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We used to say things like, “Don’t write a web server in PHP. Always use the right tool for the job.” Then we wrote web servers in JavaScript.

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I could be mistaken, but I think this is a Kubernetes.

« C’est aussi ça la bienveillance »
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Il manquait un accompagnement musical à ce grand moment de journalisme.

J’ai eu l’occasion de voir ce talk au @web2day, très bonne conf sur REST !

Ça manque peut-être juste un peu de RDF/JSON-LD, peut-être dans la prochaine version ?!
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" Next Level : Écrire des APIs web orientées métier" de @DevoxxFR 2021, dépasse 10k vues en 9 mois 😱. Ça devient ma conf la plus regardée sur YT. C'est une conf qui me tenait très à ❤️ qui avait du mal (encore auj) à passer les sélections.


I've just added native @Xdebug support to Symfony Docker and @ApiPlatform!

🪄 XDEBUG_MODE=debug docker compose up🪄

No performance impact when the debugger isn't used and Xdebug isn't installed at all in the prod images!


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Wanna discuss this IRL? I'll be in Lille, Paris and Warsaw to give a talk on this very topic: "Why new components?"
@ApiPlatform's conference
@afup's Forum PHP
@Sylius's conference
See you there! twitter.com/nicolasgrekas/stat

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Don't have your ticket to @ApiPlatform Conference yet? Better get yours, because @_francislavoie is showing off the latest improvements to Caddy to enhance your applications and APIs! api-platform.com/con/2022/conf

12 years ago, already struggling with MongoDB 😂

PR #30 on Symfony, last PR: #46721 😱
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Classic one for me, updating typo ☺️

11 years ago, time flies 😲 twitter.com/antfu7/status/1554 t.co/k3vLWiLM9B

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De plus la technologie - si elle était mise au service du bien commun plutôt qu’à celui de quelques ultra-riches - nous permettrait de réduire considérablement le travail qui resterait à se répartir, sans dégrader significativement notre niveau de confort. ⬇️

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Just merged: The `caddy respond` command can spin up quick, hard-coded HTTP servers. Supports advanced features like port ranges and templates! Docs: github.com/caddyserver/website

Good move!
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Love to see this. The default Laravel installation welcome page has ditched Google Fonts and moved to Bunny Fonts. This is great because it raises awareness that you don't have to send your website visitors browsing habits to an advertising company. Laravel is the GOAT.

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Getting started w/ by @dunglas . When composing via terminal real-time code changes are recognized. When using @phpstorm >> service the command is different and it misses the APP_ENV=dev var. Any ideas?

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i have thought about this hacker news comment nearly every day since november ninth twenty seventeen

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Rencontrez les meilleurs experts mondiaux des API et lors de la @ApiPlatform Conference :

🎙 2 jours de talks, 30 conférencier•es 🗣🇫🇷🇺🇸
🙋🏽‍♀️ 2 jours de workshops
⌨️ 1 hackday pour découvrir le monde de l'

Infos et réservations : api-platform.com/con/2022/

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I'm starting to write about SQLite internals which are both fascinating and surprisingly accessible. This first post is on the file format, pages, & b-trees.

I've got plans for future posts but I'd love to hear what folks would like to know more about! fly.io/blog/sqlite-internals-b

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Focus Program👀🕷️ - @gheb_dev, expert & trainer will give a talk about How to Manage Sequential Operations with REST

What do you think? 🧐All the answers in Lille @euratechnologie on 15 & 16/09/2022

Get your regular tickets here 🔥

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Interesting hack to handle incompatibility between PHP versions using mixed type in a method signature: would you use this in real-world code though?

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