s terrible. - xda-developers.com/android-q-s

Just what we all need. More ads 🙄 Google to push new ads on its apps to snare shoppers - Reuters - reuters.com/article/us-alphabe

Thrown another layer of security on my home server. Probably will never be needed but heck it was fun getting it set up peekread.info/posts/20190513-f

Re Building my server went smoother than I had any right to expect. Docker has made things much easier than it used to be. I even added encryption with decryption over ssh. Neat stuff

Time to re-build my home server. As always I learned many thing since I first installed it all. Not sure if having in docker is the way I want to go or not though

Incidentally I'm loving the windows package manager . Wish I could just use apt but it'll have to do

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