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J’éprouve une évidente solidarité avec les soignants. J’adresse tous mes vœux de courage aux malades, aux familles endeuillées. Ce virus n’est pas une blague, j’ai pu le mesurer dans mon entourage.

Et pourtant, en leur nom, je vais dire "non" au confinement le weekend. 1/20

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Six months ago, we launched the Enterprise Edition of @ReactAdmin. Today, we have more than 50 active customers, and we just passed 50k€ in revenue. We've found a way to make our investment in sustainable. I'm so happy! marmelab.com/blog/2020/09/02/r

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If GraphQL got you excited, Vulcain by @dunglas might just rock your socks off!

Check out vulcain.rocks if you care about APIs. I’d also recommend watching this talk for more background info on the project: youtube.com/watch?v=f9LRtuPMMw

Est-ce que l’architecture mise en œuvre est décrite quelque part publiquement @DoctoTechLife ?

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> Les clefs de chiffrement sont quant à elles hébergées en France chez un hébergeur français.

Mais il faut bien à un moment que les clefs et/ou les données déchiffrées soient en RAM non @doctolib ? Si seules les données chiffrées sont sur un S3, c’est quoi l’intérêt de AWS ?
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Des professionnels de santé demandent l’annulation du contrat entre l’Etat et Doctolib. La raison: les données sont chez Amazon.
Choisi en c…

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Join us on March 18th (19:00 CET) for a new @ApiPlatform online meetup with @mholt6 and @dunglas 🎉


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[Sur le blog] Comment utiliser le code de statut “103 Early Hints” dans les applications écrites en : les-tilleuls.coop/fr/blog/arti

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@JaphethOZ @freddier Si necesitas creas servicios rest sin dudas, prueba @ApiPlatform No he visto nada similar en PHP ni en ningún otro lenguaje.

Thanks @Firefox! This will improve the usability of the browser a lot.
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👀Firefox replaces GA with a fake no-op GA (rather than outright blocking it) in strict tracking protection, to prevent websites from breaking:

"Google Analytics is being shimmed by Firefox. See bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug. for details."

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Save the date! We’re thrilled to announce a new @ApiPlatform online meetup (in English 🇺🇸) with @mholt6 from @caddyserver and @dunglas on March 18. Stay up to date about this event by joining our community group, registrations open next Monday! meetup.com/fr-FR/api-platform

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For a long time I felt an obligation to reply to every support request, issue etc on my open source projects, and @doctrineproject growing as big it is that burned me out. I am fine with >1000 open issues on the ORM, we fix a few bugs at a time, that is progress at our pace.

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What an honor!
If you are interested in serialization, API platform, and Symfony, see you on April 9🙂 twitter.com/symfony/status/136

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Recently, I've noticed a bad trend (is it just me?): websites start to drop Firefox support. For websites I visit on a regular basis (banks, SaaS products, ...), I had to launch Chrome for 1 website a few months ago, to more than 5 now. Please, don't let us down, give us choice.

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[Nouvel article] Comment sécuriser vos clés privées dans le cloud grace au Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme : les-tilleuls.coop/fr/blog/arti

TL;DR: don’t build your product or website on top of Shopify and other walled garden, prefer free-libre alternatives such as @Sylius! news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

“I’m a 19-year-old girl in Gaza, Palestine studying Computer Engineering who just was selected for a summer internship at Google and replit.” Congrats @daliaawad28! daliaawad28.medium.com/my-expe

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Hot + fresh in our latest update: Total Cookie Protection! 🍪

Just one more way to help protect your from trackers, we can now confine each website in a separate cookie jar so cookies can’t be used to track you from site to site.

Read more here: mzl.la/3aKttcQ

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Seeing the notifications come through as @s0yuka storms through @ApiPlatform issues and PRs. That's how it's done!

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