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From the EFF:

"We've heard from a group of journalists working on a feature length documentary that involves governments and spytech companies. They worry that their devices have been compromised and are looking for a tech that can determine if their computers are being used to monitor them."

@aral it looks like you at least sometimes cross posts mastidon-twitter. Do you use anything for that? AndStatus feels really awkward so I'm looking for something better.

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📢 We'd like to invite anyone that has forked FreeCAD over the years and added functionality for personal/commercial reasons to consider releasing your features/fixes under an open source license, so we could all potentially benefit from them together. Let us know if you have Qs 📢

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The only monarch I want to see in the 21st century has two sets of wings and pollinates plants like nobody’s business.

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So, we need defensive machine learning, a couple of ideas:

- machine learning to haggle with online marketplaces about the best price AND/OR the most environmentally and labour friendly source
- machine learning to break news consumption into it’s own separate thing outside social networks, where truthfulness, trust, and following-up topics is prioritized, this could be as simple as a glorified feed reader
- machine learning to manage email on the client side based on priorities set by the user

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"Winning over the classroom with Jitsi"

"Today we are very excited to announce we are launching an education themed hackathon together with the European Commission."


@FreeCAD who manages your @Liberapay Team account? I'd like to hear a bit about how it works.

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“The Signal for Help (or the Violence at Home Signal for Help) is a single-handed gesture that can be used by an individual to alert others that they feel threatened and need help over a video call, or in-person.”


Windy day on the Danish west coast. So my son and I played with stones learning about aerodynamics. Very meditative waiting to see what happens and trying to understand why.

Brilliant thoughts on the phenomenon of tech-guys who got a conscience and are now prodigal sons for our perception of big tech. conversationalist.org/2020/03/

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It's too late to make Suez Canal jokes. That ship has sailed

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Please remember: functional cookies (login session, shopping carts) do not need user consent. So every time you see one of this oversized cookie banners someone is trying (often through dark patterns) to make you accept the whole tracking and spying as well. Don't be mad at the legislative for creating the need for tracking consent. Be mad at the websites that are trying to stir you up against that law by annoying you with those banners.

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Getting started with FreeCAD 0.19 by recreating some things I designed in CATIA. The workflow and modelling order definately needs to be different, but I'm slowly getting behind it.

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Good news from : “Any time a website, or third-party content embedded in a website, deposits a cookie in your browser, that cookie is confined to the cookie jar assigned to that website, such that it is not allowed to be shared with any other website.”


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