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Another great week of @ApiPlatform@twitter.com masterclass by @coopTilleuls@twitter.com at !

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Tomorrow I will speak quickly about of our Mercure experience on a large scale at iGraal during @dunglas@twitter.com talk of @afup@twitter.com's 2019 edition .

Thank a lot @dunglas@twitter.com for invitation :)

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The cat is out of the bag. It's official now, I want to write
a book about 5 and I need your help. December is going to be an exciting month! kickstarter.com/projects/fabpo

On my way to @afup@twitter.com's ! Tomorrow I'll present Mercure.rocks, a modern WebSockets replacement! Thanks to Mercure, and to , creating real-time apps with has never been so easy...
But how does it scale @42ericcomellas@twitter.com will tell you!

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Je suis très heureux de vous annoncer la création de la coopérative @fairnesscoop@twitter.com. Nous sommes spécialisés dans la conception responsable de projets et . twitter.com/fairnesscoop/statu

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L’ a commencé ! @alex_pex@twitter.com nous parle de , état par étape.

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We launched our scholarship program for Amsterdam 2019! Check out our latest blog post for more info. symfony.com/blog/scholarship-p

Useful reminder
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Bob thinks that when a famous fella runs around the internet using their platform telling women to “shut their mouths” the appropriate response is to ask that chap nicely to stop in his DMs. Demanding the perception of civility in the face of hatred is how you maintain hatred. twitter.com/unclebobmartin/sta

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So, I enabled the sponsoring page on Github too:

And ... I already get one sponsor 💛

Thanks @pyrech@twitter.com

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If you would like to see more development in PHP open-source project as jms/serializer, masterminds/htm5, goetas-webservices/xsd2php and others, now you can sponsor me via Github sponsorship program!


Alpine Linux image with Nginx with HTTP/3 (QUIC), TLSv1.3, 0-RTT, brotli support. All built on the bleeding edge for max performance. Built on the edge, for the edge.

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I'm on GitHub Sponsors! github.com/sponsors/teohhanhui 🙈

P/S: @github@twitter.com matches the sponsored funds for the first year, so your sponsorship will be multiplied by 2x. This is a good way to get more bang for your buck! 😜

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Bonjour les français,
Fermez les yeux et essayez de vous rappeler la dernière fois qu’un musulman a nuit à votre existence.
Maintenant rappelez vous la dernière fois qu’un politique a nuit à votre existence.
Voilà, si vous n’êtes pas crétin vous êtes guéris. Belle journée à vous.

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So my based Escargot crawler library is about to become independent from HTML. You may soon crawl whatever you like! github.com/terminal42/escargot

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Save the date 🎓 Workshop @AsyncAPISpec@twitter.com animé par son créateur @fmvilas@twitter.com le 27 novembre à Lille ! Vous voulez découvrir la technologie qui est en train de révolutionner le monde des asynchrones ? Cette formation est pour vous 😉

Inscriptions : eventbrite.fr/e/billets-worksh

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@dunglas@twitter.com @github@twitter.com Tchin !

You can now fund my drinking (and coding) addiction using @github@twitter.com Sponsors! If you sponsor my projects, GH will double the donation, so don’t hesitate!

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The new edition of has finally started and later today I'll be sharing the stage with @paulala_14@twitter.com for the first time since @WebSummerCamp@twitter.com! cc @sfdayit@twitter.com @ApiPlatform@twitter.com @symfony@twitter.com

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See you next week at @afup@twitter.com’s to grab our new stickers at @coopTilleuls@twitter.com’ booth!

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