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The more desperate for surveillance-funded revenue they get, the more #Facebook shows to the world what kind of despicable company made of despicable people they are. Only a company packed with creeps, jerks and other types of human failures could be so desperate in tracking all of your activities.

And let me clear, I hate Apple from the bottom of my heart as well, and I'm proud that I've never spent a penny in my life on an Apple product. But their privacy alert system for iOS has proved to be one of the best tools to mitigate Facebook's insatiable thirst for personal data. Its rollout on every iPhone has pushed Facebook into a hysterical overdrive mode, showing to the world what kind of disgusting company they are:

"Apple’s simple iPhone alert is costing us $10 billion a year!"

Since its rollout, Facebook spammed iOS users begging them to turn off the feature. It even managed to lobby some small businesses into defending user tracking - making us believe that small businesses are the ones impacted the most, as if a small business would fail if it doesn't have access to a hyper-targeted ads platform, as if before Facebook there was no such thing as a thriving small businesses with good sales and good marketing that didn't involve spying on everyone.

So much ado for one single thing: Facebook will do *everything* in its powers to make sure that users won't have a choice when it comes to sharing personal data with them. Asking them that simple question means that a lot of people will say no, and Facebook doesn't take no as an answer. Facebook's war is not only against privacy - it's a war against transparency and user consent.

So, with their revenue hopelessly squeezed between Apple's content popups, and browsers finally killing that abomination called 3rd-party cookies and trackers, Facebook has resorted to a more aggressive strategy.

Open all the websites directly in their in-app browser - at least in #Instagram for now. Provide users with no option to use an external browser to open links. Unlike Google, Microsoft and Apple, Facebook doesn't own a browser, and that's why it feels in a position of disadvantage in this battle. But that's not a problem: force users to open links in your app, so they never leave the app, and *technically* you have a browser. Stuff every page that they visit with all the tracking shit you want, and suddenly you're able to spy again on everyone like it's 2013.

I'm not even talking of tracking pixels here btw. I'm talking of a whole JavaScript SDK that Facebook injects on *EVERY* page visited through their in-app browser. Even if it slows down performance and it gives users an overall worse service. Even if technically it's not even *their*browser - it's just a web view based on the system browser tweaked to report everything the user does, so even the innovation/better service for the customer argument doesn't apply here. Everything on the visited page gets modified, tracking IDs are appended everywhere, and every user interaction is sent back to Facebook's servers.

All without asking for user consent, and without even asking for the website's consent.

This move is so disgusting that it makes me wanna wish that the top managers behind these decisions in Meta die alone and unloved even by their own pets.


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:facebook: 🕵🏻 #Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops A Teen's DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An #Abortion

"A month before Celeste was charged, Mark #Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook parent #Meta, was asked by employees how the company will protect those seeking abortions. Zuckerberg replied that efforts to expand #encryption across the platform will 'keep people safe'."

#privacy #surveillance


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#FLOSS requires sweat-equity. Want to see :freecad: #FreeCAD improve? Roll up your sleeves and helps us get where we're all going together. #skininthegame

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"A cooperative travelling platform
that puts people over profit
by reinvesting in the communities."


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fedizine is an anarchist introduction to federated social media. It's an actual paper zine! Being released at the 2022 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair... but coming soon to you?

@mtlbookfairunofficial #MTLBookfair

We're excited to shit talk corporate social media, demystify the Fediverse, and help get anarchists off the former and onto the latter...

People reading this are already on the #fedi so you know what's up... But feel free to BOOST and help spread the word!

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Godot Engine is a free open source multiplatform game engine, to help developers make 3D and 2D games. You can follow at:

➡️ @godotengine

You can find out more info at godotengine.org

#GodotEngine #GameDev #Dev #Gaming #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #VideoGames #Development #GameDevelopment

What are good databases of known spam useful for making spam filters? I'm looking into how could have better spam detection. I was wondering if they could use some sort of spam list to check headers against as they arrive, or to populate block lists or something.

@GreenFire out of interest two questions. 1. What single change so you think would improve the quality and integrity of US politics. 2. What system og elections do you think would work best in the US?

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Ligestilling af barsel til mødre og fædre er godt for både børnene og fædrene. Selvfølgelig er det okay at staten sætter incitamenter for at fremme dette. At ikke alle fædre (eller mødre) benytter sig af muligheden gør det ikke forkert

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Happy Saturday! We're excited to see everyone at @socallinuxexpo
this weekend!
Come learn what @conservancy
is up to and grab a sticker or three! #scale19x

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Part of our mission at #OSArch is bringing people together & sharing knowledge about #opensource for #aec. Read about the latest improvement to our wiki and subscribe to our newsletter osarch.org/2022/07/29/news-fro

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@duncan_lithgow just had a great chat with Antonio González Viegas about their plans for a newsletter about developments around IFC.js. Whenever their articles are relevant to the broader #opensourcesoftware movement in #aec we'll look at co-authoring. So if you want to be the first to know what's happening follow us in all the places and head to our website (and IFC.js) and subscribe to our (low traffic) newsletter.

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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~ Anne Lamott

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I can't be the only one who thinks that on location conferences are broken?

It's jarring to see people complain about the climate crisis/heatwaves who were talking up big conferences with a global audience a short while ago

At least with dConstruct Jeremy Keith is making sure that the speakers aren't flying in. But most tech conferences don't even do that. And they all have attendees flying in from all over the world

I mean, I'd at least expect to see more cognitive dissonance on display

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Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

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RT @rach_garr@twitter.com

Time to stop pretending climate change is a problem for the future. It's here. Every choice we don't make to reduce emissions or sequester carbon will make it worse. Every choice we do make to reduce emissions & sequester carbon will make it better. Elect leaders who give sh*t. twitter.com/NASAEarth/status/1

🐦🔗: twitter.com/rach_garr/status/1

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